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chronological view
Terry NationStarburst1979-01-01
For Zombie LoversPensacola News Journal1979-01-05
The Zygon monsterNew Journal and Guide1979-01-05
Birthday for Dr WhoThe Stage and Television Today1979-01-11
Wellgate Centre, DundeeThe Courier & Advertiser1979-01-12
Dr Who turns over a new leafThe Mirror1979-01-13
Lis the unwanted lovelyTV Times1979-01-13
The Doc's 500th ShowEvening Telegraph1979-01-20
Time runs out for RomanaThe Mirror1979-01-20
Mixing mediaLos Angeles Times1979-01-21
Former Dr Who, Jon Pertwee, pictured at his London home with his King Charles spanielEvening Telegraph1979-01-23
Katy Manning with a double bundle of happinessDaily Express1979-01-27
Doctor Who Is Brought to BookTV Times1979-01-27
Dr Who in Heart ScareDaily Express1979-01-29
Dr Who—no longer taking him seriouslyThe Stage and Television Today1979-02-01
Action!Ottawa Journal1979-02-03
Two Daleks were at Sydney AirportThe Canberra Times1979-02-04
A new girl for Dr WhoLondon Evening Standard1979-02-06
How time flies for new Dr Who girlDaily Mail1979-02-07
Dr Who, television's ageless time-travellerThe Guardian1979-02-07
When children come face to face with the real Dr Who...The Herald1979-02-07
Affirmative, new mistress!Daily Express1979-02-07
Lalla Ward, the actress now playing Princess AstraThe Daily Telegraph1979-02-07
Who is Tom? You're right!The Sydney Morning Herald1979-02-11
Well look Who's hereThe Age1979-02-16
The monk who became Dr WhoThe Sydney Morning Herald1979-02-19
A Dr. Who encounter of the philosophical kindThe Age1979-02-22
About Doctor WhoOttawa Citizen1979-02-24
RoselandsThe Sun (Sydney, NSW)1979-02-27
Club (March 1979)Club International1979-03-01
Who will save lovable Dr. Who?The Daily Iowan1979-03-05
Worzel is perfect for meLiverpool Echo1979-03-10
Change for the GremlinsThe Daily Iowan1979-03-12
Hooked on Who (Starlog)Starlog1979-03-12
Not just another pretty faceThe Daily Iowan1979-03-15
Star Trek fans are finding a place in their hearts for another TV science-fiction heroThe Buffalo News1979-03-22
Where K9 gets his barkThe Observer1979-03-25
The new sound of musicThe Listener1979-03-29
Starburst LettersStarburst1979-04-01
Choose a book for Dr Who's dog K.9The Guardian1979-04-06
Mark's Film for Dr Who BonanzaWhitstable Times1979-04-06
Dr. Who is Here!Greensboro News & Record1979-04-09
Mark's ModelLook-in1979-04-14
Dr Who Going FrenchThe Sunday People1979-04-22
Calling Dr. WhoAmerican Film1979-05-01
WPBT Pursues Young Audience With 'Benny Hill, "Dr. Who'The Fort Lauderdale News1979-05-05
Who La-La!The Mirror1979-05-05
Who-La-La!The Sun1979-05-05
Britain's Time Traveler Arrives in the ColoniesStarlog1979-05-08
A sexy enemy from space - SuzanneDaily Express1979-05-25
Doctor Who Sound EffectsStarburst1979-05-25
Master of TV Time and SpaceFangoria1979-06-01
Who's Who: A profile of Tom BakerStarburst1979-06-01
Dr. Who at lastDaily Express1979-06-09
Doctor Who requires extra tall ladyThe Stage and Television Today1979-06-14
Who's she..Daily Record1979-06-30
A cold carry-on for space-age SuzanneThe Mirror1979-06-30
Dr. Who Takes L.A. by StormStarlog1979-07-03
Malcolm Hulke obituaryThe Stage and Television Today1979-07-12
It's the TardisThe Daily Telegraph1979-07-12
Baker's "Who"Starlog1979-07-31
Hyde and WhoShe1979-08-01
Who's after all those jelly babies?Harrow Observer1979-08-03
I am a fan of the British television series 'Dr. Who'North East Bay Independent and Gazette1979-08-05
Lust in Space ?London Evening Standard1979-08-08
Dr. Who is pleasant surprise among children's showsThe Philadelphia Inquirer1979-08-10
Dr. Who's Rogues GalleryFangoria1979-08-16
Ex-Vampire Lalla to Step Back in Time as Dr. Who's Girl FridayLiverpool Echo1979-08-21
I could never fall in love with Dr. Who says Lalla WardYorkshire Evening Post1979-08-25
The hype and the hyperspaceThe Guardian1979-08-27
Sue's role: as easy as falling off a horseThe Daily Telegraph1979-08-31
OldridsThe Spalding Guardian1979-08-31
The Many Faces of Doctor WhoMediascene Prevue1979-09-01
The day the Daleks were bornDaily Mail1979-09-01
Come In No. 15Daily Express1979-09-01
Action ext-erminate ... Dr Who faces dreaded DaleksLiverpool Echo1979-09-01
Phonic boomThe Sunday Telegraph (England)1979-09-02
Daleks herald attack on new seasonThe Daily Telegraph1979-09-03
But 'Dr Who' stole the showAlderley & Wilmslow Advertiser1979-09-06
The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr HydeThe Stage and Television Today1979-09-06
Sexy Suzanne Danielle is a MovellanThe Mirror1979-09-08
All geared up to halt the DaleksLiverpool Echo1979-09-08
The horrors of Dr WhoReading Evening Post1979-09-10
Dr. Who (TV World)TV World1979-09-29
Who! Huh? Who! What? Dr. Who! Oh!!!Fantastic Films1979-10-01
The longest-running science fiction television series in the world conquers AmericaSuper Star Heroes1979-10-01
Cut Price MiraclesStarburst1979-10-01
See Dr. Who in personThe Sun1979-10-06
Dr. Who journeyed back in time over 30 years to-dayLiverpool Echo1979-10-10
Zoom! Splat! It's comic hero Dr WhoLiverpool Echo1979-10-11
A Sad TaleStarlog1979-10-23
Capture Dracula, Dr Who, Auntie Deirdre in this tiny boxDaily Express1979-10-23
Dr Who's ideal girl: fat and funReading Evening Post1979-10-27
Letter from Buzz DixonScience Fiction Review1979-11-01
The Four Faces Dr. WhoFamous Monsters of Filmland1979-11-01
The Changing Face of Doctor WhoStarburst1979-11-01
Setting Chroma-Key Free with Scene-SyncAmerican Cinematographer1979-11-01
Whats, Wheres of 'Dr. Who'The Kansas City Star1979-11-04
In ViewTV Times1979-11-11
Nothing new under the sun for TV executiveThe Sydney Morning Herald1979-11-12
Dalek startles strollers in CivicThe Canberra Times1979-11-15
Dr Who Bound for an Alien LandscapeReading Evening Post1979-11-16
Dr Who's girl in row over sex filmDaily Express1979-11-17
Dr. Who fans get togetherThe Age1979-11-23
Who Goes Where?The Mirror1979-11-24
But BBC row puts an end to filmingDaily Express1979-11-28
In praise of the doctorNew Scientist1979-11-29
The Doctor Who ConventionLA Weekly1979-11-30
Pythons, Others Due On Gillette-Madison ReleaseVariety1979-12-19
Doctor Who hearty actorBoca Raton News1979-12-30

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