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chronological view
The Doctor is in - againSt. Petersburg Times1995-01-01
Doctor Who dials up a visit to the 1990sThe Tampa Tribune1995-01-01
Inspiration From Afar - Spacy Sounds Aren't Alien To Chicago's Sabalon GlitzChicago Sun-Times1995-01-06
TV Sophie joins tribute to Dr WhoLiverpool Echo1995-01-07
Timelord takes off for final showingSt Ives Weekly News1995-01-12
Star struck!Liverpool Echo1995-01-17
Peter's new role just what the Doctor orderedThe Herald (Ireland)1995-01-26
John J CarneyThe Stage and Television Today1995-03-16
Stars and skeletonsThe Pink Paper1995-03-31
Much more than WhoThe Stage and Television Today1995-04-27
Batman's BatmanStarlog1995-05-02
No, Dr Who is not aboard!Hammersmith & Shepherds Bush Gazette1995-05-19
Python Eric is Dr WhoThe Sun1995-05-22
Dr. Who would have been proud of themThe Harrow Leader1995-05-25
I Wish the BBC would repeat early episodes of Dr WhoThe Mirror1995-05-29
Whose Who?SFX1995-06-01
The Dark Dimensions: The story that almost was...SFX1995-06-01
Downtime: The Yetis are back!SFX1995-06-01
Shakedown: Big battleships and new look SontaransSFX1995-06-01
The Stranger: Colin Baker redeems himself?SFX1995-06-01
Dr Who heads for Wales with a giant display to woo touristsWestern Mail1995-06-05
Dr Who travels back to his TV futureDaily Express1995-06-14
Matthew JacobsThe Times1995-06-14
Who's in Wales for a whileThe Stage and Television Today1995-06-22
Exterminate! (1995)The Sun1995-07-25
Dr Who fansThe Pink Paper1995-07-28
TV Fans bid for Dr Who boxesThe Press and Journal1995-08-04
The Space PlaceSun-Sentinel1995-08-06
We seem to be caught up in a Web of useless informationThe Fresno Bee1995-08-06
Gordon Flemyng obituaryThe Stage and Television Today1995-08-10
Doctor Who returns with a hi-tech TardisLondon Evening Standard1995-08-29
Dr Who Fan's Dalek Is Just the TicketThe Spalding Guardian1995-09-01
Take a trip down memory lane with 30 years of Doctor WhoThe Sun1995-09-23
An Evening with Jon PertweeLichfield Mercury1995-09-28
Michael Craze Changing DoctorsTV Zone1995-10-01
Beyond Star TrekTuff Stuff's Collect!1995-10-01
Adventures in Space and TimeTV Zone1995-10-01
Exterminate That Pint!Haverfordwest Guardian1995-10-06
Talented actor Jon PertweeLichfield Mercury1995-10-19
Gay actor set to play Doctor WhoThe Pink Paper1995-10-20
An English eccentricThe Pink Paper1995-10-20
John Woodnutt, the good, the bad and the alienTV Zone1995-11-01
I'd already written three New Adventures, and couldn't face a fourth!TV Zone1995-11-01
Dursley McLinden obituaryThe Stage and Television Today1995-11-02
Beautiful CompanionStarlog1995-11-02
Dud DaleksThe Times Literary Supplement1995-11-03
Doctor is missing but video is destined to be a hitPress Association1995-11-03
Dr Who snared by time trek galThe Herald (Ireland)1995-12-02
Time-warp Doctor is back to the futureSunday Express1995-12-03
Smart AlickEdinburgh Evening News1995-12-04
Dr Who dog scents fortuneLiverpool Echo1995-12-05
Dog designer shows his metalAberdeen Evening Express1995-12-05
For the fan who has everythingThe Guardian
Ottawa Citizen
Secret plot to create a Dalek master raceDaily Express1995-12-16

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