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Travelling through time and space on a quest to discover the audio spin-offs from the classic tv seriesRecord Collector1997-01-01
See the Sea Devil at the sci-fi fairEnfield Independent1997-01-01
Vader, Who Drop In!The Enfield Town Express1997-01-03
Heroes and villainsEnfield Independent1997-01-08
Sci-Fi Saturday planned in WausauStevens Point Journal1997-01-23
Who's playing fiendThe Sun1997-02-05
BBC sued for £4m over Dr Who filmLondon Evening Standard1997-02-14
BBC faces £14m lawsuit after Dr Who film plan scrappedThe Guardian1997-02-15
Guess Who's being sued?Daily Express1997-02-15
BBC in court over Dr WhoHeartland Evening News1997-02-15
Dr Who in £22m suitIrish Independent1997-02-15
BBC sued for £14m over Dr Who dealThe Daily Telegraph1997-02-15
Dr Who lands in the middle of a £22m lawsuitThe Times1997-02-15
Tamm TravelRadio Times1997-03-08
Mr Dalek DiesThe Mirror1997-03-12
Writer who made the Daleks a monster hitDaily Mail1997-03-12
Terry Nation obituary (The Telegraph)The Daily Telegraph1997-03-12
Terry Nation obituary (The Times)The Times1997-03-13
The man who invented the DaleksThe Guardian
The Sydney Morning Herald
The Age
Terry Nation obituaryThe Stage and Television Today1997-03-20
Arthur Hewlett obituaryThe Stage and Television Today1997-03-27
Tom Baker is the new who?The Box1997-04-01
Doctor DeathThe Box1997-04-01
Dr Who charity eveningSleaford Target1997-04-02
The Doctor is out, but not forgottenZanesville Times Recorder1997-04-03
Just Who do you think they are kidding, Doctor?The Dorking and Leatherhead Advertiser1997-04-03
Who's Next (Starlog)Starlog1997-04-03
The Picts provide 'space-age entertainment'Central Michigan Life1997-04-09
Write for Dr. WhoZanesville Times Recorder1997-04-17
Greatest Living EnglishmanLoaded1997-05-01
Watching Dr. Who and Star TrekArchiv für das Studium der neueren Sprachen und Literaturen1997-06-01
Not of this planetThe Box1997-06-01
Curse of Dr Who (or why do so many of the time traveller's mini-skirted assistants seem to have been lost in space?)Daily Mail1997-06-20
Julia Smith obituaryAssociated Press
The Sacramento Bee
South Bend Tribune
Chicago Tribune
Don Henderson obituaryThe Times1997-06-28
Science Fiction Audiences: watching Doctor Who and Star TrekHistorical Journal of Film, Radio & Television1997-08-01
Kirkham's new store travels into the futureLeader (Safeway and Presto)1997-08-01
Dr Who Is Star Of Show Line-UpBristol Post1997-08-18
Time travel as guilt tripThe Bookseller1997-09-12
Dark side of the DoctorDaily Mail1997-09-20
FAA to install radarlike system at MeigsChicago Sun-Times1997-09-26
Baker's dayLiverpool Echo1997-09-27
Leonard Maguire obituary (The Times)The Times1997-09-29
Baker's who's whoNottingham Post1997-10-02
Dr Who keeps cash coming in for PhilipDaily Express1997-10-08
Leonard Maguire obituaryThe Stage and Television Today1997-10-09
Tom Baker: Doctored MemoirsTV Zone1997-10-15
Paul Bernard obituaryThe Stage and Television Today1997-10-16
Obsessions: Tom BakerThe Guardian1997-10-17
Paul Bernard obituary (The Times)The Times1997-10-20
Producer created AvengersOttawa Citizen1997-11-01
Sydney Newman obituaryThe Times1997-11-01
What's up with Dr Who?The Herald (Ireland)1997-11-03
Play it again Sam - for big bucksThe Times1997-11-29
Frightfully British Dr like nothing on earthThe Sunday Star-Times1997-11-30
Daleks find their voice as Tardis lands in digital ageThe Times1997-12-03
Toying with the marketThe Herald (Ireland)1997-12-05
Sci-fi fans meet some favoritesChicago Tribune1997-12-07
What's New On The NetStatesman Journal1997-12-14
Travel through time with Dr. Who on the webChillicothe Gazette1997-12-15
Who on Earth is Tom Baker?The Australian1997-12-19
Doctor's orders (Radio Times)Radio Times1997-12-21
Look Who's back (Daily Express)Daily Express1997-12-30

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