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chronological view
Robert RobertsonThe Stage and Television Today2001-01-25
Who's meeting, is it?The Des Moines Register2001-02-01
Date with the DoctorThe Daily Telegraph (Australia)2001-02-17
Rare Dalek for sale, one Doctor owner--you know WhoBournemouth Advertiser2001-02-22
At home with a DalekBournemouth Daily Echo2001-02-22
Lecture unveils whats, whys of 'Dr. Who'Milwaukee Journal Sentinel2001-03-05
Norman MitchellThe Times2001-04-28
Dr Who star says it's time to travelThe Sunday Times2001-05-06
Douglas Adams obituary (The Times)The Times2001-05-14
A journey of understandingFinancial Times2001-05-16
Jack Watling obituaryThe Times2001-05-24
Timelord, hear our prayerThe Stage and Television Today2001-06-07
British artist flies the flag of controversy at BiennaleThe Daily Telegraph2001-06-07
Hear this: Doctor Who makes a Web callInformationWeek2001-06-25
Who will play 'Who' role?The Oklahoman2001-06-26
Extortionate!Daily Record
The Mirror
Dr. Who: City of DeathGay Times2001-07-01
It's a miracleTV Choice2001-07-07
Delia Derbyshire: Pioneer of electronic music who produced the distinctive sound of Dr WhoThe Guardian2001-07-07
Who'd be an online star?The Australian2001-07-19
Dr Who makes comeback onlineThe Irish Times2001-07-20
Delia DerbyshireThe Times2001-07-23
Dr. Who saves the dayPark Record2001-07-25
Delia Derbyshire (The Stage)The Stage and Television Today2001-07-26
Playing "Doctor"Entertainment Weekly2001-07-27
Douglas Adams obituaryScience Fiction Chronicle2001-08-01
Lost treasuresThe Stage and Television Today2001-08-02
Dr Who tops the lot as a timeless classicDaily Express2001-08-07
Cult TV still works its magicThe Herald (Ireland)2001-08-08
Camcorder thief foiled by return of Dr WhoThe Times2001-08-09
Caught by Dr WhoDaily Mail2001-08-09
Doctor Who brings thief down to earthDaily Express2001-08-09
Dr. Who, racing fans catch action onlineDemocrat and Chronicle2001-08-14
Former Dr Who blasts BBC for blocking revivalLondon Evening Standard2001-08-24
A who's who of TVRadio Times2001-09-01
Whitechapel Art GalleryArtforum International2001-09-01
Tardis to make a returnDaily Express2001-09-08
Science fiction fans flock to PhiladelphiaHome News Tribune2001-09-13
TV2001London Evening Standard2001-09-27
Dr Who Park Turned Into Nature ReserveSouth Wales Echo2001-10-04
The battle is on to find TV's meanest bad guy, girl (or Dalek)Daily Express2001-10-13
Doctor Who phenomenon spreadsDimensions2001-10-15
Bad to the boneWhat's on TV2001-10-27
This eccentric BBC TV sci-fi seriesSound & Vision2001-11-01
Meet the new Doctor Who!Bella2001-11-06
Dr Who Is Dead FunnyDaily Star2001-11-09
Delia Derbyshire (1937-2001)Computer Music Journal2001-11-15
Mary Whitehouse obituaryThe Times2001-11-24
Mary WhitehouseThe Daily Telegraph2001-11-24
Why there really was something about MaryThe Times2001-11-24
TV clean-up campaigner Mary Whitehouse diesThe Daily Telegraph2001-11-24
Mary the tireless TV protester dies age 91Daily Express2001-11-24
Negative imagesNew Statesman2001-12-03
Covering up the naughty bitsFinancial Times2001-12-05
Time And Relative, by Kim NewmanSunday Express2001-12-09
Profitable dot-com having record yearThe Morning Call2001-12-10
Doctor Who: Master Tin SetTime Out London2001-12-12

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