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chronological view
Edward Evans obituaryThe Times2002-01-12
Just what the Doctor ordered (New Scientist)New Scientist2002-01-19
Dr. Who and the Daleks (1965) isn't reallyScience Fiction Chronicle2002-02-01
Fantasy Teachers: Ian ChestertonTimes Educational Supplement2002-02-15
Who'd have believed it?The Guardian2002-02-23
Doctor Doddy?Daily Post2002-02-27
By Jove! Doddy's in Line for Dr WhoDaily Star2002-02-28
Music for Dr WhoAmerican Record Guide2002-03-01
Who's that Doctor? (Chicago Reader)Chicago Reader2002-03-08
Dr Who Takes Fans Back In TimeCoventry Evening Telegraph2002-04-01
Dr. Who fans plan auction of sci-fi itemsWausau Daily Herald2002-04-02
Donald Wilson obituaryThe Times2002-04-25
Peter's TV baby saga comes trueDaily Star2002-04-30
John Nathan-TurnerThe Times2002-05-07
New galaxies opened for fansMilwaukee Journal Sentinel
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Obituary of John Nathan-Turner Doctor Who's ninth producer who introduced a new look to the showThe Daily Telegraph2002-05-07
John Nathan-Turner obituaryThe Guardian2002-05-11
Beeb honours Doctors WhoCoventry Evening Telegraph
Western Daily Press
The Sun
Bernard Wilkie obituaryThe Guardian2002-06-03
Sci-Fi Boss Who Nursed The DoctorDaily Express2002-06-03
Dr Who was the best job but I wish I'd been a comedian insteadDaily Express2002-06-05
Sherlock Holmes Meets Dr WhoMusical Opinion2002-07-01
The Dr. Who CollectionVideo Watchdog2002-07-01
Doctor's back and it's Chris Who-dunnitYorkshire Evening Post2002-07-01
Return of Dr WhoDaily Express2002-07-02
BBC Takes 'Doctor Who' Online for Six-Week-Long SeriesNew Media Age2002-07-04
Gerald CampionThe Times2002-07-11
Gerald Campion (Sunday Independent)Sunday Independent2002-07-21
Gerald Campion (The Stage)The Stage and Television Today2002-07-25
Doctor Who Collector's EditionFilm Review2002-08-01
Carmen Silvera obituaryThe Times2002-08-05
Carmen SilveraVariety2002-08-19
Beeb boxes clever to win Doc's TardisDaily Express2002-09-04
Mad for itRoom (Ikea)2002-09-15
What the Doctor orderedThe Stage and Television Today2002-10-17
Dr Who's timely victory over the MetThe Daily Telegraph2002-10-23
Dr Who dares... and wins in the battle of TardisDaily Express2002-10-23
Dr Who boxes cleverDaily Star2002-10-23
Doctor Who defeats the Met in battle for TardisThe Times2002-10-23
Denys Fisher obituaryThe Times2002-10-26
Tis the Season to be ShoppingAstronomy2002-11-01
Radio pioneer led the way for West IndiansDaily Express2002-11-13
The Doctor beats time to lead the heroes of science fictionThe Times2002-12-28
Dr Who Named Lord Of The Sci-Fi HeroesThe Scotsman2002-12-28

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