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Watch With: Your Entire FamGirls Life2018-01-01
Meet the makersEvening Chronicle2018-01-16
Lucky number 13America2018-01-22
Museum Week is weak on savingsChicago Tribune2018-01-23
TV Docs Call Time On Unfair Pay At The BeebMetro (England)2018-01-24
Time Lord slot takes to the TardisDaily Record2018-02-07
Doctor's Companions Are Reaching The TopDaily Record2018-02-10
I'm living with a consistent, subtle homesicknessThe Guardian2018-02-23
Look Who's going blueThe Sun2018-02-23
Jodie Wraps ItDaily Star2018-02-26
Remade: Film posters with black people in lead rolesThe Guardian2018-03-03
Having seven dogs in the house never seems like a lotEvening Chronicle2018-03-03
Doctor Who almost finished my careerThe Guardian2018-03-12
Doctor Who, when & whyThe Mirror2018-03-14
Time LordThe Sunday Times2018-03-18
Who? I didn't watch show, says new DoctorThe Sunday Times2018-03-18
I must be the chippiest actor in BritainRadio Times2018-03-24
The Doctor will see you finally... after 50 yearsMetro (England)2018-03-29
Charging what for a photo with Who?The Times2018-03-30
Dr Who's chargesThe Times2018-04-02
Who'll win best moment... Jodie, Ariana or a dragon?Metro (England)2018-04-03
Generous Dr WhoThe Times2018-04-04
First ever Doctor Who script sells for £6,000Halesowen Chronicle2018-05-10
Living as a gay man is a political actNew Statesman2018-05-11
Reconstructing the Author for a Wide Audience: Dickens in Doctor Who (2005) and Assassin's Creed (2015)Etudes Britanniques Contemporaines2018-06-01
I may not own a Tardis, but we all carry our own time machines in our headsNew Statesman2018-06-01
Which Way to head if you want to see unique exhibitsEvening Chronicle2018-06-04
The ten series since 2005 are being put on iPlayerMetro (England)2018-06-04
Time We Brought Back Police TardisMetro (England)2018-06-11
Watch the Blood-Soaked Old General in Action: Blochian Atheism, Exodus, and Utopia in Doctor WhoThe Journal of Religion and Popular Culture2018-06-15
Who's treating Who?TV Times2018-06-16
Leslie GranthamThe Times2018-06-16
All-star local cast rocks to 'Dr. Who'Minneapolis Star Tribune2018-06-29
BBC calls on California court to find and exterminate Doctor Who leakerThe Times2018-07-04
Doctor Who dunnit?The Mirror2018-07-04
UFO Festival fun all over townRoswell Daily Record2018-07-08
Carry on caravanningEvening Chronicle2018-07-13
Doctor Who previewEvening Chronicle2018-07-14
Who's a WinnerDaily Star2018-07-16
The Muppets Take the O2The Guardian2018-07-16
New Doctor Jodie wants to pave the way for more female TimelordsDaily Record2018-07-17
Who's got new FriendsDaily Star2018-07-17
Now girls know they can be the Doctor too, says WhittakerThe Guardian2018-07-17
And now for a lampshade soloThe Guardian2018-07-18
About time!Entertainment Weekly2018-07-20
I will be paid the same as Who, says WhittakerMetro (England)2018-07-20
Doctor Ooooh! (The Sun)The Sun2018-07-21
I'll do it my wayRadio Times2018-07-21
Young tune out as free licences for elderly cost BBC £200mThe Sunday Times2018-07-22
What a welcome move by the iconic time-travel adventureTV Guide2018-07-23
Comic-Con an era of toxic fandomThe Daily Advertiser2018-07-24
Doctor Who offers a new dimensionThe Times2018-07-24
Whittaker joins the 'Whovian' familyUSA Today2018-07-25
The Cartmel FactorComic Scene2018-08-01
There's no sonic screwdrivers but the lab is like the TardisMetro (England)2018-08-16
It's all change as Jodie Whittaker makes her debut journey in the TARDISTV Times2018-08-16
Belly laughsThe Guardian
Metro (England)
Sounds and visionsFinancial Times2018-08-25
The brave, brilliant women of Doctor WhoThe Guardian2018-08-28
Russell ToveyGay Times2018-09-01
The Time Lord pulls off an audacious new trickThe Guardian2018-09-01
It's Dr HowDaily Star2018-09-03
Sunday telly was better back in my prime timeThe Sun2018-09-07
The Doctor. In a dress?The Times2018-09-08
Time Can Be Rewritten:The Doctor, the Book, and the DatabaseThe Journal of Popular Culture2018-09-16
Jodie: A Female 007 Will Be NextThe Sun2018-09-18
Doctor On CallVariety2018-09-20
Jacqueline PearceThe Times2018-09-20
Jodie's Time comes at lastThe Mirror2018-09-21
My Doctor Who ManifestoRadio Times2018-09-22
Jodie Whittaker, actorThe Guardian2018-09-22
Meet the Next Utterly Iconic DoctorThe New York Times
The Wichita Eagle
Doctor Who Time Lord Is Loos WomanDaily Star2018-09-24
Jodie's Dr Who and an attack of the clonesLondon Evening Standard2018-09-24
Jodie Set for Role as the 13th DoctorDaily Record2018-09-24
Dr Woosy! Jodie finds time to be a winelordDaily Star2018-09-24
And now they've got six of themThe Sun2018-09-25
Who's Who? (Daily Star)Daily Star2018-09-25
Jodie hails 'different points of view'Evening Chronicle2018-09-25
Jodie slips under the radar - for nowDaily Express2018-09-26
Billie on Doctor Who...Metro (England)2018-09-27
New Doc Jodie's She-GenerationThe Sun2018-09-27
Dr. Who vs. the gender gapThe Courier-News (Elgin, IL)
Chicago Tribune
My Radio Times momentRadio Times2018-09-29
Oh, brilliantTV Guide2018-10-01
The science and tech of Doctor WhoHow It Works2018-10-01
Time for a change (Metro)Metro (England)2018-10-03
This Weekend I Have ... About 2 Hours, and I Like ReinventionThe New York Times2018-10-05
Erm, Who did the subtitles?The Sun2018-10-06
Jodie Whittaker glows with funRadio Times2018-10-06
Doctor Hoodezfield confuses AmericansThe Mirror2018-10-06
The Doctor's back with some new tools!TV Times2018-10-06
Sunday girlTV Choice2018-10-06
Jodie's space odysseyTV & Satellite Week2018-10-06
The new Who is full of promiseRadio Times2018-10-06
A Familiar Diversion in Name OnlyThe New York Times2018-10-06
We wouldn't dare taunt a Time Lord with a spoilerThe Times2018-10-06
The Doctor is an alien, not a womanTV Times2018-10-06
Look Who's Back!The Mirror2018-10-06
Who's in charge? Jodie Whittaker takes over as the DoctorThe Times2018-10-06
Meet the New DoctorDaily Express2018-10-06
Who dares winsSaturday Magazine2018-10-06
I Enjoy Life Through Make BelieveRadio Times2018-10-06
Dr Who is born to loosDaily Star2018-10-06
Locals Share Memories of 1st Female DoctorThe Sunday Mirror2018-10-07
Bradley WalshThe Sunday Times2018-10-07
The arrival of the 13th Doctor on BBC1 tonight marks an intergalactic milestone in Whovian historyThe Sunday Times2018-10-07
The first episode after any regeneration of the Time Lord is never an easy watchThe Sunday Times2018-10-07
Doctor Who returns (Sunday Times)The Sunday Times2018-10-07
Hip Hip Who RayDaily Record2018-10-08
Who's the boss now ... Jodie off to flying startMetro (England)2018-10-08
Doc's away, Jodie ..The Sun2018-10-08
TV favourites all join in guest rolesDaily Star2018-10-08
Just the dippy-but-brainy Time Lord next doorThe Times2018-10-08
New Doctor, old magicLondon Evening Standard2018-10-08
Who are ya? (Daily Record)Daily Record2018-10-09
Off To Flier, But Doctor Has No Time For TrollsMetro (England)2018-10-09
Michael PickwoadThe Guardian2018-10-09
Whittaker's new Doctor watched by 8.2m on her first nightThe Guardian2018-10-09
Doctor Who Scores Big RatingsVariety2018-10-09
The Doctor Is The DoctorUSA Today
Tallahassee Democrat
The Daily Advertiser
A Very Timely Addition to the TardisMetro (England)2018-10-09
Reality is so horrible that we need places to hideDaily Record2018-10-10
A Doctor Who house call is just what you needUSA Today
Zanesville Times Recorder
A round-up of the week's TVWaitrose Weekend2018-10-11
Fetch boy! K-9 to get his own leadMetro (England)2018-10-12
Doctor doctor (New Statesman)New Statesman2018-10-12
The Must ListEntertainment Weekly2018-10-12
Talking about my regenerationNew Statesman2018-10-12
Dr Who doll that sparked a Barbie backlashDaily Mail2018-10-12
Robots should be in the classroom? Says Who?Times Educational Supplement2018-10-12
Mad, sad and brilliant at her jobFinancial Times2018-10-13
Zienia MertonThe Guardian2018-10-13
The Doctor Is In Safe HandsRegina Leader-Post2018-10-13
Space chaseTV & Satellite Week2018-10-13
Get woke, go brokeThe Spectator2018-10-13
TrendingEvening Chronicle2018-10-13
Trapped in a gender cocoon?The Sunday Times2018-10-14
Tardis Pizza is Just What the Doctor OrderedThe Sunday Times2018-10-14
How did I bag Doctor Who? By not being an a***hole ...The Sunday Mirror2018-10-14
She wears the trousersThe Sunday Times2018-10-14
A Mystery Trip to Where?CAMRA Angle2018-10-15
Fan ArtTV Guide2018-10-15
My Doctor Boo-WhoMetro (England)2018-10-16
Jodie's tears in TardisDaily Star2018-10-16
Who's that? (Daily Mail)Daily Star2018-10-17
The Doctor and her friends land in Montgomery, AlabamaRadio Times2018-10-20
How did the new Doctor do?Radio Times2018-10-20
The Doctor and friends meet a legend of the US Civil Rights movementTV Times2018-10-20
It's Behind You!Radio Times2018-10-20
Fight for justiceTV & Satellite Week2018-10-20
The Tardis Through TimeRadio Times2018-10-20
Sixty Seconds with John BarrowmanMetro (England)2018-10-23
Doctor Who and the Abominable Snowflakes...The Sun2018-10-23
The regeneration game (Times Literary Supplement)The Times Literary Supplement2018-10-26
Fans' backlash over Doctor Who's latest transformation into TV's most PC showThe Mail on Sunday2018-10-28
For Younger ReadersMetro (England)2018-10-29
Doctor Who's Lucky No. 13TV Guide2018-10-29
Heroes & Inspirations: Jodie WhittakerSFX2018-11-01
Regeneration (MusicTech)MusicTech2018-11-01
Overtime Lord! Playing Doctor was hard work, admits PeterMetro (England)2018-11-01
Dr Who: Back to the futureEastern Eye2018-11-02
Last Words: Derrick SherwinThe Sunday Times2018-11-04
X Factor vote suffers 'attack of the Daleks'The Guardian2018-11-05
Dr Who and her chronic view diverThe Sun2018-11-06
Derrick SherwinThe Guardian2018-11-08
A white director asked her in rehearsal: 'How does one pick cotton?'The Times2018-11-08
Passage to IndiaTV & Satellite Week2018-11-10
Doctor's doll to-doThe Sun2018-11-11
Doctor Who's New TardisTV Guide2018-11-12
Trouble in storeDaily Star2018-11-13
Gang is set to Av itDaily Star2018-11-14
Doctor travels in time to end a festive traditionPress Association
The Guardian
TankingEvening Chronicle2018-11-17
I did stuff I've never done beforeTV Times2018-11-17
Dream tripTV & Satellite Week2018-11-17
Doc saving the planet from wasteDaily Star2018-11-17
Who's up for a witch huntThe Sun2018-11-23
Siobhan Finneran starsTV Times2018-11-24
Reign of TerrorTV & Satellite Week2018-11-24
Jodie Whittaker has quickly made her mark as the Thirteenth DoctorTV & Satellite Week2018-12-01
The Time Lord's thrilling seasonal adventure will take place at New YearTV Times2018-12-01
Who's reading on TVEvening Chronicle2018-12-03
Jodie Whittaker on the red carpetDaily Mail2018-12-03
Doctor Who stars deny stories in show are too politically correctThe Guardian2018-12-03
Derrick Sherwin (The Times)The Times2018-12-06
It's all change for Doctor WhoWhat's on TV2018-12-06
Doc to face the Daleks at New YearDaily Record2018-12-07
Planet of warTV & Satellite Week2018-12-08
Every dog has his dayRadio Times2018-12-08
Who goes there? (2018)Radio Times2018-12-08
A mysterious alien battlefieldRadio Times2018-12-08
Wheel in the Daleks, Doctor - whatever it takes to exterminate the BBC's biasThe Sunday Times2018-12-09
Ex-scarf-inate!Daily Star2018-12-10
Twitter's top showsEvening Chronicle2018-12-11
A year's rest prescribed for the DoctorEvening Chronicle2018-12-15
Who is watching WhoThe Sun2018-12-17
What the Doctor ordered, as Jodie boosts TV ratingsMetro (England)2018-12-18
Doctor turns back time for viewersDaily Record2018-12-18
Jodie is just what Doctor orderedMetro (England)2018-12-19
It's epic!TV Times2018-12-22
The 10 most intriguing TV people of 2018Sun Journal (New Bern, NC)2018-12-22
Resolution: Break out of a rutTV Guide2018-12-24
Dame June WhitfieldThe Times2018-12-31

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