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chronological view
The ghost in the machineMixmag2019-01-01
Inside the Audio of Doctor WhoPro Sound News2019-01-01
Who Goes There (Evening Chronicle)Evening Chronicle2019-01-01
That was 2018The Crack2019-01-01
Sixty Seconds With Bradley WalshMetro (England)2019-01-02
Hail to the Doctor: the leader for these timesThe Guardian2019-01-02
Watching the detectiveEvening Chronicle2019-01-04
Knock, Knock... Who's Here?Metro (England)2019-01-04
Daleks and dad issues dog Whittaker's lonely DoctorThe Guardian2019-01-05
Don't blame the Daleks it's hysterical remainers who will exterminate a dealThe Sunday Times2019-01-06
138m Doctor Who fans travel back in timeThe Times2019-01-14
Bill SellarsThe Times2019-01-15
TV's Stickiest ShowsBroadcasting & Cable2019-01-21
Exterminate your Dalek display, pleaseEvening Chronicle2019-01-25
Time lapseTotal Film2019-02-01
You've had your ChibsSFX2019-02-01
Clive SwiftThe Times2019-02-05
7 Questions with... Bonnie LangfordWaitrose Weekend2019-02-14
Toy collector in the money after auctionEvening Chronicle2019-02-28
Extermin-eight! World record Dalek attempt falls just shortMetro (England)2019-03-11
Daleks of the world uniteThe Guardian2019-03-11
Work of ArtMetro (England)2019-03-28
EgoConCity Pages (Wisconsin)2019-03-28
Doctor Who: The Complete Eleventh SeriesLibrary Journal2019-04-01
Praise (Madam) SatanEntertainment Weekly2019-04-05
Sci-fi at the seasideThe Guardian2019-04-08
Zombie arm wrestlingThe Guardian2019-04-09
Council mocked for 'exterminate' ruling on shelter for DalekThe Guardian2019-05-22
Max ArthurThe Times2019-05-23
Doctor Who episodes are un-exterminatedMetro (England)2019-06-05
Look Who's back! (Evening Chronicle)Evening Chronicle2019-06-05
There will be a Doctor Who Day celebration at the Wayne County Public Library in WoosterAkron Beacon Journal2019-06-10
Paul DarrowThe Times2019-06-10
Royce MillsThe Times2019-06-13
Stephen ThorneThe Times2019-07-03
This new TV system has connections far beyond the InternetThe Athens News2019-07-11
Stephen Thorne (The Guardian)The Guardian2019-07-20
Dalek debut is named sci-fi TV's best momentPress Association
Evening Chronicle
Flock to 'Fandom'Niles Journal2019-08-21
Terrance Dicks, longtime Doctor Who writer, dies at 84The Guardian2019-09-03
Terrance Dicks obituaryThe Guardian2019-09-04