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I wonder how many children had nightmares after watching Dr. Who (BBC)?The Sunday Mirror1963-12-15
My young son never misses BBC television's "Dr. Who" on SaturdaysThe Mirror1964-11-26
A Viewpointer from WembleyThe Mirror1964-12-03
Spine-chilling rubbishThe Sunday Mirror1964-12-27
The Dalek TerrorRadio Times1964-12-31
When?The Mirror1965-01-11
Terribly Unfair To The Daleks!Daily Express1965-03-13
Dr. Who AgainRadio Times1965-09-30
No RobotsThe Mirror1965-10-04
Why I have banned 'Dr. Who' in our homeThe Mirror1965-12-09
WarningThe Mirror1965-12-14
The BBC series is getting worse and worseThe Sunday Mirror1966-04-10
Is Dr Who Too Cruel For 5.50 pm?The Mirror1966-04-16
Who now?The Mirror1966-08-13
I would like to send my heartiest congratulations to the production team of BBC-1's Dr. WhoRadio Times1966-11-24
Bring back the horrorReading Evening Post1967-08-03
TeleviewpointThe Mirror1969-06-28
Sight and soundThe Sunday Telegraph (England)1971-02-07
Even Dr. Who would be quite acceptableTV Week (Australia)1972-07-01
Children's DoctorTV Guide1972-07-01
Roger Delgado (letter)The Stage and Television Today1973-07-12
Dalek-buildersRadio Times1974-02-23
Inside a DalekThe Times1974-12-20
Who is afraid of Who?The Mirror1975-01-24
ContraryThe Mirror1975-04-02
Dear WandererTV Sci-Fi Monthly1976-06-06
A rebuke for Dr Who, but why wasn't Engelbert roasted?The Guardian1977-01-04
Violence for young audiencesThe Daily Telegraph1977-01-13
Switch it offThe Daily Telegraph1977-01-24
In the beginningLondon Evening Standard1977-02-03
Battle of the legsThe Sunday Mirror1977-02-20
Night time is the right timeThe Guardian1977-04-14
Under 18 PlatformDaily Express1977-11-02
Bring back LizThe Sunday Mirror1978-06-25
Standing up for Dr WhoThe Sydney Morning Herald1978-08-07
Who's for Dr. Who? (The Telegraph)The Daily Telegraph1978-08-18
About Doctor WhoOttawa Citizen1979-02-24
Who will save lovable Dr. Who?The Daily Iowan1979-03-05
Change for the GremlinsThe Daily Iowan1979-03-12
Hooked on Who (Starlog)Starlog1979-03-12
Not just another pretty faceThe Daily Iowan1979-03-15
Mark's ModelLook-in1979-04-14
Calling Dr. WhoAmerican Film1979-05-01
Baker's "Who"Starlog1979-07-31
I am a fan of the British television series 'Dr. Who'North East Bay Independent and Gazette1979-08-05
A Sad TaleStarlog1979-10-23
Letter from Buzz DixonScience Fiction Review1979-11-01
Whats, Wheres of 'Dr. Who'The Kansas City Star1979-11-04
Where's there a Who club?Starlog1980-01-15
National Museum of BroadcastingWireless World1980-05-01
Who's Re-runsTV Week (Australia)1980-05-03
Doctor's OfficeStarlog1980-05-06
Can I have some information about Tom Baker?The People's Friend1980-05-17
The Doctor's InStarlog1980-06-03
It was gratifying to see an original interview with Tom BakerStarlog1980-07-08
A teeny plea for WhoAberdeen Evening Express1980-08-16
Doctor's dilemma (The Age)The Age1980-08-25
Readers put their views about Dr Who's sex lifeThe Age1980-08-26
Dalek loverThe Age1980-08-27
What is Dr Who?The Age1980-08-28
The descent of K9Radio Times1980-11-01
The Voice of YouthDaily Express1981-01-21
... and this Dr Who's last journeyRadio Times1981-03-28
It was all just a conThe Palm Beach Post1981-04-26
Doctor Where? (The Age)The Age1981-05-21
More Demand for Dr. WhoThe Age1981-06-04
Dr Who fans uniteThe Age1981-06-18
I have three questionsThe Sun (Biloxi, MS)1981-09-12
I am writing about the PBS series Dr. WhoThe Sun (Biloxi, MS)1981-11-21
Dr. Who material is readily found at The Empire HouseThe Sun (Biloxi, MS)1981-11-28
The how and why of Doctor WhoRadio Times1982-01-30
Who's Who (Starlog)Starlog1982-02-09
Dr Who scriptsNew Scientist1982-02-18
Dr Who at bayNew Scientist1982-03-18
Dr. Tom? I'd rather see Dr JonDaily Express1982-08-03
Who's for Dr. Who?Scene 2 and 171982-09-01
Dr. Who Leaving?Patterns1982-09-01
How about a few facts on Tom BakerThe Miami Herald1982-09-05
We didn't find a lot of information about "Dr. Who."The Abilene Reporter-News1982-10-01
Doctor Who InquiryPatterns1982-12-01
Time Change for Dr. Who?Airwaves1982-12-01
Doctor Who NewsScene 2 and 171982-12-01
The Dr. Who series is terribly expensiveWest Michigan Magazine1983-01-01
What a hopeless Who doDaily Mail1983-04-08
Stately ShamblesThe Mirror1983-04-18
I've been watching the newest Dr. Who series on Channel 2The Palm Beach Post1983-05-29
A Big (W)hoorayFine Tuning (Milwaukee)1983-06-01
Plea for new 'Dr Who'The Canberra Times1983-06-12
Hooked on the DoctorFine Tuning (Milwaukee)1983-07-01
More on WhoFine Tuning (Milwaukee)1983-08-01
Bad TimingScene 2 and 171983-08-01
An Avid FanAirwaves1983-08-01
Dr. Who's ClubStarlog1983-09-06
Fan of the DayWPSX-TV Guide1983-09-27
Dr. Who? When?WPSX-TV Guide1983-10-25
What Has Happened to "Who"?Fine Tuning (Milwaukee)1983-11-01
Thanks for "Dr. Who"WPSX-TV Guide1983-11-22
Long Live WhoFine Tuning (Milwaukee)1983-12-01
Pertwee Episodes RequestedPatterns1983-12-01
A Family AdventureFine Tuning (Milwaukee)1984-01-01
Save the TARDIS, I sayDaily Express1984-01-14
For Doctor Who FansChoice (Nebraska)1984-02-01
Who x Who x WhoFine Tuning (Milwaukee)1984-02-01
Protect the police-box!Radio Times1984-02-11
All of us who enjoy Dr. Who must write to KTWUBlue Rapids Times1984-03-01
How to Make a SnowballFine Tuning (Milwaukee)1984-03-01
Keep up the excellent workWest Michigan Magazine1984-03-01
Who's best yetRadio Times1984-03-03
Cheesy dragPhiladelphia Daily News1984-03-05
A glaring error!Starlog1984-03-08
Count Me InPhiladelphia Daily News1984-03-19
Page the galaxiesRadio Times1984-03-31
Doctor Who has fan clubThe Lincoln Star1984-04-11
I'd like to know if there is a fan club in town or in the areaLincoln Journal Star1984-04-11
Lost In Space (1984)The Citizens' Voice1984-04-13
Dr. Who again (Lincoln Star)The Lincoln Star1984-04-22
Three More Votes for WhoFine Tuning (Milwaukee)1984-05-01
Dr. Who fans (The Tampa Tribune)The Tampa Tribune1984-05-13
I just can't understand why you turn away from a sure winnerWest Michigan Magazine1984-06-01
An Appointment with the DoctorFine Tuning (Milwaukee)1984-06-01
From Our ViewersPrime Time (WGBY)1984-07-01
A New Time WhoWPSX-TV Guide1984-07-24
RegenerationChoice (Nebraska)1984-08-01
Let's have British repeatsRadio Times1984-08-04
WPSX Should Reschedule News ShowCentre Daily Times1984-09-06
Baker only Dr. Who on Ch. 25Akron Beacon Journal1984-09-16
Everyone in my household has become a devoted "Dr. Who!" fanNewsday1984-09-23
I wish to correct two small errorsAkron Beacon Journal1984-10-28
Who's "It" in BrookfieldFine Tuning (Milwaukee)1984-11-01
Dr. Who fans protestTampa Bay Times1984-11-26
You ran a letter from a reader about who Invented the TARDIS on Dr. WhoAkron Beacon Journal1984-12-02
More on Dr. WhoTampa Bay Times1984-12-04
Doctor Who Is Doctor Who, Really?Airwaves1985-01-01
Dr Who, new!London Evening Standard1985-01-09
The Doctor LivesScene 2 and 171985-02-01
Who's the loser?London Evening Standard1985-03-01
You can't continue to show the episodes in the wrong orderNine (St. Louis)1985-03-01
Who's to guard us?Nottingham Post1985-03-02
Doctor's dilemma (London Evening Standard)London Evening Standard1985-03-04
A wicked plot to kill the DoctorEdinburgh Evening News1985-03-04
A power crazed madmanThe Guardian1985-03-04
Don't blackmail the Doctor fansDaily Express1985-03-05
Why moral missions of the Tardis should not be delayedThe Guardian1985-03-07
From Mr Peter AnghelidesThe Times1985-03-08
From the Managing Director of BBC TelevisionThe Times1985-03-13
It's rotten of the BBC to decide to stop showing Dr WhoThe Mirror1985-03-14
From Mr Dennis GuerrierThe Times1985-03-21
Real "Who" Fan ClubScene 2 and 171985-04-01
Doctor treated shabbilyTallahassee Democrat1985-04-02
GimmickryScene 2 and 171985-05-01
Reminiscent of TV's Golden AgeFine Tuning (Milwaukee)1985-06-01
Balm for 'Doctor Who' fansThe Roanoke Times1985-06-06
I'm 14 years old and a big fan of "Dr. Who"The Tampa Tribune1985-06-30
Every Dollar CountsFine Tuning (Milwaukee)1985-07-01
Who's Really Who?West Michigan Magazine1985-07-01
Doctor Who FanChoice (Nebraska)1985-08-01
Thank you very much for following through on my request for Dr. WhoWest Michigan Magazine1985-08-01
I would like to express my thanksNine (St. Louis)1985-08-01
Whovians strike backTallahassee Democrat1985-09-01
Dr. Who commentsThe Tampa Tribune1985-09-15
Who FansWPSX-TV Guide1985-09-24
A misunderstandingThe Globe and Mail1985-10-23
My heroThe Daily Tar Heel1985-10-23
I have heard rumorsChoice (Nebraska)1985-11-01
Doctor is TopsFine Tuning (Milwaukee)1985-12-01
TV HomeworkWest Michigan Magazine1986-01-01
Marvellous Tripods deserve a third seriesRadio Times1986-01-04
I would like to propose the following suggestionsNine (St. Louis)1986-02-01
You Asked ...Milwaukee Journal Sentinel1986-02-16
A meddlesome companionThe Tampa Tribune1986-03-09
Do you know how I can get in contact with Mr. Tom BakerThe Atlanta Journal-Constitution1986-03-09
Loves Dr. WhoWPSX-TV Guide1986-03-25
Sci-fi convention should be rescheduledThe Independent Florida Alligator1986-05-27
And it's about time too ...Today1986-09-13
Doctor Who needs a script cureThe Stage and Television Today1986-09-18
Have a go!The Sun1986-09-24
Thank goodness Dr Who is backThe Mirror1986-09-25
Musical time-warp for Doctor WhoRadio Times1986-09-27
I'm an avid Dr. Who fanScene 2 and 171986-10-01
Have you issued a house ban on the word "whom?"London Evening Standard1986-10-29
One of My FavoritesProgram Guide (South Dakota)1986-11-01
I thoroughly enjoy Channel 9's programs, especially Doctor WhoNine (St. Louis)1986-11-01
Top of the listFine Tuning (Milwaukee)1986-11-01
TV mailbagChicago Tribune1986-11-09
Doctor Who Fan ClubsScene 2 and 171986-12-01
Make Dr. Who great againDaily Star1986-12-06
Who FanChoice (Nebraska)1987-01-01
Who Is WhoStarlog1987-01-06
Disaster ahead for Dr Who?London Evening Standard1987-01-08
Doctor Who: what an improvement!Radio Times1987-01-10
Where is Who?The San Francisco Examiner1987-01-23
What's Up with Who?Choice (Nebraska)1987-02-01
Dr. Who Makes Life CompleteProgram Guide (South Dakota)1987-02-01
US Who fans speak outThe Stage and Television Today1987-02-05
Every issue of Nine brings good newsNine (St. Louis)1987-04-01
Who's Who next?Daily Express1987-05-05
New Who In TownStarlog1987-06-02
Look Who's NewWest Michigan Magazine1987-07-01
Screen Dr Who twice a weekNew Straits Times1987-07-21
A Search Paid OffProgram Guide (South Dakota)1987-08-01
BBC boss Michael Grade's decision to screen Dr Who opposite ITV's Coronation Street is ridiculousThe Mirror1987-08-25
No 'Dr. Who'?The Tampa Tribune1987-08-30
Backchat (The Guardian)The Guardian1987-09-16
Who's new look is fineThe Mirror1987-09-17
The decline of Doctor WhoSandwell Evening Mail1987-09-18
Who is a good doctorBirmingham Mail
Sandwell Evening Mail
Doctor's bad timingRadio Times1987-09-26
Dr Who is the greatestSandwell Evening Mail1987-10-01
Free Tom BakerStarlog1987-10-06
New Doctor Who is the real McCoy!Radio Times1987-10-10
Who put Who on at that time?The Burton Mail1987-10-16
Doctor is far too late!Sandwell Evening Mail1987-10-16
Never for kidsThe Burton Mail1987-10-23
Doc's a delight!Sandwell Evening Mail1987-10-23
Dr. Who Fans (Dial)Dial (Indianapolis)1987-11-01
What a change for doctor WhoThe Burton Mail1987-11-13
Who's best (Radio Times)Radio Times1987-11-21
Sylvester McCoy is a wimpThe Mirror1987-11-25
Dr Who unfairly struck offLondon Evening Standard1987-11-25
Doctor Who And DialDial (Indianapolis)1987-12-01
Blake/Who FanChoice (Nebraska)1987-12-01
Sylvester McCoy is almost as eccentric as Tom BakerThe Mirror1987-12-01
Next On BBC1Electronics Today International (England)1988-01-01
Who and WhyAirwaves1988-02-01
The Doctor gets a "rest"Fine Tuning (Milwaukee)1988-02-01
Just what the doctor orderedThe Age1988-02-04
I too was pleased to see the return of the good DoctorElectronics Today International (England)1988-04-01
Distressed Dr. Who fansFine Tuning (Milwaukee)1988-04-01
I am renewing my subscription to Channel 20Dial (Indianapolis)1988-04-01
Dr. Who' fans are loyalThe Daily Utah Chronicle1988-04-20
Protest removal of WCETDayton Daily News1988-04-24
More Spoons Less ScreamsElectronics Today International (England)1988-05-01
Stars on SundayElectronics Today International (England)1988-06-01
Here We Go AgainElectronics Today International (England)1988-07-01
Sorry, But the Doctor Must LeaveProgram Guide (South Dakota)1988-09-01
Dr. Who reruns 'Best'The Herald (Ireland)1988-09-17
When Is Who?Oregon Focus1988-10-01
Grade & the Time LordsThe Listener1988-10-20
Who's back, but no TrekRadio Times1988-10-22
On the trail of Doctor WhoRadio Times1988-10-29
Who's CelebratingStarlog1988-11-01
Grade & the Time Lords 2The Listener1988-11-03
Ferreting out the culpritsThe Age1988-11-10
Lost in spaceThe Listener1988-11-10
Daleks rise to the occasionRadio Times1988-11-12
Lost in space 2The Listener1988-11-24
Doctor Who's winter sunshine!Radio Times1988-11-26
Letters to The GuideThe Canberra Times1988-11-28
Bring Back My BonnieElectronics Today International (England)1988-12-01
Bonnie BluesElectronics Today International (England)1989-01-01
High on Sci-FiShowplace1989-01-01
Who, WhatStarlog1989-01-03
One of the BestOregon Focus1989-02-01
Dull doctorLook-in1989-03-04
Another DoctorSandwell Evening Mail1989-05-15
Matters in ConflictStarlog1989-07-04
A Fan Turned OnIn the Public Eye (North Dakota)1989-08-01
Who ChoiceStarlog1989-09-05
Doctor Who ... who is he?Radio Times1989-09-23
Is public television too snobby?Daily News1989-09-24
Ace ... she's driving me madRadio Times1989-09-30
Who watches Doctor Who?Radio Times1989-10-21
Doctor Who ... the futureRadio Times1989-11-25
The When Of Doctor WhoIn the Public Eye (North Dakota)1989-12-01
Back in time with Doctor WhoRadio Times1990-01-13
Seven faces of Doctor WhoRadio Times1990-01-27
Episode gapsThe Canberra Times1990-02-26
Thank you for broadcasting Dr. WhoShowplace1990-05-01
False Sense Of SecurityOregon Focus1990-07-01
Doctor's Dilemma (The Listener)The Listener1990-07-12
Doctor's DisordersThe Listener1990-08-09
The Sunday DoctorScene 2 and 171991-02-01
Major contender for Dr Who roleDaily Express1991-02-22
I am a very big fan of Doctor Who on Channel 13Fort Worth Star-Telegram1991-03-17
Pretty Please!In the Public Eye (North Dakota)1991-08-01
Don't exterminate Dr WhoDaily Express1991-08-12
More British Sci-Fi, eh?In the Public Eye (North Dakota)1991-09-01
Where and When is Who?Nine (St. Louis)1991-09-01
For some reason, many Americans don't get into Doctor Who until they reach age 21Starlog1991-09-03
Why was there no mention of the most famous mutants of all, the DaleksStarlog1991-10-01
I think it's time the BBC resurrected Dr WhoThe Mirror1991-10-09
It's Who You 'Dough'In the Public Eye (North Dakota)1991-11-01
Do you plan to purchase any new episodes of Doctor Who?Scene 2 and 171992-01-01
Bravo, Keel & Borge! Baker Best 'Who'In the Public Eye (North Dakota)1992-05-01
Sci-Fi Addict Hails 'Blake's 7, 'Who'In the Public Eye (North Dakota)1992-08-01
Sci-fi Fan Questions Future of 'Who'In the Public Eye (North Dakota)1992-09-01
Isn't it a pity that it will not restart the series?London Evening Standard1992-09-01
The Doctor with an American accent — you've got to be kidding!The Stage and Television Today1993-11-11
Treat the Doctor with due respectThe Stage and Television Today1993-11-18
Bring back doctorEvening Chronicle1993-11-29
Too much 'hullabaWho' for true fansThe Stage and Television Today1993-12-02
Doctor Who, USARadio Times1993-12-04
A rotten script a day keeps the Doctor awayThe Stage and Television Today1993-12-09
These are our demands--Who has the answers?The Stage and Television Today1994-03-03
I Wish the BBC would repeat early episodes of Dr WhoThe Mirror1995-05-29
Dud DaleksThe Times Literary Supplement1995-11-03
Discarded TardisThe Times1996-01-17
Discarded Tardis replyThe Times1996-01-20
Doctor who had no nameDaily Express1996-03-15
Dalek dialectThe Times1996-03-16
Perfect prescription for Dr Who's successLondon Evening Standard1996-05-31
Film or VideotapeTelevision1996-06-01
Doctor's orders (1996)Radio Times1996-06-08
Who-ray! The Doctor's backRadio Times1996-06-15
Dr. Who BombedSun-Sentinel1996-08-25
Let's encourage new Dr. WhoWausau Daily Herald1996-09-02
Time Lord TalesStarlog1996-09-05
Doctor's orders (Radio Times)Radio Times1997-12-21
1,000 years on the back of a stampThe Times1998-11-18
We need a doctor!Radio Times1999-09-25
An open letter to WQEDPittsburgh Post-Gazette2000-03-24
Remembering Jon Pertwee's Magic momentsThe Stage and Television Today2000-05-11
Doctor ScepticThe Daily Telegraph2000-09-07
It's a miracleTV Choice2001-07-07
Exterminate! (2003)New Scientist2003-06-14
Armageddon NowLondon Review of Books2003-07-10
Doctor Who will surviveThe Daily Telegraph2003-09-27
A camp transvestite doctor would breathe some new life into this ancient programmeDaily Star2003-10-04
Who's the Doctor?Radio Times2003-10-11
Anatomy of the DaleksThe Times2004-08-06
Forgotten timelordThe Times2005-03-11
New Dr Who let down by same old cheesy effectsDaily Express2005-03-30
I thought it was just me who was convinced that doctors are getting youngerLondon Evening Standard2005-04-01
Doctoring the resultsRadio Times2005-04-02
Who Cares If Time Lord Leaves Early?The Sun2005-04-04
Wild about the boyRadio Times2005-04-16
Your View: Doctor Always Was A ThrillerDaily Record2005-04-19
Who's Afraid?The Times2005-04-19
Fair and squareRadio Times2005-04-23
Reader RantThe Mirror2005-04-30
Keep us hanging on ...Radio Times2005-04-30
It takes three ...Radio Times2005-05-07
A well-crafted machineRadio Times2005-05-14
Unsuitable for childrenThe Times2005-05-17
Legislate! Legislate!The Times2005-05-19
SoundbitesProfessional Engineering2005-07-01
Who's the geeky Doctor?The Pink Paper2005-08-04
You Ask UsRadio Times2006-01-14
Letter of the weekRadio Times2006-01-14
Doctor Who? (The Times)The Times2006-04-17
Doctor Who not as serious as War of The WorldsThe Times2006-04-21
Doctor Who always had time for a social crusadeDaily Express2006-04-21
Appointment TV (Radio Times)Radio Times2006-05-06
Two lonely heartsRadio Times2006-05-20
Don't tell us WhoRadio Times2006-05-27
You Ask Us (2006-06-03)Radio Times2006-06-03
You Ask Us (2006-06-10)Radio Times2006-06-10
Monsters liteRadio Times2006-07-01
Clever-cleverLondon Review of Books2006-07-06
On another planet with youRadio Times2006-07-22
I gushed tears watching Billie Piper's emotional farewellWhat's on TV2006-07-22
The show is trashy and not in a good wayThe Stage and Television Today2006-11-02
Time waits for no manHerald Sun2007-10-17
Piping up about Dr Who characterYour Shepway2008-04-09
Catherine Tate has ruined Dr WhoYour Shepway2008-04-16
The Doctor's met his match in TateYour Shepway2008-04-23
Time for a woman to be Dr Who?Your Shepway2008-04-30
Is Steven Moffat good news for Doctor Who?The Guardian2008-05-26
Leela was best Dr Who girl anywayYour Dover2008-05-28
Mystery of castingRadio Times2008-07-12
People's PromsLondon Evening Standard2008-08-01
How Dr. Who travelsWinnipeg Free Press2008-09-03
We need a Dr Who has some charismaYour Canterbury2009-01-07
More Dr WhoDancing Times2010-01-01
Who is not tied-upThe Times2010-03-29
Latest Doctor Who is starting to turn uglyDaily Star2010-04-05
Blasted by death rays of scepticismThe Times2010-04-06
Who can fail to like this Doctor?London Evening Standard2010-04-08
Feedback 2010-04-10Radio Times2010-04-10
What's the word on Dr Who's shoes?Financial Times2010-04-13
Feedback 2010-04-17Radio Times2010-04-17
Feedback 2010-05-01Radio Times2010-05-01
Feedback 2010-05-08Radio Times2010-05-08
British TV is all child's playLondon Evening Standard2010-06-17
Feedback 2010-06-19Radio Times2010-06-19
Feedback 2011-04-30Radio Times2011-04-30
Feedback 2011-06-18Radio Times2011-06-18
Doctor EinsteinThe Times2011-09-12
Feedback 2011-10-15Radio Times2011-10-15
Memories of ElisabethRadio Times2011-10-22
Feedback 2012-09-15Radio Times2012-09-15
Who Cares, Amy?Daily Star2012-09-18
Feedback 2012-09-29Radio Times2012-09-29
Feedback 2012-10-13Radio Times2012-10-13
Feedback 2012-10-20Radio Times2012-10-20
Dr Sue, No Thank YouDaily Star2013-02-16
Feedback 2013-04-13Radio Times2013-04-13
Who's missing?Radio Times2013-04-27
A new Dr Who? We'll never have Paris...Daily Star2013-06-06
He'd Bloom as DocDaily Star2013-06-07
Temporal shiftThe Times2013-07-17
Hey Doc, You Rock!Daily Star2013-11-23
The darkest days of Doctor WhoLondon Evening Standard2013-11-27
Time Lord gives DUP a primer on gay rightsBelfast Telegraph2013-11-28
Transported by Dr WhoThe Guardian2013-12-01
Doctor Who and the ageing enigmaNature2013-12-05
Knowing 'Who' matters mostLos Angeles Times2014-01-04
The hero returnsRadio Times2014-08-23
Moffat/Capaldi killed it for meDaily Star2014-08-26
Feedback (2014-09-06)Radio Times2014-09-06
Feedback (2014-09-13)Radio Times2014-09-13
Feedback (2014-09-27)Radio Times2014-09-27
Who's Watching Who?Radio Times2014-10-11
Feedback (2014-11-08)Radio Times2014-11-08
Loved it ... loathed itRadio Times2014-11-22
Clearly, Peter Capaldi is not a popular version of the DoctorDaily Star2015-09-22
Feedback (2015-09-26)Radio Times2015-09-26
Davros Rules!Radio Times2015-10-03
Tears for ClaraRadio Times2015-12-12
Man Up, PeterRadio Times2016-01-09
Very festiveThe Guardian2016-12-17
Sorry to See Top Doc QuitDaily Star2017-02-01
A Distaff DoctorRadio Times2017-02-11
Doctor on CallTV Guide2017-02-27
A staggeringly poor choice to take over the role of Doctor WhoThe Guardian2017-04-21
An inappropriate new Doctor WhoThe Guardian2017-04-24
Top of the BillRadio Times2017-04-29
Who's That Man?Radio Times2017-05-27
Dottore Chi?Radio Times2017-06-03
My Favourite DoctorRadio Times2017-06-17
Dirt on the DoctorRadio Times2017-07-01
Time Lord ChillsRadio Times2017-07-15
Politically Correct BrigadeThe Sun2017-07-18
How long before the Daleks are Ma-leks?Daily Star2017-07-18
Jodie Gives Doctor Who A BoostMetro (England)2017-07-18
Is It A Mistake To Make Doctor Who A Woman?Daily Express2017-07-19
Time Beeb scrapped licence and cut pay!Daily Star2017-07-19
Outrage of the weekThe Mirror2017-07-20
Jodie's An InspirationThe Mirror2017-07-20
What the Doctor ordered (Radio Times)Radio Times2017-07-29
Why (Not) a Woman?Radio Times2017-08-05
And another thing ...Metro (England)2017-08-08
Who'd Want to Doctor the Tardis?Metro (England)2017-08-10
Ahead of her timeRadio Times2017-08-12
Welcome, DoctorRadio Times2017-08-26
Look Who Is To Play Brad BoyThe Mirror2017-08-28
Dr Who's chargesThe Times2018-04-02
Generous Dr WhoThe Times2018-04-04
Time We Brought Back Police TardisMetro (England)2018-06-11
A Very Timely Addition to the TardisMetro (England)2018-10-09
How did the new Doctor do?Radio Times2018-10-20
Jodie is just what Doctor orderedMetro (England)2018-12-19
Dr Who is turning into a PC Dr WokeDaily Star2020-01-18
Just Who on Earth's watching this tosh?Daily Star2020-02-05
The Doctor & DaleksRadio Times2020-10-03
The planets must be in alignmentThe Sun2021-01-05
Downing St DangersRadio Times2021-01-16
The latest Doctor Who shows lost their wayDaily Star2021-11-16

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