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Dr Who: talking about my generation

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AS CELEBRITY breakups go, the separation of Billie Piper and Chris Evans has always been regarded as pretty amicable. But maybe were got it all wrong. After all, it's pretty extreme to leave the planet after affairs of the heart go belly-up.

But our Billie has another man in her life, and this time she won't be able to break his heart. He has two of them. And for those who always thought that the age gap between Billie and Chris was too big there's a new shock. The new guy is about 900 years old and half human.

Yep, the one-time spokesmodel for Smash Hits is the latest travelling companion of Doctor Who, the Time Lord hero of the Beeb's iconic sci-fi aeries that is easing the mid-life crises of an entire generation of nerdy types by making its return to the small screen next weekend.

And we should all be grateful for Billie's involvement. Among those tipped for a starring role alongside the Doc during the 15-year gap since the last series was Pamela Anderson.

But kick-ass Pam wouldn't have been right as one of the Doc's sidekicks. They've generally been women dismissed as "screamers", because their role was to scream so the Doctor could save them and the rest of the universe. Though there are some misguided souls who might hope that Pam would have followed in the footsteps of another actress who travelled With the Doctor — Katy Manning, who posed nude with a Dalek.

Of course, while children hovered behind the couch in the early days of the series, the companions were at least some visual compensation for older males.

In fact, you could probably guess a guy's age by his favourite Doctor's sidekick. Wendy Padbury? This guy was around and fantasising in the Sixties. Elisabeth Sladen? We admire your taste, bet really, aren't you too old for this kind of thing? Nicola Bryant? Forget it, your kids scent going to let you watch it this round.

There are those who'll want to compare and contrast Christopher Eccleston's performance as the ninth doctor with all those who've gone before: but for many, it's enough to know that the Daleks are on their way back.

The new series, however, kicks off with another bunch of monsters we've met before: the Autons-a gang of megalomaniac shop mannequins.

There now, that'll make you think twice before you visit Dundrum Town Centre again.

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