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2005-03-08 Daily Mirror.jpg

  • Publication: The Mirror
  • Date: 2005-03-08
  • Author: Cameron Robertson and Craig McGill
  • Page: 8
  • Language: English

EXCLUSIVE The first episode of new Dr Who ..and can Bile save the world from Wheelie Bin aliens?

THESE are the first pictures of Doctor Who's explosive return to telly screens.

The Timelord and sidekick Billie Piper battle aliens disguised as wheelie bins in their first new adventure.

But BBC chiefs were furious last night that the entire episode - not due to be aired until later this month - has been leaked and put on the Internet.

The cult sci-fi drama has its publicity launch in Cardiff tonight to celebrate its first TV series for 16 years.

However, an insider said of the leak: "We're livid, to say the least. There will be a full inquiry as to how this got out."

The first episode shows 22-year-old Billie's character Rose Tyler lying in bed before another dull day at work in a London department store. There is a kiss for boyfriend Mickey, played by Noel Clarke. 29. before she sets off.

But she realises this is going to be no ordinary day when she is accidentally locked in at work - while the evil alien Autons try to use the store to beam out secret signals.

Luckily the Doctor, played by Christopher Eccleston. 41, arrives to save the day - but not the store, which he blows up to stop the Autons' fiendish plans.

The invaders, who can take the form of plastic household items - transform into a glove shape to throttle the time-travelling hero.

Thankfully Doctor Who has his trusty sonic screwdriver at hand to repel them.

Mickey is next in the Autons' sights - and meets a messy end when the aliens, this time in the shape of a wheelie bin. go 3ble him up and assume his identity.

The race to stop them beaming their signals later switches to the London Eye wheel.

The Daily Mirror has decided to not spoil viewers' fun by revealing how the adventure ends but we can say that the original title music is still the same.

However, thousands of fans have seen the 45-minute episode after downloading it from the web.

One online reviewer said of the new Doctor: "The kids are going to flip over him. He's going to be an intergalactic pied piper inviting millions of viewers to join him on his voyage every week."

It is thought the leak came from a batch of DVDs sent to Canada for sale after the episode's UK screening.

The BBC said last night: "This is a significant breach of copyright which is under investigation."

The 13-part series will also star Zoe Wanamaker, Simon Callow and flying Daleks.

A second series will be commissioned only if the first is a hit.

But executive producer Russell T Davies is confident.

He said: "We've learnt how the show works, how we can afford it, how we can be more ambitious, and we know some - not all, never all - of our strengths and weaknesses."


WHO TWO: Christopher and Billie





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