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Feedback (2014-09-06)

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Jenna Coleman gave her best performance yet in Deep Breath



Expectations were high for the new series of Doctor Who (23 August BBC1). Peter Capaldi is a terrific actor, and I was hoping he'd really pull it out of the bag: I wanted dark, brooding, moody, unhinged and intense - and that is precisely what I got.

Capaldi was electrifying, and I couldn't take my eyes off him. He is the maddest Doctor since Tom Baker, which is no mean feat.

Also, Jenna Coleman delivered her best performance yet. Her emotional conflict and prejudice against the new Doctor were extremely well played, and the scene where she tried to hold her breath as she walked past the repair droids was terrifying.

Deep Breath felt really fresh and exciting. Thank you, Steven Moffat [writer and executive producer]. Ryan Pollard Marsden, Kirklees


So, Steve. There's a T rex the size of a tower block rampaging in London, right?

"Victorian London..." Right, and none of these Victorians is scared by it... or by the lizard lady in their midst? "Nope..."

Nor the weird short guy with no neck who behaves like Jeeves? "Nope..."

And here comes our hero, who's been sharing a police box with a girl half his age - and he's wandering around in a nightie? "The Doctor..."

And together they beat the clockwork people who run a restaurant, who are built of human parts and dream of heaven? "Yep..."

While our hero, still confused, somehow ends up with his girl partner in a modern Glasgow high street?


Wild script, Steve! Has the exec producer seen it yet? "I am the executive producer..."

Paul Clarke Oundle, Northamptonshire

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