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Humble pie served up for Doctor Who doubter

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As the new Doctor Who Matt Smith has a lot to five up to, and many doubted his ability to successfully become the 11th Time Lord, including Daniel Wainwright

I HAVEN'T blogged about the new series of Doctor Who yet, writes blogger Dan Wainwright on My fingers were too fat from eating all the humble pie.

I wasn't very nice about Matt Smith when they announced he was going to take over. It was such a long time ago and I've grown up a lot since then0

01 course you saw through my argument and loads of you let rip at me for judging him before he'd even decided on his tweed jacket and bow tie I said he was too young, too inexperienced, without the gravitas and eternal wisdom an actor needs to play a 906-year-old with the weight of the universe on his shoulders - only with more spiteful language.

But I was wrong And I've been too embarrassed to say so.

I've been hunting the dodgy beetle that climbed onto Catherine Tate's back and changed her past in a bid to wipe out the un kind things I said.

Then I remembered that in fact all it did was create a parallel universe and decided I'd better get on with some work otherwise I'd get fired.

While Victory of the Daleks was the weakest of the new run so far (what was with the United Daleks of Benetton?) Smith has been a revelation.

He has made the role his own His gobbling, his righteous indignation and his delivery of great lines such as "You're Scottish, fry something" are a refreshing change from David Tennant, who while brilliant had stayed long enough.

Instead of the young-old faces of the likes of Patrick Troughton and Jon Pertwee, now we have an old-young face.

He's 27 but he could be 20, he could be 35.

He says "bow ties are cool" and suddenly they are A fashion trend has been started with the same click of the fingers he used to open the TARDIS.

So I just have to accept it. A younger man than me is now living my dream and gallivanting around saving the universe every week.

It's like fancying someone out of your league and seeing them with someone else.

Secretly you hate yourself because you want her to come crying to you with a story about what a cad he is but actually, if you're honest with yourself, he's treating her better than you ever would and he's a nice bloke to boot.

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