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Objects of Desire (2010)

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  • Publication: SFX
  • Date: Nov. 2010
  • Author:
  • Page: 134
  • Language: English

Monsters and wotnot to tickle your fancy


Character Options Height:13cm £19.99

This "Ironside" from "Victory Of The Daleks" is just one of three new remote-control models - there's also a red Drone and a blue Strategist. No doubt a white Supreme, orange Scientist and yellow Eternal are on the way why flog one Dalek when you can flog five, eh? Not that base commercial imperatives enter into the creative process, obviously.


Wow! Stuff Length: 8.5cm £5.99

Press the buttons and this emits six sound effects: the sonic; K-9 barking "Affirmative!"; a TARDIS materialisation; five Cyber-stomps, a Dalek extermination; and, bafflingly, some kind of Hath noise (huh?). Neat, although expect rapid and regular embarrassment if you actually stick your keys on it.


Half Moon Bay Width:10cm £5.95 for set of four

Available from:

These brightly-coloured coasters feature old-school Who images: Tom Baker in "talk to the hand, girlfriend" pose, a Voc from "The Robots Of Death", three Daleks and the TARDIS flying past a psychedelic purple blob. That's the only one we're not loving - it's like having an acid flashback every time you reach for a cuppa.


Character Options Height: 13.5cm-16cm £24.99 (double sets)/£14.99

Collecting these is becoming an expensive habit, thanks to a flood of Comic-Con exclusives. Here's a "The Claws Of Axos" Axon monster/Master set, a "Planet Of Fire" Fifth Doctor/Master set, and a newly-regenerated Fifth Doctor. Best: the Anthony Ainley Master - it's the glaring eyes! Worst: the gutlord Axon, which seems to be wearing John McCririck-sized pants.


Wow! Stuff Height:11cm 512.99

There's something wrong about this, and it's not just that it feels sticky, or smells oddly like hair wax. The little fat-creatures from "Partners In Crime" are just too cute for a stress toy. It feels positively wicked to be crushing its blobby little body in your palm - like standing on a kitten, or squeezing a foetus.

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