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The New Films

"DR. WHO AND THE DALEKS," they tell me, is based on one of the most popular British television series. The picture, showing at six theaters here, is fairly well made, with English competence, and has Peter Cushing, a veteran of British horror melodramas, as Dr. Who, a scientist who has invented a time machine. He is explaining it to his two granddaughters when a boy stumbles into the controls and they are transported to a petrified forest in a futuristic city on another planet. They are taken prisoner by the Daleks, a clan who protects themselves from neutron war rays In metal cones and speak in husky clipped baritones as if from a wine cellar. The Daleks hate the Thals, who are kept looking like normal people, if you can call being covered with a lot of paint and lipstick normal, because they have a drug which protects them from radiation. So the Daleks try to make Dr. Who lead the Thals into an ambush. Does Dr. Who foil them? Who knows? I think the kids might like it.

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