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Save us from the monks!

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The hooded villains have finally conqured Earth...

The monks have enslaved the human race and Bill knows only one man can help, yet when she tries to contact the Doctor, he is nowhere to be found!

Bill faced an impossible choice last week, but decided to save the Doctor even though it meant that the monks would take over Earth.

In a nerve-racking finale to this three-part story, the human race has been brainwashed to accept their new overlords and Bill is the only person who can see the truth. Yet just when all hope seems lost, Nardole (Matt Lucas) arrives with news of the Doctor...

'Nardole didn't take to Bill at first because he thinks humans are distracting,' says Matt Lucas. But he soon finds he has more in common with Bill than he thought and really starts to appreciate her. Together they bring the best out in the Doctor.

Nardole has discovered the monks are holding the Doctor on a ship in the North Sea, but Bill is shocked to find out he's co-operating with Earth's new rulers!

Desperate to make the Doctor see that he is the last hope, Nardole and Bill reach out to Missy, but after being locked away in a vault for 1000 years, they know setting her free could lead to disaster...

'Missy is open to working with the Doctor,' says Michelle Gomez, who plays the Time Lord. But there's absolutely no way of knowing what her motives are, and you should never really trust her. At times, you want to hope they are good, but they never are!'

Caption: The last shot... Can Nardole and Bill convice the Doctor?

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