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DRAMA Think Doctor Who Meets Superman or rather the Doctor creates a superman. Writer Steven Moffat tells RT: "It's about a little boy who is accidentally given superpowers and happens to be a comics fan, so he decides he should be a superhero in his adult years." Thus dorky Grant Gordon becomes a cloaked avenger, the Ghost, but in the fine tradition of all superheroes has to keep his identity a secret.

Justin Chatwin (star of the US version of Shameless) plays Grant/Ghost, while Charity Wakefield is Lucy, the Lois Lane in his life, caught up in what Moffat calls "a love triangle for two". It's set in modern New York (a backlot in Bulgaria and loads of CGI). There's a Lex Luthor-style villain and of course there are monsters. "They've been around before," teases Moffat. "Quite recently. And there's a sinister plan afoot to conquer the Earth."

The Doctor's travelling companion is Nardole (Matt Lucas), the nitwit who was decapitated and absorbed by a robot last Christmas. So perhaps not the most obvious character for a rematch, but he'll be popping up frequently in the next series, too.

Peter Capaldi page 16

Caption: SMASHING TIME The Doctor (Peter Capaldi) is joined by (from left) Matt Lucas, Charity Wakefield and Justin Chatwin on his festive adventure

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