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Doctor Who and the Daleks


Daleks — Invasion Earth 2150 AD


U WARNER 2HR 38MINS £24.99 JULY 29

Cult viewing for big kids


Way back in the mid-Sixties, the country was in the grip of a mad obsession: Daleks! From Dalek cups and saucers to massive Dalek models, Britain went Dalek bonkers. A certain Milton Subotsky realized that there was money to be made out of this and, with the help of the first two Dalek stories in the Doctor Who TV series, made exceptionally multi-coloured adventures for the big screen. The first sees Doctor Who (Cushing) arriving on the planet Skaro. Coming between two peoples, the perfect Thals and the metallic Daleks, Doctor Who tries to arbitrate peace but the Daleks are a treacherous bunch of pepper pots...

In the second movie, the danger's much closer to home, with the Daleks having taken over the Earth. More comedy in this one seems necessary for the kids as it can get quite grim at times, even though the plot (the Daleks are mining to the Earth's core, in Bedford, so they can pilot the planet around the universe) is positively mad. ★★★


The first disk has all the goodies, with the hour-long Dalekmania documentary delving into the movies' links with Hammer, what there was to collect when Dalekmania took over, details on stunt work and a few cast members' reminiscences. Both films have their mad, mad trailers and, as DVD ROM features, both have their press releases as Adobe Acrobat files which are nice touches. Only Doctor Who and the Daleks has a commentary with Jennie Linden (Barbara) showing, without doubt, that she can talk the hind off a drove of donkeys! ★★★

Caption: Doctor Who (Cushing) and granddaughter Susan trapped by the Daleks in Doctor Who and the Daleks

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