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THE NEW Doctor Who will make his debut on British television in March wearing a multi-coloured outfit which looks like a walking jumble sale.

It will be the height of bad taste — and deliberately so.

Actor Colin Baker, who will play the sixth Doctor in the long-running series, will be wearing the gaudy outfit consisting of a multi-coloured drape jacket in different materials, yellow and black striped trousers and a tweedy waistcoat with tails.

To set it all off he will be wearing a green polka dot floppy bow tie and green shoes with red spats.

The producer of the show, John Nathan-Turner, asked the BBC's costume department to come up with the most tasteless clothes they could imagine.

Australian viewers will have a long wait before they get a glimpse of the new Dr Who.

On February 17, the ABC will begin repeating an old series with Tom Baker, followed on March 5 by the final series starring the fifth doctor played by Peter Davison.

It is only when this series has finished later this year that Colin Baker will make his first appearance on Australian television.

Nathan-Turner explained that the new Dr Who will be more alien than his predecessors and the weird clothes were meant to emphasise that he is not human and does not follow earthly fashions.

And to make the point that this is a completely new show Dr Who's famous police box time-machine will also disappear.

The BBC explained that the battered blue box, which housed the tardis for 20 years, is being axed because young viewers don't understand what it is supposed to be.

Police boxes are a thing of the past and a whole generation has grown up believing that the box is a tardis and nothing else.

Caption: The new Dr Who and the old police box

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