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Tonight's episode of the long-lived British sci-fi series, Doctor Who, is a mind-bending, time-warping, universe-collapsing frenzy of smart one-liners, surprising plot twists and a very satisfying ending indeed.

The Big Bang is the conclusion of a two-part Season 5 finale, following from the cliffhanger of The Pandorica Opens — in which The Doctor was sealed in the Pandorica (a box with the power to "reboot the universe), Amy Pond was shot by a replica of her boyfriend, and River Song was trapped in the TARDIS (The Doctor's time machine/spacecraft) as it exploded, triggering the end of the universe.

The Big Bang begins peacefully enough with a young Amy Pond, circa 1996, a girl who imagines there are stars in a universe that actually contains only the sun, the Earth, and the moon. The episode is a convoluted, fast-paced, and utterly entertaining feast for the senses and the mind. It includes a fossilized Dalek, a sonic screwdriver, and an old, blue diary that proves to be the key to sealing a crack in the universe.

A real treat for fans, and a smart, rambunctious slice of sci-fi for everyone else. (9 p.m., Space)

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