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Doctored-Who and the Daleks

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DALEKS are the villains of a BBC television science fiction serial which gives a kick to thousands of youngsters, and even some adults.

Now in colour, "Dr. Who and the Daleks" (Studio One, "U") comes to the cinema.

With all its gimmicks I am sure that the kids will enjoy themselves.

But, as science-fiction, even junior league, It lacks thrills, menace and spookiness.

They've swapped the original Dr. Who (William Hartnell) for Peter Cushing.

He plays the eccentric professor with a cheery, Bob's-your-uncle amiability, but lacks the sinister touch that Hartnell gives the role.

In his time-and-space box, Cushing, his two grand-daughters (Jenny Linden and Roberta Tovey) and Roy Castle, as Jenny's' boy friend, are accidentally projected to another planet.

There they find themselves mixed up in civil war between the Daleks and the peace-loving Thals.

The Daleks are demolished but I have a feeling that they'll rise again, Dr. Who and company are not out of the wood yet.

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