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Dr Who is one out of the box

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DR WHO fans are incensed. His treasured time-travelling space ship, the Tardis, is no longer going to masquerade as a police box to the outside world.

Glenn Robinson, of Beaumaris, wrote to the Green Guide recently to complain about the decision and the cause:

"When I read the news that the doctor's Tardis would be going, I couldn't believe my eyes,',' wrote Glenn. "Not the Tardis itself but its police box form. The producer, John Nathan-Turner, says that young viewers do not know what a police box is.

"The police box is part of Dr Who and that is what Dr Who is all about, a Time Lord who travels in a police box. I don't know what's going to replace the police box but it better be pretty good."

The original reason for using a police telephone box for time and space travel was that it had become jammed in that form on a previous visit to Earth. Inside the Tardis is room for a six-panelled console with an oscillating glass column called the time rotor.

How could the outside be so much smaller than the inside? Because the exterior existed in our physical world and the interior belonged to a different dimension. That is how the Tardis received its intriguing name: Time and Relative Dimensions In Space.

What do you think of the decision to kill off the Tardis? Write to the C Page and state your reasons in 75 words or less.

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