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Dr Who meets the sophisticates

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Dr. Who was conceived as a programme for children.

I'm sure, however, that it is now in the category of entertainment for addicts of all ages.

According to Lord Hill, chairman of the ITA, it is the popular programmes that the more sophisticated classes view, but only with a greater sense of guilt than do most of us, and people.

I would not be surprised if there are quite a number of guilty sophisticates about at tea time on Saturdays.

The production of this program shows more imagination than a considerable number of so-called adult programmes.


Dr. Who combines the clear-cut morality of the Western with the post-Bond delight in gadgetry.

The characters are cardboard ones or, in the case of the Daleks, metal and instantly indenunable as goodies or baddies, just as in the days of children's matinee Westerns, the forces of law always rode white horses and the bandits rode black ones.

The exception to the character, Dr. Who himself, which is well portrayed by William Hartnell and which is the constant factor connect in the fun and games in time and space.

The basic idea of the plot is time travel and this allows such flexibility of plot that it could go on forever producing galactic weirdness and Dalek exterminations.

"Dr. Who" is one Saturday evening ritual which I would like to see continue.

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