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| display date = July 1988
| display date = July 1988
| author =  
| author =  
| pages =  
| pages = 11
| language = English  
| language = English  
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No, no, no. You've got it all wrong. Doctor Who is good (but not that good), Lost in Space was one of the better results of the 1960's but what we really need is the true gems of 25 year old sci-fi state-of-the-art embarrassment — The Time Tunnel and Land of the Giants.

Now, armed only with an unusually copacious wallet and the marvels of modern science, you too can benefit from all this culture, courtesy of the Sky and Super Channel satellite TV channels.

Thrill to the adventures of two men transported through time to disused movie lots while mission control suffers yet another 'power surge.' Gasp at a world filled with inhabitants the size of houses and papier mache plant life. Listen in horror to the appalling theme tunes...

Yeah, well I expect you get the idea. Good these satellite TV systems, aren't they?

George Cratchet

Longcot, Oxon

It's good to know that satellite TV is being put to good use to benefit all mankind!

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