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I am excited that Doctor Who has finally come to Milwaukee. I became a Doctor Who addict when I lived in Boston. Now, my children have joined the Doctor Who fan club. I hope you will continue the series indefinitely and show some of the episodes featuring the previous Doctors—especially Jon Pertwee with his tuxedo.

Dr. S. W. Glendale, WI

Thank you for televising the program Doctor Who. It is definitely one of the best programs on television. Please continue as you have in the past to provide the public television audience with this kind of alternative programming.

One suggestion, however—would you consider televising more than one episode of Dr. Who per week?

K. P. Greenfield, WI

I am absolutely thrilled about the news that Doctor Who episodes featuring Tom Baker will be rerun beginning in January. It really shouldn't be called a "Whomania" craze. Rather, it should be called "Tom Baker-mania."

J. J.

Iron Ridge, WI

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