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Jodie Is Doctor Woo-Hoo!2020-01-10The Sun2021-01-22T23:48:28
Dhawan's adventures in space and time2020-01-10Eastern Eye2021-01-22T23:46:50
Masterful shock rocks the Doc!2020-01-06Daily Star2021-01-21T11:33:09
The monsters in Doctor Who were much less complex2020-01-05The Sunday Times2021-01-21T11:31:35
New Master's pride2020-01-04Evening Chronicle2021-01-21T11:30:03
Fans give Jodie the heave Who2020-01-03The Sun2021-01-19T11:41:04
Scarcely human megalomaniacs ... it's hard not to see this as an allegory2020-01-02The Guardian2021-01-19T11:37:21
Doctor Who should feel like it is for everyone, it shouldn't exclude anyone2019-12-28Evening Chronicle2021-01-19T11:35:54
Bonding exercise2020-01-01The Mirror2021-01-17T14:41:10
Doctor Who Gender off the agenda at last2020-01-02Daily Mail2021-01-17T14:39:21
Sir Lenny's in the Aston's driving seat as Doctor Who goes all 0072020-01-02Daily Mail2021-01-17T14:38:13
Look Who's back! (2020)2020-01-01Evening Chronicle
Leicester Mercury
Targets Acquired2019-06-08SFX2021-01-15T11:51:30
Doctor Who Series 122019-06-08SFX2021-01-15T11:49:51
Happy Who year!2019-12-28The Sun2021-01-13T18:16:03
Hooray! The scary monsters and super freaks are back2019-12-27The Times2021-01-13T17:54:25
Yes, this is Who's riff on James Bond2019-12-21Radio Times2021-01-11T23:39:14
Doctor Who is about inclusion2019-12-21Radio Times2021-01-11T23:37:05
Discriminate! Discriminate! (2019)2019-12-13The Sun2021-01-11T23:33:12
Who's that on stage?2019-12-11Daily Star2021-01-11T01:36:31
Sixty Seconds With Jodie Whittaker2019-12-09Metro (England)2021-01-11T01:35:06
What I've learnt - Karen Gillan2019-12-07The Times2021-01-11T01:32:59
Best Doctor Who festive specials2019-12-06Ashby Times2021-01-09T20:39:03
Doctor Who fans get New Year's treat2019-12-03Daily Record2021-01-09T20:33:30
Sixty Seconds With Sharon D Clarke2019-12-03Metro (England)2021-01-09T20:31:59
The only instance of an iconic TV theme being "realised"2019-04-20Radio Times2021-01-07T13:23:13
It's epic!2018-12-22TV Times2021-01-07T13:21:21
A mysterious alien battlefield2018-12-08Radio Times2021-01-05T02:07:24
Who goes there? (2018)2018-12-08Radio Times2021-01-05T02:05:35
Every dog has his day2018-12-08Radio Times2021-01-05T02:03:38
The Time Lord's thrilling seasonal adventure will take place at New Year2018-12-01TV Times2021-01-04T03:36:32
Siobhan Finneran stars2018-11-24TV Times2021-01-01T12:22:08
I did stuff I've never done before2018-11-17TV Times2021-01-01T12:19:42
The Doctor and friends meet a legend of the US Civil Rights movement2018-10-20TV Times2021-01-01T12:17:54
How did the new Doctor do?2018-10-20Radio Times2020-12-31T13:08:32
The Doctor and her friends land in Montgomery, Alabama2018-10-20Radio Times2020-12-31T13:06:53
The Tardis Through Time2018-10-20Radio Times2020-12-31T13:04:42
It's Behind You!2018-10-20Radio Times2020-12-31T13:02:58
The Doctor is an alien, not a woman2018-10-06TV Times2020-12-30T00:33:59
The Doctor's back with some new tools!2018-10-06TV Times2020-12-30T00:28:35
My Doctor Who Manifesto2018-09-22Radio Times2020-12-30T00:15:37
It's all change as Jodie Whittaker makes her debut journey in the TARDIS2018-08-16TV Times2020-12-28T15:41:37
Who's treating Who?2018-06-16TV Times2020-12-28T15:39:51
It's the end of an era for Doctor Who2009-12-16Liverpool Echo2020-12-28T15:38:01
Time for Change2017-12-23TV Times2020-12-27T15:00:48
Bradley joins Doctor Who!2017-11-04TV Times2020-12-27T14:58:59
A feast of thrills!2006-12-23TV Times2020-12-27T14:57:00
Their final showdown2017-07-01TV Times2020-12-24T15:11:10
The first in a two-part finale sees some classic baddies return2017-06-24TV Times2020-12-24T15:10:04
New friends, new enemies2017-04-15TV & Satellite Week2020-12-24T15:06:22
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