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Whopla1988-12-01In the Public Eye (North Dakota)2020-06-02T00:46:11
Return With Us Now To Another Millenia1988-11-01In the Public Eye (North Dakota)2020-06-02T00:35:04
Max Arthur2019-05-23The Times2020-05-24T15:08:35
Council mocked for 'exterminate' ruling on shelter for Dalek2019-05-22The Guardian2020-05-24T15:07:00
Planet of war2018-12-08TV & Satellite Week2020-05-24T14:56:07
Jodie Whittaker has quickly made her mark as the Thirteenth Doctor2018-12-01TV & Satellite Week2020-05-24T14:49:06
Reign of Terror2018-11-24TV & Satellite Week2020-05-24T14:40:19
Fight for justice2018-10-20TV & Satellite Week2020-05-21T22:57:48
Space chase2018-10-13TV & Satellite Week2020-05-21T22:56:15
Jodie's space odyssey2018-10-06TV & Satellite Week2020-05-21T22:53:09
Medical problems don't slow Dr. Who2016-04-25Regina Leader-Post2020-05-03T01:21:53
Caesar Rodney meets Dr. Who in Dover. Really.2016-08-05The News Journal2020-05-03T01:20:14
Who's next? 'Doctor Who' gets a new star2017-12-24Associated Press
The Citizens' Voice
The Spokesman-Review
The Pantagraph
Longview News-Journal
Quad-City Times
The Times of Northwest Indiana
The Paducah Sun
The Marshall News Messenger
Notes from Case-Halstead Library2017-03-09The Breese Journal2020-04-30T17:54:04
Who's next: Jodie Whittaker 1st female star of Doctor Who2017-07-17Associated Press
The New Mexican
The Citizens' Voice
The Charlotte Observer
The Sacramento Bee
Corvallis Gazette-Times
The Times-Tribune
The Pantagraph
The Journal Times
Albany Democrat-Herald
Lincoln Journal Star
The Paducah Sun
Arizona Daily Star
Rapid City Journal
The Brownsville Herald
The Sioux City Journal
BBC reanimates 'Dr. Who' classic2016-11-19The Republic2020-04-29T15:47:01
Cello concert features musicians of all ages2016-11-21Statesman Journal2020-04-29T15:35:33
Weird and wonderful Wales2016-03-29The Province2020-04-29T14:27:56
Baker headlines 'Dr. Who' convention2016-03-25The Leaf Chronicle2020-04-29T13:49:41
Teen Fandemonium2016-10-17The Cedar Rapids Gazette2020-04-29T13:38:49
Series to discuss spirituality of Dr. Who2016-09-09The Courier-News (Elgin, IL)2020-04-29T13:35:48
2016 Bay Area Renaissance Festival2016-02-21The Tampa Tribune2020-04-25T01:23:32
Event to discuss science of Dr. Who2016-01-16The Tennessean2020-04-24T18:02:03
Not your father's bachelor pad2016-01-10The Philadelphia Inquirer2020-04-24T17:59:31
Library event brings Dr. Who and Sherlock2016-06-29Tampa Bay Times2020-04-21T22:06:41
Dr. Who celebration2016-06-29Austin American-Statesman2020-04-21T21:53:25
Marriages have storybook beginnings at Comicon2016-06-03The Arizona Republic2020-04-21T21:50:38
Zombie arm wrestling2019-04-09The Guardian2020-04-18T12:38:27
Sci-fi at the seaside2019-04-08The Guardian2020-04-13T17:06:20
Praise (Madam) Satan2019-04-05Entertainment Weekly2020-04-09T22:59:12
Former star of Dr. Who dies in hotel1987-03-31Edmonton Journal
The Vancouver Sun
The Windsor Star
The Oklahoman
Doctor Who: The Complete Eleventh Series2019-04-01Library Journal2020-04-03T01:30:08
Rawle presents at Dr. Who 50th anniversary celebration in England2013-11-22Louisiana Now!2020-04-02T03:03:42
Producing the goods1983-07-01Sight & Sound2020-04-02T03:00:16
British Showmanship1965-10-06Motion Picture Exhibitor2020-04-02T01:08:38
Dalek Chase1980-06-01Electronics Today International (Australia)2020-03-31T19:00:35
EgoCon2019-03-28City Pages (Wisconsin)2020-03-31T01:45:28
Work of Art2019-03-28Metro (England)2020-03-31T01:40:39
It's owl in good cause to raise lots of loot2015-10-01Sandwell Chronicle2020-03-30T17:15:39
Look Who's prom-inent2014-07-24Sandwell Chronicle2020-03-30T17:03:48
Tom Baker return to Dr Who delights fans2013-11-30Kent on Sunday2020-03-30T15:14:09
Sky-bound Tardis to raise charity funds2012-12-06Stourbridge Chronicle2020-03-30T15:02:37
The force is strong at Peco's sci-fi day2013-07-09View for Axminster2020-03-29T16:30:56
Alien invasion at fireworks display2011-10-22Your Dover
Your Thanet
Your Deal
Your Sandwich
Doctor Who to follow on the heels of Cyberman2011-12-18Your Tunbridge Wells2020-03-29T13:10:20
Teenage Furzton actor lands part in Dr Who2010-04-07MK News2020-03-29T01:19:05
Ramware Presents ... Time Lord1981-05-01Micro: The 6502 Journal2020-03-29T01:06:52
Red carpet leads to door of the Tardis2009-09-02Your Thanet2020-03-27T01:11:29
First ever Doctor Who script sells for £6,0002018-05-10Halesowen Chronicle2020-03-25T20:21:14
Have you seen a Dr Who Dalek roaming the streets?2016-03-09Newmarket News2020-03-25T03:09:50
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