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Fan Art2018-10-15TV Guide2019-10-16T17:47:10
Tardis Pizza is Just What the Doctor Ordered2018-10-14The Sunday Times2019-10-16T17:42:15
Trapped in a gender cocoon?2018-10-14The Sunday Times2019-10-16T17:40:05
She wears the trousers2018-10-14The Sunday Times2019-10-16T17:38:18
Get woke, go broke2018-10-13The Spectator2019-10-15T01:48:39
The Doctor Is In Safe Hands2018-10-13Regina Leader-Post2019-10-15T01:47:14
Zienia Merton2018-10-13The Guardian2019-10-15T01:44:51
Mad, sad and brilliant at her job2018-10-13Financial Times2019-10-15T01:43:35
Trending2018-10-13Evening Chronicle2019-10-15T01:42:22
Dr Who doll that sparked a Barbie backlash2018-10-12Daily Mail2019-10-14T00:08:09
Talking about my regeneration2018-10-12New Statesman2019-10-14T00:06:58
Doctor doctor (New Statesman)2018-10-12New Statesman2019-10-14T00:04:49
Robots should be in the classroom? Says Who?2018-10-12Times Educational Supplement2019-10-14T00:01:08
A round-up of the week's TV2018-10-11Waitrose Weekend2019-10-13T01:34:18
A Doctor Who house call is just what you need2018-10-11USA Today
Zanesville Times Recorder
Reality is so horrible that we need places to hide2018-10-10Daily Record2019-10-13T01:26:08
Off To Flier, But Doctor Has No Time For Trolls2018-10-09Metro (England)2019-10-12T00:36:41
A Very Timely Addition to the Tardis2018-10-09Metro (England)2019-10-12T00:34:56
Doctor Who Scores Big Ratings2018-10-09Variety2019-10-11T00:54:20
Whittaker's new Doctor watched by 8.2m on her first night2018-10-09The Guardian2019-10-11T00:50:41
Michael Pickwoad2018-10-09The Guardian2019-10-11T00:48:55
Who are ya? (Daily Record)2018-10-09Daily Record2019-10-11T00:46:27
The Doctor Is The Doctor2018-10-09USA Today
Tallahassee Democrat
The Daily Advertiser
Who's the boss now ... Jodie off to flying start2018-10-08Metro (England)2019-10-11T00:39:08
Hip Hip Who Ray2018-10-08Daily Record2019-10-11T00:37:55
Bradley Walsh2018-10-07The Sunday Times2019-10-10T02:30:25
Doctor Who returns (Sunday Times)2018-10-07The Sunday Times2019-10-10T02:27:36
The first episode after any regeneration of the Time Lord is never an easy watch2018-10-07The Sunday Times2019-10-10T02:24:00
The arrival of the 13th Doctor on BBC1 tonight marks an intergalactic milestone in Whovian history2018-10-07The Sunday Times2019-10-10T02:22:38
The Doctor Is In (1983)1983-11-01South Carolina Scene2019-10-10T02:12:00
Do your children do their homework while watching Dr. Who?1982-08-18The Press and Journal2019-10-10T02:10:13
Sunday girl2018-10-06TV Choice2019-10-09T00:39:13
Erm, Who did the subtitles?2018-10-06The Sun2019-10-09T00:28:49
Who dares wins2018-10-06Saturday Magazine2019-10-09T00:23:55
Look Who's Back!2018-10-06The Mirror2019-10-09T00:08:30
A Familiar Diversion in Name Only2018-10-06The New York Times2019-10-09T00:00:58
WSJK, Dr. Who seek backing for programming1985-08-21Johnson City Press-Chronicle2019-10-08T23:55:06
Doctor Hoodezfield confuses Americans2018-10-06The Mirror2019-10-08T02:03:36
Dr Who is born to loos2018-10-06Daily Star2019-10-08T01:56:10
Meet the New Doctor2018-10-06Daily Express2019-10-08T01:48:08
Who's who among TV doctors1982-07-27Reading Evening Post2019-10-07T23:19:20
May the Force be with you!1980-12-18The Press and Journal2019-10-07T23:14:51
Curtains for K-9 and Romana1980-10-08Aberdeen Evening Express2019-10-07T23:13:05
Space City1978-08-24Acton Gazette2019-10-07T23:11:55
The networks are boldly going heavy on science fiction and fantasy series2009-07-06The Journal News2019-10-06T23:13:44
Restaurant grants boy's wish2016-12-27Democrat and Chronicle2019-10-06T23:05:32
This Weekend I Have ... About 2 Hours, and I Like Reinvention2018-10-05The New York Times2019-10-06T23:00:44
Here's a new doctor for 'Doctor Who'1989-02-03Democrat and Chronicle2019-10-06T22:58:45
The Five Doctors (Democrat and Chronicle)1988-01-03Democrat and Chronicle2019-10-06T22:57:34
Man behind 'Doctor Who' brings exhibit to WXXI1987-05-24Democrat and Chronicle2019-10-06T22:55:08
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