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Time Can Be Rewritten:The Doctor, the Book, and the Database2018-09-16The Journal of Popular Culture2020-07-04T19:25:00
Stephen Thorne2019-07-03The Times2020-07-04T19:21:24
Poirot turns villain2017-05-06TV & Satellite Week2020-07-04T19:19:36
Shows that get our vote...2017-06-03TV & Satellite Week2020-07-03T19:10:08
Time shift!2017-07-15TV & Satellite Week2020-07-03T17:07:52
Master of mayhem2017-06-24TV & Satellite Week2020-07-03T16:58:57
Mars attacks!2017-06-10TV & Satellite Week2020-07-03T16:47:51
Dr. Who-30th Anniversary1993-12-03The Spokesman-Review2020-07-02T15:14:12
Doctor Who fans cross time, space to attend festival1986-08-17The Spokesman-Review2020-07-02T15:05:36
Doctor Who's many patients get nightly dose of comic adventure1983-09-11The Spokesman-Review2020-07-02T15:02:29
In View1979-11-11TV Times2020-07-01T01:33:29
Lis the unwanted lovely1979-01-13TV Times2020-06-30T23:59:28
Who festivities1983-06-20Broadcasting & Cable2020-06-28T16:41:29
Bonnie Blues1989-01-01Electronics Today International (England)2020-06-24T18:34:38
Bring Back My Bonnie1988-12-01Electronics Today International (England)2020-06-24T18:33:32
Here We Go Again1988-07-01Electronics Today International (England)2020-06-24T18:32:38
Stars on Sunday1988-06-01Electronics Today International (England)2020-06-24T18:31:38
More Spoons Less Screams1988-05-01Electronics Today International (England)2020-06-24T18:30:32
I too was pleased to see the return of the good Doctor1988-04-01Electronics Today International (England)2020-06-24T18:29:20
Next On BBC11988-01-01Electronics Today International (England)2020-06-24T18:28:06
Tardis Takes Off!1989-03-31Evening Telegraph2020-06-21T17:06:53
The inspiration for our new slimline dishwasher1990-11-15Daily Mail2020-06-21T16:53:56
You Know Who (Today)1989-10-23Today2020-06-21T16:46:25
Royce Mills2019-06-13The Times2020-06-14T20:52:08
Paul Darrow2019-06-10The Times2020-06-14T20:46:14
There will be a Doctor Who Day celebration at the Wayne County Public Library in Wooster2019-06-10Akron Beacon Journal2020-06-14T20:37:33
Dalek debut is named sci-fi TV's best moment2019-06-05Press Association
Evening Chronicle
Doctor Who episodes are un-exterminated2019-06-05Metro (England)2020-06-14T20:21:49
Dream trip2018-11-17TV & Satellite Week2020-06-14T20:17:21
Passage to India2018-11-10TV & Satellite Week2020-06-14T20:13:05
Sci-Fi Addict Hails 'Blake's 7, 'Who'1992-08-01In the Public Eye (North Dakota)2020-06-06T12:46:38
Sci-fi Fan Questions Future of 'Who'1992-09-01In the Public Eye (North Dakota)2020-06-06T12:37:52
Bravo, Keel & Borge! Baker Best 'Who'1992-05-01In the Public Eye (North Dakota)2020-06-06T12:36:26
It's Who You 'Dough'1991-11-01In the Public Eye (North Dakota)2020-06-05T23:00:37
More British Sci-Fi, eh?1991-09-01In the Public Eye (North Dakota)2020-06-05T22:59:07
Pretty Please!1991-08-01In the Public Eye (North Dakota)2020-06-05T22:57:23
Move Over, Star Cops, 'Doctor Who' Is Back1990-11-01In the Public Eye (North Dakota)2020-06-04T21:17:52
Blake's 7 Fills Who's Shoes, Sci-fi Style1991-04-01In the Public Eye (North Dakota)2020-06-04T21:09:46
Who-rray! The Doctor Returns in November1990-09-01In the Public Eye (North Dakota)2020-06-04T21:02:52
Doctor Who Lost in Time Warp1990-08-01In the Public Eye (North Dakota)2020-06-04T00:25:45
The When Of Doctor Who1989-12-01In the Public Eye (North Dakota)2020-06-04T00:19:43
A Fan Turned On1989-08-01In the Public Eye (North Dakota)2020-06-04T00:14:22
Seventh Life of a Time Lord1989-02-01In the Public Eye (North Dakota)2020-06-04T00:10:44
Whopla1988-12-01In the Public Eye (North Dakota)2020-06-02T00:46:11
Return With Us Now To Another Millenia1988-11-01In the Public Eye (North Dakota)2020-06-02T00:35:04
Max Arthur2019-05-23The Times2020-05-24T15:08:35
Council mocked for 'exterminate' ruling on shelter for Dalek2019-05-22The Guardian2020-05-24T15:07:00
Planet of war2018-12-08TV & Satellite Week2020-05-24T14:56:07
Jodie Whittaker has quickly made her mark as the Thirteenth Doctor2018-12-01TV & Satellite Week2020-05-24T14:49:06
Reign of Terror2018-11-24TV & Satellite Week2020-05-24T14:40:19
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