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Meet The Dr. Who Fan Club1988-08-11Chico News & Review1 October 2022 11:34:45
Who are they? Dr. Who fans, of course1987-11-20Santa Cruz Sentinel1 October 2022 11:28:36
Dr. Who Comes to Redding1987-09-17Chico News & Review1 October 2022 11:24:56
Tony Selby2021-09-21The Times23 September 2022 23:14:59
John Challis2021-09-20The Times20 September 2022 23:49:08
It was a total blast2021-09-18Radio Times20 September 2022 06:21:20
She's not saying goodbye yet2021-09-13TV Guide16 September 2022 03:39:13
This Star is WHO1966-07-01ABC Film Review12 September 2022 22:55:49
Dalek's Invasion Earth 2150 A.D.1966-09-01Films and Filming9 September 2022 22:26:00
This is all about Dr WHO & THE DALEKS and here are some of THEIR ADVENTURES1965-09-01ABC Film Review9 September 2022 22:24:48
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