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Remember 30 years of struggle1996-05-14The Guardian16 February 2021 20:04:17
Doctor Who Special1991-12-17Bristol Post16 February 2021 19:56:09
Dr Who in time riddle1999-01-14The Mirror15 February 2021 22:29:10
Big show stars beat the Tardis1986-11-09The Mail on Sunday15 February 2021 22:09:16
My close encounter with K91981-12-28Daily Mail15 February 2021 22:04:45
Who is the time lord's enemy now1982-02-06Daily Mail15 February 2021 21:59:12
Doctor to face a whole new Cybermenace2020-02-05The Mirror8 February 2021 15:06:36
Just Who on Earth's watching this tosh?2020-02-05Daily Star8 February 2021 15:05:11
Cyber Sunday!2020-02-05Daily Star8 February 2021 15:03:48
The Must List (2020)2020-02-01Entertainment Weekly2 February 2021 18:53:54
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