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The Vicious Voords Menace To Dr. Who

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The "Vicious Voords," a sinister enemy of flesh-eaters from outer space, are coming ... Wednesday, June 23 on the CBC-TV network.

The Voords are the newest horror to menace the time explorers of the CBC-TV series, Doctor Who in "The Keys of Marinus," a new six-part series of spine-tingling adventures starting June 23. The remaining episodes will be telecast on June 28, 29, 30, and July 1 and 2.

The six foot rubber men, with enormous beetle beads, web feet and nose antennae, will quite likely give children as much delicious, spine-chilling thrills as the previous series which featured the "Dreaded Daleks."

In the first episode of The Keys of Marinus, sub-titled The Sea of Death, Dr. Who, his granddaughter Susan, and their passengers, Ian and Barbara, have left earth in the 13th century end their adventures with Marco Polo, and travel far into a future which leads to the planet Marnius.

On landing the travellers are met by a scientist, Arbitan, who seizes their ship, Tardis, and forces them to go in search of four keys; vital parts of a machine which controls the planet and which ensures the safety of the friendly inhabitants from the evil Yartek and his Voords who are determined to take over the planet.

Four quite separate adventures involve the time and space travellers In their search. The first key is to be found in a land where apparently all discover the truth. The second key is at the very centre or a place which nature is determined to destroy. The third Is set deep inside a mountain and guarded by frozen figures who suddenly come to life in defence of the key.

The search for the fourth key leads to near-death for Ian Chesterton when he is accused by a group of aliens of murder, is sentenced, and the execution date set.

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