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Whats, Wheres of 'Dr. Who'

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Q - Are those short pauses during "Dr. Who" where commercials occurred in the British broadcasts? Is the series still in production? If not, how many more weeks of episodes are there? Where might I have seen Tom Baker before? - M.W.

A - "Dr. Who," produced by the BBC, originally was telecast without commercials. The 98-show series broadcast on Channel 19 was purchased from the BBC by Time-Life Television for international distribution. Hoping to sell the series to commercial TV stations, Time-Life edited in time slots for commercials which then had to be spliced together when the show ended up on public TV. There are three "Dr. Who" series. Jon Pertwee starred in 72 episodes of the original science-fiction series in 1972. Baker currently is making more episodes of the series which are running on the BBC. They are not available for broadcast here. Channel 19 has completed the first run of Baker's 98-show series and currently is repeating the entire series. Baker is a British actor with little exposure in the United States. His only previous credit here is a supporting role in "Frankenstein: The True Story."

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