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England (3483 articles) publication date
A new family series The Times 1963-09-13
New BBC schedule Television Mail 1963-09-13
ITV can expect a jolt when the BBC launches its 'Dr. Who' Kinematograph Weekly 1963-10-24
Next week in Radio Times Radio Times 1963-11-14
A new series of adventures in space and time The Sunday Telegraph (England) 1963-11-17
Dr. Who? That is just the point Radio Times 1963-11-21
Highlights Radio Times 1963-11-21
BBC to Wage War Over TV Serials Daily Express 1963-11-22
Week-end Broadcasting Programmes The Daily Telegraph 1963-11-23
Kennedy Assassinated The Mirror 1963-11-23
Circumstances were hardly favorable for the An Unearthly Child of the B.B.C.'s space satellite Dr. Who Daily Mail 1963-11-25
BBC To Increase Its Out Of 'Audience-Catchers' Kinematograph Weekly 1963-11-28
BBC plans for new serials The Stage and Television Today 1963-11-28
High camp for kiddies The Sunday Telegraph (England) 1963-12-01
A chance to see the first episode of the BBC's "Dr Who" over again The Guardian 1963-12-02
Meant for children but this will get a much wider audience The Stage and Television Today 1963-12-05
A Down-to-Earth pose for a TV Space girl The Mirror 1964-01-18
TV Daleks go to the orphans Daily Mail 1964-02-02
A home for two Darleks The Mirror 1964-02-04
BBC robots for Dr. Barnardo's The Daily Telegraph 1964-02-04
If you one of their Dalek try the BBC Daily Mail 1964-02-08
Children's television The Guardian 1964-02-20
Marco Polo Radio Times 1964-02-22
Guess Who .. The Mirror 1964-02-22
Everybody loves Saturday night? Television Mail 1964-02-28
Picture parade Ariel 1964-03-01
Place The Face: Carole Ann Ford The Stage and Television Today 1964-03-12
Doing The Boston Crab The Stage and Television Today 1964-03-12
TV for the family The Guardian 1964-03-12
Let there be (electronic) music The Stage and Television Today 1964-03-12
Coming Back -- The Daleks! The Mirror 1964-03-13
Do-it-yourself Daleks are coming Reveille 1964-04-02
After the Daleks a new horror— VOORDS Daily Express 1964-04-09
A new adventure on a strange planet begins today Radio Times 1964-04-09
New TV monsters will rival the Daleks Daily Mail 1964-04-09
In the grip of a Voord! Daily Mail 1964-04-11
My word—it's a Voord The Mirror 1964-04-11
Dr. Who: The Aztecs The Stage and Television Today 1964-05-28
Children's television (The Guardian) The Guardian 1964-07-03
The Man Who's Who Radio Times 1964-07-16
BBC sales success Television Mail 1964-08-14
Susan says goodbye to Dr. Who The Mirror 1964-09-03
Scientists invent a thought machine Daily Mail 1964-09-10
The Children are Watching Contrast 1964-10-01
The cast of BBC-1's Dr. Who The Stage and Television Today 1964-10-29
The Return of Dr. Who Radio Times 1964-10-29
Dalek of Dr. Who fame The Daily Telegraph 1964-11-13
The Daleks are Here! Radio Times 1964-11-19
Why can't they write for women? The Stage and Television Today 1964-11-19
Disenchanted with Daleks Woman (England) 1964-11-21
The Degaullek Daily Mail 1964-11-25
Behind every Dalek there's this woman Daily Mail 1964-11-28
Juvenile S.F. The Observer 1964-11-29
Be a real Dalek Judy Picture Story Library 1964-12-01
A Viewpointer from Wembley The Mirror 1964-12-03
Maureen has a date with Dr. Who Daily Mail 1964-12-05
It is probable in a family household that Dr Who (BBC 1) should be switched on each Saturday Television Mail 1964-12-11
50 Daleks to be won Daily Express 1964-12-11
Be-ware Earth-men! The Mirror 1964-12-11
Win a Dalek! Daily Express 1964-12-12
Meet the Slyther Daily Mail 1964-12-14
The Danger in a Dalek The Mirror 1964-12-17
Dalek from Norman Daily Mail 1964-12-18
Mum! It works! -- Come and ask Dad! Daily Mail 1964-12-19
Trap the odd Dalek Reveille 1964-12-24
Dead, but they won't lie down Daily Mail 1964-12-28
Out of this world (Daily Mail) Daily Mail 1964-12-29
Daleks steal the show at Olympia The Daily Telegraph 1964-12-29
Queue up, said the Daleks The Mirror 1964-12-29
Dalek shares pulpit with the rector The Guardian 1964-12-30
6ft ant is BBC's latest TV monster The Daily Telegraph 1965-01-06
After those Daleks, more monsters on Saturday afternoon The Mirror 1965-01-06
Our look what's following the Daleks Daily Express 1965-01-06
Spaceman Bill is down-to-Earth Reveille 1965-01-07
James Bond meets Noddy and the Daleks The Guardian 1965-01-09
When? The Mirror 1965-01-11
Television at the weekend The Guardian 1965-01-18
Keeping the Children Happy and Informed The Times 1965-01-23
Free Daleks The Stage and Television Today 1965-01-28
BBC ban on 'Morse code' record The Daily Telegraph 1965-01-29
Calling D for Dalek The Children's Newspaper (England) 1965-01-30
BB Operate The Daleks At Boys' And Girls' Exhibition Stedfast Mag 1965-02-01
Successful Dr. Who series is Verity's first assignment The Yorkshire Evening Press 1965-02-05
In the beginning... The Mirror 1965-02-07
Why Ray can't exploit those Daleks Tit-bits 1965-02-13
Spotlight on this top TV series June and School Friend 1965-02-27
Now the Daleks move in for cinema invasion Daily Mail 1965-03-05
Dr... What! Fabulous 1965-03-06
Daleks on her mind The Mirror 1965-03-09
Terribly Unfair To The Daleks! Daily Express 1965-03-13
The Blood Maggot from Drain X The Mirror 1965-03-13
Life with the Daleks was never like this The Mirror 1965-03-13
B B C plans to bring the Daleks back to life Daily Mail 1965-03-13
Terry Nation's pepperpot monsters certainly get around! The Stage and Television Today 1965-03-18
Square wave, hip sound The Observer 1965-03-21
Dr. Who and The Lionheart Radio Times 1965-03-27
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum The Stage and Television Today 1965-04-01
Barbara and Ian leaving 'Dr. Who' Daily Express 1965-04-02
Dr. Who losing his fellow travelers The Daily Telegraph 1965-04-02
Mechanoids Challenge The Daleks The Mirror 1965-04-15
The Daleks meet their match in this flame-belching Mechanoid The Daily Telegraph 1965-04-15
I can see only the wooden charmlessness of the adventurers New Statesman 1965-04-16
Daleks' Doom The Daily Telegraph 1965-04-17
Puppets The Stage and Television Today 1965-04-22
Drama and light entertainment (1965-05-27) The Listener 1965-05-27
Dr Who down to Earth Reveille 1965-06-03
Drama and light entertainment (1965-06-17) The Listener 1965-06-17
Studio One The Observer 1965-06-20
What Comes In Cans And Is Nasty? Daily Express 1965-06-23
Studio One (Tomorrow) (The Times) The Times 1965-06-24
Doctored-Who and the Daleks The Mirror 1965-06-25
Kid's Stuff The Daily Telegraph 1965-06-25
Dr. Who and his space adventurers meet a new enemy The Daily Telegraph 1965-06-25
Girls chase Dr. Who Daily Express 1965-06-25
Consultants anonymous The Observer 1965-06-27
A-t-t-e-n-t-i-o-n : You can win a dalek! Lion 1965-07-01
Battle of the robots made this best yet The Stage and Television Today 1965-07-01
Ex-ter-min-ate Them! Daily Express 1965-07-01
Dr. Who & The Daleks (Daily Cinema) The Daily Cinema 1965-07-01
My View ... by Bill Edmund The Stage and Television Today 1965-07-22
Studio One (The Times) The Times 1965-07-22
Dr. Who and the Daleks Monthly Film Bulletin 1965-08-01
A lack of method in their madness The Guardian 1965-08-02
Almost everyone seems to be making a lot of money out of the Daleks except the man who designed them The Sun 1965-08-03
Dr. Who v Vargas The Daily Telegraph 1965-08-07
UGH calls up new monsters to face Dr. Who Daily Express 1965-08-07
Dr. Who's new enemies The Mirror 1965-08-07
Bold style The Guardian 1965-08-09
Weirdies The Stage and Television Today 1965-08-12
The children might like it The Observer 1965-08-22
New four-part Dr. Who The Stage and Television Today 1965-09-09
ITV Declares War on Dr Who The Mirror 1965-09-21
Chit Chat The Stage and Television Today 1965-09-30
Dr. Who Again Radio Times 1965-09-30
The Daleks on the Stage The Times 1965-09-30
Drama and light entertainment (1965-09-30) The Listener 1965-09-30
No Robots The Mirror 1965-10-04
Roll-around cut-outs Hobbies Weekly 1965-10-06
They're going bald headed for Dr. Who The Mirror 1965-10-23
Bald-Headed for Dr. Who Daily Express 1965-10-23
Television in the Service of Science Fiction The Times 1965-11-06
In the new adventure beginning this afternoon the space-time travellers encounter their old enemies Radio Times 1965-11-11
Voice Behind the Daleks The Mirror 1965-11-13
Toyshop roundabout The Times 1965-11-22
Wyndham's The Times 1965-11-24
Dr. Who helps to rob '1984' of impact Daily Express 1965-11-29
Face to face The Mirror 1965-11-29
Look out, Daleks! Sara is gunning for you Daily Express 1965-12-04
A touch of The Avengers: The new girl linking up with Dr Who tonight Daily Mail 1965-12-04
A tiny glimmer of hope appears for the de-materialised Doctor and Steven in tonight's episode Radio Times 1965-12-09
Why I have banned 'Dr. Who' in our home The Mirror 1965-12-09
Warning The Mirror 1965-12-14
The Curse of the Daleks at Wyndham's The Guardian 1965-12-22
The Daleks Come to Life The Times 1965-12-22
The Daleks split the audience The Daily Telegraph 1965-12-22
A seasonable bit of goodwill The Stage and Television Today 1965-12-30
Home hospitals make them happy News of the World 1966-01-02
The mystery of the identity of the villainous controller of the Daleks is made unguessable The Stage and Television Today 1966-01-06
We can doubt whether there has been any pantomime on the planet Skaro The Illustrated London News 1966-01-08
Personal column The Stage and Television Today 1966-01-20
The older they are the more they tend to watch the BBC The Stage and Television Today 1966-01-27
Daleks losing their grip The Stage and Television Today 1966-01-27
Doctor Who's who The Guardian 1966-01-31
The man behind U.N.C.L.E. Radio Times 1966-02-03
Switched-on kids The Observer 1966-02-06
Something awful haunts the Doc Daily Express 1966-02-19
What's Jill aiming at? Tit-bits 1966-02-26
Drama and light entertainment (1966-03-17) The Listener 1966-03-17
Dr. Who plays the Trilogic Game Radio Times 1966-03-31
Seven channels in the Seventies The Stage and Television Today 1966-03-31
No more Monoids The Stage and Television Today 1966-03-31
Drama and light entertainment (1966-04-07) The Listener 1966-04-07
Dear little things The Guardian 1966-04-10
Is Dr Who Too Cruel For 5.50 pm? The Mirror 1966-04-16
Shades of Dr Who behind new toys The Guardian 1966-04-19
Oh, the Agony of Being Dr Who The Mirror 1966-04-23
Mistake to go West with Dr. Who The Stage and Television Today 1966-05-19
This little girl might well have been horrified Southern Evening Echo 1966-05-21
Ewen Solon appears under a mountain of make-up Tatler 1966-05-28
My Dad's a Dalek! Weekend and Today 1966-06-22
A new adventure begins under London's newest landmark—the Post Office Tower Radio Times 1966-06-23
Where the Daleks were born She 1966-07-01
Set in the Post Office Tower The Sunday Telegraph (England) 1966-07-03
Studio One (Tomorrow) The Times 1966-07-21
Tough clothes for the tender years Womans Mirror 1966-07-23
Still a nice day ... ABC Film Review 1966-08-01
Daleks--Invasion Earth 2150 A.D. Monthly Film Bulletin 1966-08-01
Why I must quit—by Dr Who The Mirror 1966-08-06
Dr Who to quit Daily Mail 1966-08-06
A New Who in View, But Who? Daily Express 1966-08-06
New "Dr Who" Sought The Times 1966-08-06
Dr. Who Quits The Daily Telegraph 1966-08-06
ITV Space threat to Dr Who The Mirror 1966-08-12
Who now? The Mirror 1966-08-13
Big value jigsaw puzzles Toys International 1966-09-01
Tougher Dr. Who is chosen The Daily Telegraph 1966-09-02
New Doctor Who (1966) The Guardian 1966-09-02
Drama and light entertainment (1966-09-22) The Listener 1966-09-22
Exploring the jungle of the eye The Illustrated London News 1966-10-08
Drama and light entertainment (1966-10-13) The Listener 1966-10-13
Entire production including Daleks now for sale The Stage and Television Today 1966-10-13
Saturday is cinema day for half a million children The Times 1966-10-29
The Daleks are back as Polly and Ben soon find out In tonight's new adventure Radio Times 1966-11-03
Enter the New Dr Who The Mirror 1966-11-05
The identity of the new "Dr. Who" The Times 1966-11-05
Dr. Who strikes a good balance The Stage and Television Today 1966-11-17
I would like to send my heartiest congratulations to the production team of BBC-1's Dr. Who Radio Times 1966-11-24
Drama and light entertainment (1966-11-24) The Listener 1966-11-24
From telly to type The Observer 1966-11-27
Anglettes The Stage and Television Today 1966-12-08
A powerful influence in the lives of children The Stage and Television Today 1966-12-08
Boy paid £19 for share in 'Dr. Who' time machine, court told Daily Express 1966-12-10
Who's Who?-- and Where's Dr. Who Tonight? Radio Times 1966-12-15
A Merry Christmas and Much Success for 1967 Television Mail 1966-12-16
Dr Who in a new adventure under the sea Radio Times 1967-01-12
Doctor who creates Who The Observer 1967-02-05
In tonight's adventure the space-time travellers land on the moon and encounter again the evil Cybermen Radio Times 1967-02-09
Ugh! Dr. Who Had Better Watch Out Daily Express 1967-03-08
Dr Who turns rent collector The Mirror 1967-03-22
New team write two serials The Stage and Television Today 1967-04-06
Dr. Who Departures The Daily Telegraph 1967-04-13
Dr. Who's loss Daily Express 1967-04-13
Decree for actress The Daily Telegraph 1967-04-18
Dr Who and a succession of delightful monsters The Stage and Television Today 1967-05-18
Deborah Watling as Victoria The Stage and Television Today 1967-05-29
Dr Who's Space Adventure Book Terrific 1967-06-17
Enterprises Expands Television Mail 1967-08-11
Deborah Watling: The new girl in "Dr. Who" Daily Express 1967-08-23
In a new adventure the Doctor and his companions land on the planet Telos and face the menace of the terrible Cybermen—and another mysterious peril Radio Times 1967-08-31
Dr Who's success The Times 1967-09-04
My grouse? It's Mr. Coleman Daily Express 1967-09-27
A long way from 'The Power Game' Daily Express 1967-09-27
Deborah Watling who is playing Victoria The Stage and Television Today 1967-10-05
Hat-trick for the Watlings The Mirror 1967-10-07
Now who's this new monster in Dr Who ? The Mirror 1967-11-11
Look what Father Christmas brought us last year! The Illustrated London News 1967-11-14
TV monsters design contest The Daily Telegraph 1967-11-20
Our Dr Who Monsters-- By the Children The Mirror 1967-12-09
Censorship at home The Guardian 1967-12-11
D.A.N. Jones on Sidney Newman The Listener 1967-12-14
Monsters .. from the Minds of 250,000 Children The Mirror 1967-12-15
I'm not frightened says girl monster inventor Daily Express 1967-12-15
Aqwa man The Times 1967-12-15
The green monster Yorkshire Evening Post 1967-12-27
Holiday Task for Tough Uncles The Times 1967-12-28
The lost boys The Guardian 1967-12-28
Puss in Boots The Stage and Television Today 1968-01-04
A sea creature emerges Radio Times 1968-01-18
Tuning fantasy into reality The Observer 1968-01-21
Abominable Snowman upsets the Underground London Transport Magazine 1968-03-01
Why we don't classify programmes--BBC The Stage and Television Today 1968-03-07
Jamie, Dr Who's comrade in Space, comes down to earth and finds a girl really out of this world The Mirror 1968-03-12
Doctor When New Statesman 1968-03-22
Wendy is a human computer The Mirror 1968-04-17
Wendy has a date in outer space with Dr. Who Daily Express 1968-04-17
Space girl Wendy tries on the latest look in way-out fashion The Mirror 1968-05-04
Controlling the world's biggest drama output The Stage and Television Today 1968-05-09
Everyone needs a best friend Fabulous 1968-05-11
Story editors, critics and complainers The Stage and Television Today 1968-05-16
The best series have their virtues The Stage and Television Today 1968-05-23
The compelling challenges that face drama The Stage and Television Today 1968-05-30
Gregory Air Services Ltd Television Mail 1968-05-31
Time to say goodbye to the Daleks The Stage and Television Today 1968-06-27
Who's Who? Dr Who Knows Who The Mirror 1968-07-17
The cowboys of Space The Mirror 1968-07-17
Jamie parting with Dr Who The Mirror 1968-09-05
Tiny Joe Steps Up to Challenge Dr. Who Daily Express 1968-09-30
Now Who Will Be the New Dr. Who? Daily Express 1969-01-07
Dr. Who and Jamie to quit BBC show The Mirror 1969-01-07
Dr. Who's coming adventure The Stage and Television Today 1969-03-06
Dr. Who actor hit by car Daily Express 1969-03-10
Who does it The Spectator 1969-03-14
Back on earth for The War Games Radio Times 1969-04-17
Dr Who - Can He Survive Final Peril? Daily Express 1969-05-31
Space hero replacing 'Dr. Who' The Daily Telegraph 1969-06-02
U.S. series replaces Dr. Who The Stage and Television Today 1969-06-05
Dr Jon Who The Times 1969-06-21
Dr Who switch The Times 1969-06-21
The New Dr Who Meets an Old Foe The Mirror 1969-06-21
Dr. Who role for Jon Pertwee The Daily Telegraph 1969-06-21
End of time for Dr Who Daily Mail 1969-06-21
Straight into a new world with Dr. Who Daily Express 1969-06-23
Pertwee is new Dr. Who The Stage and Television Today 1969-06-26
Televiewpoint The Mirror 1969-06-28
Deus ex Machina? The Listener 1969-07-10
Robots With Eyes The Mirror 1969-09-09
BBC drama all in colour next year The Stage and Television Today 1969-11-06
Our flying camera team Television Mail 1969-12-19
The vintage nightmare The Mirror 1970-01-26
Two Edwardian chassis Radio Times 1970-01-29
Fine display of craftsmanship The Stage and Television Today 1970-02-05
Family viewing The Daily Telegraph 1970-02-23
Sounds Incredible - 1 Practical Electronics 1970-04-15
Look Who has come back .. The Mirror 1970-04-27
Sounds Incredible - 2 Practical Electronics 1970-05-15
Toy risk: Commons question The Guardian 1970-05-25
Dr. Who Goes to the Rif Mountains The Times 1970-06-05
Who's the Joker in the cloak! The Mirror 1970-06-06
The Man from Uncool The Times 1970-07-16
Dr Who back next year The Stage and Television Today 1970-07-23
Dial a tune The Guardian 1970-09-03
Actress Susan Jameson was to have started work this month Daily Express 1971-02-03
Sight and sound The Sunday Telegraph (England) 1971-02-07
Quizword The Mirror 1971-02-19
A Look-in guide to your TV favourites Look-in 1971-02-20
Dr Who still going strong on well-balanced format The Stage and Television Today 1971-03-04
Patricia Gordino is blonde, beautiful and has green eyes The Mirror 1971-03-13
Violence too remote to harm children The Stage and Television Today 1971-03-25
This Dr. Whose daughter has a timeless style The Daily Telegraph 1971-04-06
Dr. Who And Disco Graphics at Design Exhibition Television Mail 1971-04-09
Why My Monsters are Marvellous Tit-bits 1971-04-17
Dr Who and Disco 2 Graphics at Paris Design Exhibition Ariel 1971-05-01
Laser dance The Times 1971-05-17
T-shirts The Observer 1971-12-12
What to do in the holidays The Guardian 1971-12-22
Daleks back for a spot of ex-ter-min-a-tion The Daily Telegraph 1972-01-03
The week ahead New Scientist 1972-01-20
Points of View The Times 1972-01-27
TV violence 'discounted' The Guardian 1972-01-27
Great sponsor of the violence campaign The Times 1972-01-27
Violence every half hour The Guardian 1972-01-27
Violence is not really Dr Who's cup of tea The Times 1972-01-29
Who is the world's most gentle doctor? Daily Express 1972-01-29
The BBC's study on violence BBC makes important contribution The Stage and Television Today 1972-02-03
TV serial cuts worry producers The Daily Telegraph 1972-02-15
Tomorrow morning at breakfast you can own a free historic model car Buster and Jet 1972-03-01
Who is Dr Who? The Stage and Television Today 1972-03-30
Verity Lambert, who has produced such television successes as 'Dr Who' and 'Budgie,' talks to Linda Christmas The Guardian 1972-06-23
Doctor Who visits Soton Southern Evening Echo 1972-09-23
Nicked! Dr Who's Daleks The Mirror 1972-12-05
Plastic fiends The Times 1972-12-07
BBC TV special effects Science Museum until 10 June, 1973 New Scientist 1972-12-07
Write your own Dr Who adventure... Radio Times 1972-12-30
Much as I would like to add my compliments to the BBC's Special Effects Department The Sunday Telegraph (England) 1973-01-07
Just Who the doctor ordered The Mirror 1973-01-27
BBC 1 programmes for 14 March, 1981 The Mirror 1973-03-14
Time out Daily Express 1973-03-26
The metamorphoses of Who The Times 1973-04-09
Warning of risk for children in 'Dr Who' The Guardian 1973-04-09
Dr Who's politics The Spectator 1973-05-26
Missing 'daleks' found The Times 1973-06-09
Dr. Who star killed in crash The Daily Telegraph 1973-06-20
Dr Who's enemy dies in crash The Mirror 1973-06-20
Roger Delgado obituary (The Times) The Times 1973-06-20
The Master killed Daily Express 1973-06-20
Actor killed The Guardian 1973-06-20
Who is Liz? She's just what the doctor ordered Daily Express 1973-06-27
Dr Who's new girl (1973) The Mirror 1973-06-27
New assistant for Dr Who The Stage and Television Today 1973-07-05
Roger Delgado obituary The Stage and Television Today 1973-07-12
Roger Delgado (letter) The Stage and Television Today 1973-07-12
BBC's exhibition on the road The Stage and Television Today 1973-07-14
Katy Manning - Sticks and stones won't break her bones! Diana 1973-08-11
For sale and wanted The Times 1973-09-21
Whoosh! It's Dr Who The Mirror 1973-09-24
Daleks don't stand a chance against this dream machine Daily Express 1973-09-24
BBC sales top million profit for the first time The Stage and Television Today 1973-10-04
Dr Who Gets Back To Earth The Stage and Television Today 1973-10-11
Yoo-Hoo! It's the New Dr Who Girl Diana 1973-10-13
Starry names in charity panto at The Lane The Stage and Television Today 1973-11-08
Terrifying The Times 1973-12-11
Who's who among Who's friends Radio Times 1973-12-13
Prophets of doom The Guardian 1973-12-13
A new buddy The Guardian 1973-12-17
The Green Death The Stage and Television Today 1974-01-03
Monster Hit for Who The Mirror 1974-01-12
Fishy The Times 1974-01-15
Strange Goings-On The Listener 1974-01-17
Sax appeal The Guardian 1974-02-02
Pertwee to quit as Dr. Who The Daily Telegraph 1974-02-09
Who Next? Jon Pertwee (I can't stand Daleks) quits The Mirror 1974-02-09
Who will be Who? The Times 1974-02-09
Television's new Dr Who The Times 1974-02-16
Rasputin switches over to Dr. Who Daily Express 1974-02-16
Dr Who, I Presume The Mirror 1974-02-16
Latest Dr. Who once played Rasputin The Daily Telegraph 1974-02-16
Who's Who (The Guardian, 1974) The Guardian 1974-02-16
Out of the unknown—a new face to fight the Space villains The Sun 1974-02-16
The new Doctor is sad to leave his mates Daily Express 1974-02-23
Dalek-builders Radio Times 1974-02-23
Union to fight for widow The Sunday Telegraph (England) 1974-03-31
Together. By Ingeborg Pertwee The Listener 1974-04-11
Is this the best they can do for young viewers? The Stage and Television Today 1974-05-02
Who's best The Observer 1974-05-26
Tom Baker, the actor, was nursing a badly injured arm The Daily Telegraph 1974-10-01
Ouch! Dr Who Hurt The Mirror 1974-10-01
Just the ticket The Guardian 1974-10-26
Theatres The Times 1974-11-08
Complete casting for "Seven Keys to Doomsday" The Stage and Television Today 1974-12-05
Doctor Who and the Abominable Snowmen The Times Literary Supplement 1974-12-06
Children's shows The Observer 1974-12-08
Adelphi The Guardian 1974-12-16
Fruity Dr. Who faces new Dalek menace The Daily Telegraph 1974-12-17
A new Dr Who The Times 1974-12-17
Dr Who and the Daleks (The Times) The Times 1974-12-17
Humans lose out to Daleks and gadgetry Daily Express 1974-12-18
Inside a Dalek The Times 1974-12-20
Simply Dalektable The Mirror 1974-12-24
Holiday Shows Daily Express 1974-12-24
Guess Who? It's Big Tom The Mirror 1974-12-28
The new who is taking off in real style The Sun 1974-12-28
London theatres The Guardian 1975-01-02
Move over, Dalek (Times Literary Supplement) The Times Literary Supplement 1975-01-03
The nice, the nasty and the ugly in a star line-up from Dr Who The Sun 1975-01-09
Now Mrs. Whitehouse takes on Dr. Who Daily Express 1975-01-21
BBC chief on 'too rich TV diet' for children The Times 1975-01-21
Dr Who Gets a Blasting The Mirror 1975-01-21
A camp fellow The Listener 1975-01-23
The new Dr Who episode has been a sad disappointment New Statesman 1975-01-24
Who is afraid of Who? The Mirror 1975-01-24
Meanwhile, back on the frontiers of Time and Space The Stage and Television Today 1975-02-13
Actors wins fight for annuity The Daily Telegraph 1975-02-20
The mean machines Radio Times 1975-03-08
Curb Dr Who-Mary The Mirror 1975-03-27
Contrary The Mirror 1975-04-02
Hell-raiser Tom calms down, on Doctor's orders Daily Express 1975-04-19
The dotty, dotty doctor, hero of 15 million Daily Express 1975-04-25
Dr Who, the first Dalek fighter, dies The Mirror 1975-04-25
William Hartnell obituary (The Guardian) The Guardian 1975-04-25
Mr William Hartnell The Times 1975-04-25
The original Dr. Who dies at 67 The Daily Telegraph 1975-04-25
Dr Who Blasted For TV Tots' Web of Fear Daily Express 1975-04-28
Dr Who is blamed over epidemic of spider fears among young children The Times 1975-04-28
Doctor Who gives kids the creeps The Guardian 1975-04-28
William Hartnell obituary (Television Today) The Stage and Television Today 1975-05-01
Kevin Lindsay obituary The Stage and Television Today 1975-05-08
Who's afraid ...? New Scientist 1975-05-15
On a tuffet The Listener 1975-05-22
Dedicated Georgian 'Dr Who' arrested The Times 1975-08-07
Daleks' Join the Wage War The Mirror 1975-08-18
Doctor Ooh Mad (UK) 1975-09-01
I needed that Tardis at the theater Reveille 1975-09-19
Click--I Light Up Blackpool! Reveille 1975-09-26
Who's Who in the time warp? The Listener
Ottawa Journal
Fun on the Pitch with Pete Murray Reveille 1975-10-03
Fight against time Reveille 1975-10-17
Sunk by a slice of cheesecake Reveille 1975-10-24
Playing football charity match The Stage and Television Today 1975-11-13
Watch This Space - At Your Peril! The Mirror 1975-11-22
Poor old Dr. Who The Stage and Television Today 1975-12-04
The TV addict's Who's Who .. The Mirror 1975-12-12
Heading for a Rough Landing The Mirror 1976-01-03
For Tom Baker, Dr Who is better than a dog's life The Times 1976-01-03
Tardis time-slip urged The Guardian 1976-01-26
Watch out Dr Who, Mary's fighting mad Daily Express 1976-01-26
Dr Who finds a champion The Guardian 1976-01-28
Intergalactic pod now faces Dr Who The Daily Telegraph 1976-02-02
When Daniel Fryer and Caroline Simpson express their views ... they are not to be brushed lightly aside The Guardian 1976-02-02
It's Sarah Jane - star of scream Daily Express 1976-02-19
Doctor Poo Monster Fun 1976-03-01
Currently battling with the gigantic horror of the Krynoids The Mirror 1976-03-02
Dr Who's Value The Sunday Times 1976-03-07
Actor divorced The Times 1976-03-31
Simple Computer Voice Practical Electronics 1976-05-15
Jon Pertwee and the Time Machine The Times 1976-06-12
A Dr Who is captured The Mirror 1976-06-24
The amazing world of Doctor Who Woman (England) 1976-07-01
Dr Who meets the Clichés The Listener 1976-07-01
Flash to Dr Who The Observer 1976-07-11
Keep your Daleks The Mirror 1976-07-16
Terror TV Monster Fun 1976-08-01
Who loves you Doctor? The Guardian 1976-08-31
Mandragora energy! Radio Times 1976-09-04
The man Who is The Guardian 1976-09-04
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The Mirror
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When the series started I was a crawling around in my nappies Daily Mail 1983-07-06
Dr Who's girl was turned into a phoney nude Daily Mail 1983-07-14
Peter bows out and a woman may take over Daily Star 1983-07-29
Time Runs Out for the Doctor Daily Mail 1983-07-29
Dishy Dr Peter Says Ta-Ta to Tardis! The Sun 1983-07-29
Dr Who is running out of time Daily Express 1983-07-29
Peter to quit now--BBC hunt for lady Doctor Daily Express 1983-07-29
Dr Who actor to quit series The Times 1983-07-29
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Murdered Star Booked to Join Dr Who The Sun 1983-08-03
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Radio Times
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Protect the police-box! Radio Times 1984-02-11
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Space beauty on the launch pad Daily Express 1984-02-23
Naked truth about a new Miss Who The Mirror 1984-02-23
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Day my blood ran cold The Sun 1984-03-15
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Who goes there The Times 1984-03-16
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Tonight is lift-off for new Dr Who The Mirror 1984-03-16
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Mr. Baker is taking over the role from Peter Davison The Daily Telegraph 1984-03-16
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He was lucky to have the lovely Nicola Bryant as his assistant Sunday Express 1984-03-18
Time for a time Lord Bryant and McNally Daily Express 1984-03-22
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Page the galaxies Radio Times 1984-03-31
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Richard Hurndall The Times 1984-04-16
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Dr Who Is Alive and Well and Living in Nasmyth St. The Observer 1984-07-01
Faith puts on a new face for Dr. Who Daily Express 1984-07-03
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Sun bingo winner Nina keeps the Faith... The Sun 1984-07-20
Winning cards The Times 1984-07-25
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Let's have British repeats Radio Times 1984-08-04
Winners of the overall best float contest Bournemouth Daily Echo 1984-08-06
Who? Doctor, That's Who! The Sun 1984-08-06
Dinah's time for a change Daily Star 1984-08-14
Nyssa to star Loughborough News 1984-08-14
Doctor Jon's Fans Put On the Style Daily Star 1984-08-16
An entertaining family day out The Illustrated London News 1984-08-25
The Doctor from a monastery Bath Star 1984-09-06
Nominated—for a three star award Daily Express 1984-09-15
Dr. Who divorce The Daily Telegraph 1984-09-17
Aliens at war! The Daily Telegraph 1984-09-21
Doctor Who comes of age The Daily Telegraph 1984-09-21
It's Charmer Karmelion Daily Star 1984-10-30
Not tonight, Dalek The Sun 1984-10-30
You and Who Acorn User 1984-11-01
Cinderella Bournemouth Daily Echo 1984-11-02
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Love's labours The Times 1984-11-17
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Baby for actress The Times 1984-12-27
Who's a sleepy little girl? Daily Mail 1984-12-29
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Who's Baby! Daily Express 1984-12-29
Georgia Elizabeth The Daily Telegraph 1984-12-29
It's a Girl George for the proud Dr Who! The Sun 1984-12-29
Even for time lords, time marches on The Sunday Telegraph (England) 1984-12-30
The time of Nicola's life! Daily Mail 1985-01-05
Anna of the Five Towns Bournemouth Daily Echo 1985-01-09
There's trouble in store for Sarah Radio Times 1985-01-12
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Nicola takes time off for some time travel Daily Express 1985-02-02
Who goes back with the Master Radio Times 1985-02-02
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Dr Who loses his castle Manchester Evening News 1985-02-05
20 things you don't know about Doctor Who The Sun 1985-02-16
Who's getting 300 fan letters a week? The Sun 1985-02-23
Caught in a time warp Daily Mail 1985-02-23
Fans attack BBC at Dr Who break The Daily Telegraph 1985-02-28
Doctor zapped by Beeb The Mirror 1985-02-28
Dr Who down-Graded! Daily Mail 1985-02-28
Unmasked Daily Mail 1985-02-28
Dr Who axed in plot by the BBC The Sun 1985-02-28
Temporary time warp for Dr Who The Times 1985-02-28
Beeb's shock for Dr. Who Daily Star 1985-02-28
Dr Who is axed in a BBC plot The Sun 1985-02-28
Ta-ta Tardis! The Mirror 1985-02-28
BBC enters a time warp The Guardian 1985-02-28
Hard-up BBC axe Dr Who Daily Express 1985-02-28
Dr Who fans protest Financial Times 1985-02-28
BBC cash curbs ground Dr Who The Daily Telegraph 1985-02-28
Broke BBC shelve Dr Who Daily Express 1985-02-28
Aunty's runaway arrogance Daily Express 1985-02-28
Time to scrap the BBC's license to intimidate Daily Express 1985-03-01
Fight for the Time Lord Daily Star 1985-03-01
Save our Tardis! The Sun 1985-03-01
Baddies of the Beeb Daily Star 1985-03-01
Wait don't tell me ... I never forget a face .... Daily Mail 1985-03-01
Clubs try to save Dr Who The Times 1985-03-01
Dalek, you were wonderful The Times 1985-03-01
Hooked on Who Daily Star 1985-03-01
More complaints because you axed Dr Who, Mr Grade The Sun 1985-03-01
BBC buys £¾m mini-series after Dr Who decision The Daily Telegraph 1985-03-02
Carry On Doctor (Daily Star) Daily Star 1985-03-02
Fury of the fans forces re-think over Dr Who Daily Express 1985-03-02
Who dunnit, and why bother? The Guardian 1985-03-02
BBC pays £1/2m for unmade mini-series The Times 1985-03-02
No. 10 by Maddocks Sunday Express 1985-03-03
MP Angry at BBC's New Buy The Mail on Sunday 1985-03-03
Tardis star is left forlorn The Times 1985-03-03
Inquiry into ads on BBC The Observer 1985-03-03
Who's sorry now? The Sunday Times 1985-03-03
Good riddance Dr Who The Mail on Sunday 1985-03-03
A power crazed madman The Guardian 1985-03-04
Don't blackmail the Doctor fans Daily Express 1985-03-05
From Mr Peter Anghelides The Times 1985-03-08
BBC plays stars' Dr Who protest Daily Express 1985-03-09
From the Managing Director of BBC Television The Times 1985-03-13
Doctor...Who Cares? New Musical Express 1985-03-16
The Who's who of girls Daily Mail 1985-03-16
Doctor No (Longer) Melody Maker 1985-03-16
Whoray! The Dr. will be back for 21 years Daily Express 1985-03-21
From Mr Dennis Guerrier The Times 1985-03-21
From creatures to teachers Radio Times 1985-03-23
Out of town The Illustrated London News 1985-03-30
High Anxiety The Listener 1985-04-11
Early harum scarum days The Stage and Television Today 1985-04-25
Mary blasts soap 'smut' The Mail on Sunday 1985-04-28
Doctor Who on the air Daily Mail 1985-05-25
A timely new role for Tardis traveller Nicola London Evening Standard 1985-05-29
New crisis for the Doctor The Sun 1985-06-08
Dr. Who back in age of steam London Evening Standard 1985-06-10
Valentine Dyall The Times 1985-06-26
Robot hired as waiter in restaurant The Sun 1985-06-27
Small-screen vet and space-hopping Time Lord Peter Davison steps out Daily Express 1985-06-29
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Patrick Troughton stars as the Doctor on a perilous mission to defeat the deadly Ice Warriors Return of the Jedi 1985-08-10
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U.S. actor to play Dr Who Daily Express 1985-12-02
Now that I'm Mr Nobody, by Dr Who The Mail on Sunday 1985-12-29
Marvellous Tripods deserve a third series Radio Times 1986-01-04
BBC keeps option of killing Dr Who The Times 1986-01-14
BBC doubts on future of Dr Who The Times 1986-01-14
Bonnie is Dr. Who's new girl Evening Chronicle 1986-01-23
Bonnie lands with Dr Who Daily Star 1986-01-24
Portraying violence in BBC's drama The Stage and Television Today 1986-01-30
How Dr Who grew into a Dr Huge The Sun 1986-02-17
Don't look now but I think it's Michael Grade Daily Star 1986-03-01
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Doctor back The Times 1986-04-12
Dr Ho-ho-Who gets new look Daily Express 1986-04-12
Knock, knock, Dr Who's there Daily Express 1986-04-12
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I'll catch those blasted kids at it, one day! Punch 1986-05-07
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Sarah almost silences Dalek East Anglican Daily Times 1986-07-04
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The Doctor on trial in new television series The Times 1986-08-30
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Change Dr Who's sex! Daily Star
Daily Express
Is this the new face of Dr Who? Daily Express 1986-12-20
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Time Has Run Out for Dr Who Patrick News of the World 1987-03-29
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Dr Who Troughton dies Sunday Express 1987-03-30
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Patrick Troughton obituary (The Telegraph) The Daily Telegraph 1987-03-30
Lost time lord The Guardian 1987-03-30
Scottish-born Sylvester McCoy was officially announced as the new star of the BBC's long running programme Doctor Who on the 2nd March Starburst 1987-04-01
TV Kate celebrates after Dynasty boost Daily Express 1987-04-07
Patrick Troughton obituary (Television Today) The Stage and Television Today 1987-04-09
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Microchip is light years away from Dr Who's Dylon kingdom Today 1987-09-09
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What next? Radio Times 1988-10-29
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Lost in space The Listener 1988-11-10
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Earthlings welcome menacing Time Lord The Independent 1988-11-16
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The man who travels through time in an old police box returns to our screens in September Empire 1989-09-01
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Dr Who killed by the Street The Sun 1989-10-21
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First of a four-part adventure set during World War II The Daily Telegraph 1989-10-25
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Dr Who encountered a Northumbrian vicar played by Nicholas Parsons Church Times 1989-11-03
National TV archive is urged by film institute The Daily Telegraph 1989-11-21
Harvey (Norman Pace) puts a price on timelord Sylvester McCoy's head The Daily Telegraph 1989-11-22
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Texts, readers and contexts of reading: developments in the study of media audiences Media, Culture & Society 1990-01-15
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A Doctor Who weekend special interspersed with documentaries, star interviews, monsters, props and gadgets The Daily Telegraph 1990-09-22
Publishers bite the financial bullet Financial Times 1990-09-28
Tardis takes the Doctor to earth for Christmas St Ives Huntington Town Crier 1990-10-20
It's all for you Who! Daily Star 1990-10-30
Sky out of bounds to Dr Who and Co says actors' union The Times 1990-11-11
It must be incredibly infuriating for television executives when programmes of which they long to get rid are lumbered with poor viewing figures The Stage and Television Today 1990-11-22
Global phone campaigners call for Dr Who The Daily Telegraph 1990-12-01
Backchat New Statesman 1991-02-15
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Television's 'lost' classics still coming to light The Daily Telegraph 1991-06-05
Classics too good to be forgotten The Stage and Television Today 1991-07-04
Accumulate! Accumulate! New Statesman 1991-07-05
Dr Who meets his eternal foes again The Times 1991-07-05
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Sexterminate Him! Dr Who's Too Blue News of the World 1991-08-11
Don't exterminate Dr Who Daily Express 1991-08-12
BBC banks on nostalgia with a TV binge The Daily Telegraph 1991-08-19
Farewell to the fantasy factory Radio Times 1991-08-30
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Timewyrm: Revelation TV Zone 1992-01-01
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Bernard Wilkie: The Effective Pioneer TV Zone 1992-01-01
Pamela Salem: An Actress from the year dot TV Zone 1992-01-01
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Tom Baker is just one Doctor journeying through time Radio Times 1992-01-03
Time, gentlemen, please! What's on TV 1992-01-11
Sophie isn't crying into her beer Bournemouth Evening Echo 1992-01-16
It's not a what-not you know, it's Dr Who you know The Stage and Television Today 1992-01-23
BBC pushes to screen more archive shows The Stage and Television Today 1992-02-06
Dr Who turns up in Hong Kong cellar The Daily Telegraph 1992-02-13
When does a repeat become a TV classic? The Daily Telegraph 1992-02-15
To badly go The Daily Telegraph 1992-03-07
Terrance Dicks: Writing the Past, Present and Future TV Zone 1992-04-01
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Deborah Watling: In Time-travelling they can hear you scream... TV Zone 1992-04-29
£1,000 label on Dr Who jacket The Daily Telegraph 1992-07-20
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Directing the unfinished Shada TV Zone 1992-08-01
The New Adventures: Witch Mark TV Zone 1992-08-01
Dr Who star Jon collapses Daily Express 1992-08-06
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They ain't half old, mum ... The Daily Telegraph 1992-10-21
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Time throws a spanner in the Tardis's works as Dr Who celebrates his 30th birthday The Guardian 1993-04-28
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Doing what comes naturally The Stage and Television Today 1993-05-06
Daleks invaded the club Nottingham & Long Eaton Topper 1993-05-08
Thirty years and a handful of Doctors later, Doctor Who is still going strong The Sun 1993-05-19
Dr Who actor Peter Davison is to divorce The Daily Telegraph 1993-06-05
Back To The Future For Dr Whos 30th Birthday London Evening Standard 1993-06-17
Who... when... why? The Daily Telegraph 1993-06-18
Coming soon: A Who's Who of Dr Whos Daily Mail 1993-06-18
Dr Who: he really is invincible The Sunday Times 1993-06-20
Dr Who reunion wrecked Daily Mail 1993-07-10
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Even Dr Who is not missing out Ipswitch Star 1993-08-07
This Sorry Tale Of Whose Who Daily Mail 1993-08-07
Jacqueline Hill obituary (The Telegraph) The Daily Telegraph 1993-08-23
Unexterminated The Times 1993-08-27
Second 'time' around for Jon Bournemouth Daily Echo 1993-08-27
Potter hits at BBC 'Daleks' The Guardian 1993-08-28
Dr Who pops into the Vic The Sun 1993-09-01
The BBC has released a special limited edition boxed set of the Doc adventures The Sun 1993-09-04
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Meanwhile, the BBC has confirmed that it is in negotiations with top US film director Steven Spielberg's production company Amblin about producing a new version of Dr Who The Stage and Television Today 1993-11-04
Planet of the Daleks Radio Times 1993-11-05
Just look Who's back! Daily Star 1993-11-05
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Doctor, who's that old girl? TV Weekly 1993-11-20
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Monster Who's Who Radio Times 1993-11-20
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Rave from the cave Daily Express 1993-11-26
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When the fast forward button comes into its own The Stage and Television Today 1993-12-02
Bernard Martin obituary The Stage and Television Today 1993-12-02
Too much 'hullabaWho' for true fans The Stage and Television Today 1993-12-02
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A rotten script a day keeps the Doctor away The Stage and Television Today 1993-12-09
Good and bad times with the Time Lord The Stage and Television Today 1993-12-16
Top Sci-fi The Sun 1993-12-17
Dr Who: Thirty Years In The Tardis BBC Worldwide 1994-01-01
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Spielberg aims to film Dr Who with Crawford as Time Lord Daily Mail 1994-01-28
Dr Who travels forward in time The Independent 1994-02-01
Spielberg role The Times 1994-02-01
Beep your horn one more time, pal, and I will ... Exterminate! Liverpool Echo 1994-02-04
These are our demands--Who has the answers? The Stage and Television Today 1994-03-03
Cheeky VW hitch ride with Dr Whos Daily Mail 1994-03-04
Dr Who gets Spielberg call to Hollywood The Sunday Times 1994-03-06
Hunt for new Dr Who as Spielberg hijacks series The Times 1994-03-07
Tia's to Lord it with hero Dr Who Daily Express 1994-03-18
Mechanical Sea Monster Eats Dr Who Boffin The Sun 1994-03-31
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Elevate! The Mirror 1994-05-18
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Roy Castle The Times 1994-09-03
Here comes K-999 to sniff out crime Daily Express 1994-09-08
On This Week Radio Times 1994-09-17
Designer of the Daleks 'withdrew from world' The Daily Telegraph 1994-09-23
Brains behind Daleks ended life as recluse The Guardian 1994-09-23
Dalek designer 'wasted away' The Stage and Television Today 1994-09-29
The Doctor will see you now (The Telegraph) The Daily Telegraph 1994-10-08
Cuddle up to a Dalek The Times 1994-10-15
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