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The Guardian

articles (180) date
A chance to see the first episode of the BBC's "Dr Who" over again 1963-12-02
Children's television 1964-02-20
TV for the family 1964-03-12
Children's television (The Guardian) 1964-07-03
Dalek shares pulpit with the rector 1964-12-30
James Bond meets Noddy and the Daleks 1965-01-09
Television at the weekend 1965-01-18
A lack of method in their madness 1965-08-02
Bold style 1965-08-09
The Curse of the Daleks at Wyndham's 1965-12-22
Doctor Who's who 1966-01-31
Dear little things 1966-04-10
Shades of Dr Who behind new toys 1966-04-19
New Doctor Who (1966) 1966-09-02
Censorship at home 1967-12-11
The lost boys 1967-12-28
Toy risk: Commons question 1970-05-25
Dial a tune 1970-09-03
What to do in the holidays 1971-12-22
Violence every half hour 1972-01-27
TV violence 'discounted' 1972-01-27
Verity Lambert, who has produced such television successes as 'Dr Who' and 'Budgie,' talks to Linda Christmas 1972-06-23
Warning of risk for children in 'Dr Who' 1973-04-09
Actor killed 1973-06-20
Prophets of doom 1973-12-13
A new buddy 1973-12-17
Sax appeal 1974-02-02
Who's Who (The Guardian, 1974) 1974-02-16
Just the ticket 1974-10-26
Adelphi 1974-12-16
London theatres 1975-01-02
William Hartnell obituary (The Guardian) 1975-04-25
Doctor Who gives kids the creeps 1975-04-28
Tardis time-slip urged 1976-01-26
Dr Who finds a champion 1976-01-28
When Daniel Fryer and Caroline Simpson express their views ... they are not to be brushed lightly aside 1976-02-02
Who loves you Doctor? 1976-08-31
The man Who is 1976-09-04
Dr Who should perhaps no longer be a source of surprise 1976-11-01
BBC admits Dr Who was 'too realistic' 1976-12-29
A rebuke for Dr Who, but why wasn't Engelbert roasted? 1977-01-04
Time Lord of the air waves 1977-04-09
Night time is the right time 1977-04-14
Peering anxiously round a lamppost 1977-10-07
Who's Who (The Guardian) 1978-02-18
Many seven year olds watch TV until 9pm 1978-05-10
Dr Who, television's ageless time-traveller 1979-02-07
Choose a book for Dr Who's dog K.9 1979-04-06
The hype and the hyperspace 1979-08-27
The Five Doctors (The Guardian) 1983-11-25
BBC enters a time warp 1985-02-28
Who dunnit, and why bother? 1985-03-02
A power crazed madman 1985-03-04
Memories of Who 1985-07-29
Material dilemma for Dr Who 1986-12-19
The new Dr Who is real McCoy 1987-03-03
Lost time lord 1987-03-30
Dr Who and the battle of Coronation Street 1987-09-09
Backchat (The Guardian) 1987-09-16
Jubilee spree for Doctor Who 1988-11-16
Time throws a spanner in the Tardis's works as Dr Who celebrates his 30th birthday 1993-04-28
Potter hits at BBC 'Daleks' 1993-08-28
No 273: Doctor Who 1993-10-29
Brains behind Daleks ended life as recluse 1994-09-23
For the fan who has everything 1995-12-07
A Doctor For All Time 1996-05-21
Waste of time travel 1996-05-28
He vanquished the Daleks but proved no match for Roseanne 1996-12-07
BBC faces £14m lawsuit after Dr Who film plan scrapped 1997-02-15
The man who invented the Daleks 1997-03-13
Obsessions: Tom Baker 1997-10-17
My day as a Dalek 1999-08-17
The price is right 1999-09-09
About time, too 2000-06-14
Delia Derbyshire: Pioneer of electronic music who produced the distinctive sound of Dr Who 2001-07-07
Who'd have believed it? 2002-02-23
John Nathan-Turner obituary 2002-05-11
Bernard Wilkie obituary 2002-06-03
The Story of Dr Who 2003-12-31
Shakespeare actor Eccleston reincarnated as Doctor Who 2004-03-20
Anthony Ainley obituary 2004-05-15
Frederick Jaeger obituary 2004-09-08
Quick! Behind the sofa! 2005-03-07
Net pirates steal preview of Doctor Who comeback 2005-03-08
Flying Daleks and Hollywood-style special effects as BBC aims to get families cowering behind sofas again with revival of TV series 2005-03-10
Why can't daleks go up stairs? 2005-03-10
Doctor Who's new assistant 2005-03-14
Media Tarts 2005-03-14
Tom Baker voted top Doctor 2005-03-14
Carry on Doctor (The Guardian) 2005-03-21
Rhodri Who? Minister mistaken for alien 2005-03-21
A new Who does it 2005-03-24
Watch This 2005-03-26
The traveller in time 2005-04-11
Timeless: A Doctor recalls 2005-07-26
Michael Sheard obituary 2005-09-13
Doctor Who returns, featuring K9 and Kay 2006-03-30
Cat nurses, lonely zombies, mind-swap machines and a fat man who's slowly turning into stone 2006-04-15
Charlie Brooker's screen burn 2006-04-15
Who's that girl? Doctor's new assistant 2006-05-07
Monster smash: A Tardis chase, a spiderwoman and Catherine Tate on the run 2006-12-22
Dennis the Menace meets his match at last as Doctor Who annual tops the publishing charts 2006-12-23
Is Steven Moffat good news for Doctor Who? 2008-05-26
The lost geniuses of library music 2008-08-29
The Scooby-Doo challenge Kids' TV at the BBC 2008-11-24
New Doctor unveiled today 2009-01-03
The BBC is out of touch with what children are thinking 2009-03-23
YouChoose Technology videos we love 2009-12-03
Doctor Who leads Welsh regeneration as TV dramas get welcome in hillsides 2010-01-01
Their brilliant new careers 2010-01-04
Doctored episode 2010-02-22
Steven Moffat: The man with a monster of a job 2010-03-22
Media Monkey's Diary (2010) 2010-03-29
How will the Doctor get out of this one? 2010-07-12
Mervyn Haisman obituary 2010-12-10
Media Monkey's Diary 2011-01-31
Nicholas Courtney obituary 2011-02-24
Michael Gough obituary 2011-03-18
Doctor Who script by Douglas Adams to be a novel 2011-03-25
The Doctor is back - promising to be the scariest and darkest yet 2011-04-05
Elisabeth Sladen obituary 2011-04-11
Roy Skelton obituary 2011-07-08
Doctor Who is back! But should the Time Lord be celebrated - or exterminated? 2011-08-20
Doctor Who tribute marks death of Brigadier actor 2011-10-01
Caroline John obituary 2012-06-21
Mary Tamm obituary 2012-07-27
Be very afraid: Doctor Who is back - with the Daleks 2012-09-01
Author, Author 2013-01-12
Doctor Who at 50: BBC announces 3D birthday special 2013-02-12
Raymond Cusick obituary 2013-02-25
Back in time: A frank new book about Doctor Who is full of shocking claims 2013-03-23
Watch out Daleks! Tucker is new Time Lord 2013-08-05
Bringing an edge of danger to the Doctor 2013-08-05
In America, TV writers are no longer made to feel like spare parts 2013-09-16
Do the Daleks, Dad! 2013-10-05
Found on a dusty shelf in Nigeria: the lost Doctor Who tapes 2013-10-11
Early doubts about Doctor Who revealed 2013-10-17
A la recherche du Doctor Who 2013-11-02
How I made ... Doctor Who 2013-11-05
The nation’s favourite Doctor finds that his time has come 2013-11-15
The universe awaits ... 2013-11-19
Transported by Dr Who 2013-12-01
Doctor Who special is a hit on iPlayer 2013-12-03
Matt Smith has been a lovely Doctor, and this was a tearful goodbye 2013-12-26
Christopher Barry obituary (The Guardian) 2014-03-21
Derek Martinus obituary 2014-04-03
Daleks, cybermen and army of earthly fans turn out for Capaldi spin on Doctor Who 2014-08-08
Doctor Who edit 2014-09-05
The Doctor is thinking out of the box ... 2015-09-20
BBC to recreate lost Doctor Who as animation 2016-09-07
Pass notes No 3,740 2016-10-04
I have no time-travelling experience! 2016-10-06
Modern Toss 2016-10-15
Looking for that purr-fect gift 2016-12-16
Peter Capaldi Q&A 2016-12-17
Very festive 2016-12-17
It's super, man, as the Doctor drops in for Christmas 2016-12-26
Ken Grieve 2017-01-05
Doctor Who returns to battle falling ratings 2017-01-15
Regeneration: will the 13th Doctor be black or female? 2017-02-01
Don't fret about a female Time Lord. The inequality is in the real world 2017-02-03
If... 2017-02-06
Openly gay companion a first for Doctor Who 2017-04-01
Doctor Who writer dismisses fuss over gay companion as nonsense 2017-04-06
The Doctor finally gets his mojo back - thanks to a gobby new assistant 2017-04-17
Pass notes No 3,841 2017-04-18
A staggeringly poor choice to take over the role of Doctor Who 2017-04-21
Review of reviews 2017-04-22
An inappropriate new Doctor Who 2017-04-24
Torys want to Exterminate the NHS 2017-05-11
Geoffrey Bayldon 2017-05-12
Capaldi and Moffat get ready for final trip in the Tardis 2017-07-01
Who should be the next Doctor? 2017-07-13
Time, gentlemen, please - meet the new Doctor 2017-07-17
About time (The Guardian) 2017-07-18
Clare in the Community 2017-08-06
Bradley Walsh: Doctor Who's best cosmic joke 2017-08-23
30 minutes with ... Freema Agyeman 2017-08-25
Walsh set to break age record as BBC reveals who's who in new Tardis team 2017-10-25
Paddy Russell 2017-11-16