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The Northern Echo

articles (34) date
Doctor's bonny screamer 1986-10-21
Who's the Doc? 1987-03-03
No doctors but plenty of teachers in Tardis 2000-05-12
Exhibition throws light on dark side 2000-07-15
Doctor makes peace with Daleks for convention 2003-06-23
In The Picture - The Gentleman Who Wants To Be A Lord 2004-11-13
It's about Time (The Northern Echo) 2005-03-26
Ten million welcome back the Doctor 2005-03-28
Doctor new 2005-04-07
The softer side of the sole remaining Dalek 2005-05-02
Just what the doctor ordered for fans of BBC sci-fi series 2005-11-14
Television - Back In Time 2006-04-27
All right Jack 2006-10-19
Doctor Who takes on spiderwoman 2006-12-19
Home isn't a Tardis, so collection must go 2007-03-27
Who-ray! 2008-04-03
Enthusiasts flock to see who's at sci-fi convention 2008-08-25
Who's a lucky boy? 2009-01-12
Treats from the Doctor 2009-12-24
Tardis present opens up a world of possibilities for Rob 2010-01-02
Who's the man? 2010-03-31
Remember, there's no sofa 2010-05-21
Doctor Who's most famous companion dies 2011-04-20
You're welcome to stay... just switch off that exterminator 2011-10-14
Centre says hello to former Dr Who 2011-10-24
Katy's still going bonkers 2011-11-05
Five minutes with... Jenna-Louise Coleman 2013-03-30
Who's next as Matt calls time? 2013-06-08
Couple's marathon Doctor Who effort 2013-11-07
Who is best 2013-11-09
Doctor Who and my wife 2013-11-19
Once upon a time 2013-11-21
Rob still travelling in his Tardis 2013-11-23
Fifty years from the start, who is your best Doctor? 2013-11-23