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The Observer

articles (37) date
Juvenile S.F. 1964-11-29
Square wave, hip sound 1965-03-21
Studio One 1965-06-20
Consultants anonymous 1965-06-27
The children might like it 1965-08-22
Opened last week 1966-01-02
Switched-on kids 1966-02-06
From telly to type 1966-11-27
Doctor who creates Who 1967-02-05
Tuning fantasy into reality 1968-01-21
T-shirts 1971-12-12
Who's best 1974-05-26
Children's shows 1974-12-08
Flash to Dr Who 1976-07-11
Dr Who's Who's Who 1978-08-13
Where K9 gets his bark 1979-03-25
Welcome Back Dr Who 1980-01-13
Dr Who meets his match 1980-12-14
Dr Who for ever 1981-11-08
Doctor Who, galactic anti-hero, lives on 1983-04-03
Dr Who Is Alive and Well and Living in Nasmyth St. 1984-07-01
Inquiry into ads on BBC 1985-03-03
A woman's place is on the board 1986-10-19
Computerised special effects! 1989-04-23
Alexei Sayle on being a minor celebrity 1993-02-14
Monster Spin-Off As Doctor's Fans Shake It In Space 1994-10-30
Having The Time Of His Lives 1996-01-14
Andrew Billen meets Paul McGann, the new, made-for-America Doctor Who 1996-05-26
Sitting pretty 2004-11-07
What's Up Doc? (The Observer) 2005-03-06
My sweet Time Lord: Are Sixties Daleks worth anything? 2005-03-20
Flight Of The Dalek 2005-04-24
Who's who in pop's Tardis 2005-04-24
Great Absurdist: Absurdly Great 2012-01-29
Who's that girl? (The Observer Magazine) 2013-11-10
How Dr Who model-maker fulfilled his boyhood dream 2013-11-10
Capaldi's wiser, older Doctor cuts through the hype -but the plot is still beyond daft 2014-08-24