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chronological view
Cinema Verity's star continues to shine in the television skyThe Times1990-01-04
Who's Party Is It? The Doctor'sThe Sydney Morning Herald1990-01-11
Back in time with Doctor WhoRadio Times1990-01-13
Dr. Who makes a house callToronto Star1990-01-14
Texts, readers and contexts of reading: developments in the study of media audiencesMedia, Culture & Society1990-01-15
Big changes in store as Doctor leaves the BBCThe Canberra Times1990-01-15
Dr Who's safety filmLiverpool Echo1990-01-18
Seven faces of Doctor WhoRadio Times1990-01-27
KERA-TV Whofest '90The Dallas Morning News1990-02-02
Dr Who ZappedThe Mirror1990-02-05
Dr Who meetingEvening Chronicle1990-02-12
Dr. Who fans set next meetingThe Vidette-Messenger1990-02-15
Episode gapsThe Canberra Times1990-02-26
The usual suspects gather for pledge driveThe Evening Sun (Baltimore)1990-03-02
Weekend's PicksThe Indianapolis Star1990-03-02
BBC in 'dangerous' kids programmingThe Stage and Television Today1990-03-15
Cult-show conventionsThe Evening Sun (Baltimore)1990-03-16
The TV ColumnThe Washington Post1990-03-20
Fans of 'Dr. Who' are major MPT supportersThe Evening Sun (Baltimore)1990-03-21
Whovian cults grow in regionThe Daily Times1990-03-23
Public broadcasting is going down the tubeStatesman Journal1990-03-25
Lost Dr. Who episodes will be shownThe Daily Pennsylvanian1990-03-26
Hanging on the telephoneThe Stage and Television Today1990-03-29
Truly RevoltingAirfix Magazine1990-04-01
Dr. Who fans seek Salem time travelersStatesman Journal1990-04-12
National Garden FestivalThe Newcastle Journal1990-04-14
Dr. Who fans get magazine, pen pals and upset by errorsOttawa Citizen1990-04-21
Move over Trekkies, the Doctor's TV series is still going strongOttawa Citizen1990-04-21
A tale of a Time LordCalgary Herald1990-04-22
Who are you, Whovians?Winnipeg Free Press1990-04-29
Thank you for broadcasting Dr. WhoShowplace1990-05-01
Forward into the past with SatelliteFinancial Times1990-05-02
BBC trade-namesThe Daily Telegraph1990-05-02
There have been seven actors playing the lead role in the science fiction program but Doctor Who's popularity has never been greaterThe Vancouver Sun
The Windsor Star
Doctor Who fans know their stuffThe Vancouver Sun
The Windsor Star
Doctor Who: An Unearthly Child is really for grown-up childrenThe Daily Telegraph1990-05-05
Futuristic travel with Dr WhoEvening Chronicle1990-05-11
Lost Colony Tardis meetingThe Lexington Dispatch1990-05-16
Dr Who foils fan in death leap bidThe People1990-05-20
Video HighlightsThe Daily Telegraph1990-05-26
Double helping of sci-fiSandwell Evening Mail1990-05-31
Calling All KidsBSB TV Month1990-06-01
Running short of time in hunt for a TardisReading Evening Post1990-06-04
Charity lift-offThe Newcastle Journal1990-06-19
Time and NotionsThe Listener1990-06-21
Gallifreyan LeaderStaffordshire Sentinel1990-06-23
False Sense Of SecurityOregon Focus1990-07-01
Sacramento Dr. Who Fan ClubThe Sacramento Bee1990-07-10
Doctor's Dilemma (The Listener)The Listener1990-07-12
Frazer is settled up for successThe Newcastle Journal1990-07-27
Museum of ChildhoodTimes Educational Supplement1990-07-27
Who's doing what?Sunday Sun1990-07-29
BBC television costumes being unloaded yesterdayThe Daily Telegraph1990-07-31
Doctor Who Lost in Time WarpIn the Public Eye (North Dakota)1990-08-01
Blackadder meets Dr. Who at BonhamsLondon Evening Standard1990-08-02
Guess WhoChronicle-Telegram1990-08-04
Doctor's DisordersThe Listener1990-08-09
Elder Photo's Hurtt loves 'Dr. Who'The Downtowner1990-08-21
Dietz and 'Dr. Who'The Courier-Journal1990-08-23
BBC Lionheart Television awards cable TV rights to its classic and popular Doctor Who science-fiction series to the Sci-Fi ChannelBusiness Wire1990-08-24
Warning of decline in TV standardsThe Times1990-08-25
Sex Change Time for Doctor WhoNews of the World1990-08-26
Dr Who and cult cartoons in satellite TV battleThe Daily Telegraph1990-08-30
Dr Who in search of past gloryLondon Evening Standard1990-08-31
Who-rray! The Doctor Returns in NovemberIn the Public Eye (North Dakota)1990-09-01
Return of the DoctorThe Courier & Advertiser1990-09-01
Time Gentlemen (BSB TV Month)BSB TV Month1990-09-01
Doctor Who - exterminateSatellite Times1990-09-01
Doctor Who adventures will be shownThe Republic1990-09-06
Open houseThe Gadsden Times1990-09-08
BBC's 'Dr. Who' travels to Sci-FiVariety1990-09-10
Dr. Who's 'Galaxy' havenThe Herald (Ireland)1990-09-15
Saved for Dr WhoCountry Life1990-09-20
The ExterminatorMidweek1990-09-20
A Doctor Who weekend special interspersed with documentaries, star interviews, monsters, props and gadgetsThe Daily Telegraph1990-09-22
Dr Who 'Invasion' PlansSandwell Evening Mail1990-09-28
Publishers bite the financial bulletFinancial Times1990-09-28
This would be the series' third big-screen leapTV Guide1990-09-29
Dr Who Pair To Meet In Brisbane Time WarpThe Courier Mail1990-10-06
Tardis takes the Doctor to earth for ChristmasSt Ives Huntington Town Crier1990-10-20
Who's that Dalek?Sandwell Evening Mail1990-10-22
Who Does The Doctor Fear The Most? Exuberant FansThe Sydney Morning Herald1990-10-22
Don't Make Dr Who So Sexy!The Mirror1990-10-22
Win a Dr Who Battle for the UniverseSaffron Walden Weekly News1990-10-25
The real thingThe Times1990-10-27
It's all for you Who!Daily Star1990-10-30
Phone-call fury of Dr Who fansThe Mirror1990-10-30
Move Over, Star Cops, 'Doctor Who' Is BackIn the Public Eye (North Dakota)1990-11-01
Pick up the phone and enter the world of Doctor WhoZero1990-11-01
It's Just What the Doctor Ordered (Sandwell Evening Mail)Sandwell Evening Mail1990-11-03
Win a great Dr. Who GameEvening Chronicle1990-11-10
Sky out of bounds to Dr Who and Co says actors' unionThe Sunday Times1990-11-11
I love funeralsLiverpool Echo1990-11-13
The inspiration for our new slimline dishwasherDaily Mail1990-11-15
Rutger Hauer Wordt Dr. WhoDe Telegraaf1990-11-15
Timeless JonSandwell Evening Mail1990-11-17
Dr Who fans will see him as the villainSandwell Evening Mail1990-11-17
It must be incredibly infuriating for television executives when programmes of which they long to get rid are lumbered with poor viewing figuresThe Stage and Television Today1990-11-22
Dr. Who ProgramStatesman Journal1990-11-27
Dr Who fans bombard BBCLondon Evening Standard1990-11-30
Monty Python FestMilwaukee Journal Sentinel1990-11-30
Global phone campaigners call for Dr WhoThe Daily Telegraph1990-12-01
Holiday Gift Ideas from TV-23Fine Tuning (East Lansing)1990-12-01
Doctor Who meets Vladimir Propp: A comparative narrative analysis of myth/folktale and the television science fiction genreNorthwestern University thesis1990-12-01
The Intrepid GamerChicago Heights Star1990-12-06
Modelmaker diesThe Times1990-12-22

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