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chronological view
The spin-off doctorsThe Sydney Morning Herald2005-01-01
60 Second Interview: Mark GatissMetro (England)2005-01-06
Exterminute!The Mirror2005-01-12
A Tall Order For Dr. WhoHartford Courant2005-01-13
Pub Offers To Pay £1,000 To Charity For Return Of Worzel GummidgeDaily Post2005-01-14
Evan Help Surgeon Who Did This, Chris!The Sun2005-01-29
Dalektable! (The Sun)The Sun2005-01-31
The Daleks return with campaign to take over world of hi-tech toysThe Times2005-01-31
Daleks will exterminate parents' wallets if new Dr Who takes offDaily Express2005-02-01
Doctor in the houseKM Leisure2005-02-18
Ecc of a duelThe Mirror2005-02-26
Enter "Doctor Who Magazine" No 352Syracuse Post-Standard2005-02-27
The Doctor will see you now ...Out Northwest2005-03-01
BBC canned HD deal for Doctor WhoTelevisual2005-03-01
Alehouse RockNew Humanist2005-03-01
Interview with Kate Orman: Dr Who AuthorContinuum2005-03-01
What's Up Doc? (The Observer)The Observer2005-03-06
For 25 years, Doctor Who's creaky charm captivated a nationThe Sunday Times2005-03-06
Elevate, exterminate: Daleks conquer stairs in new Doctor WhoThe Sunday Times2005-03-06
The thrill of the chaiseThe Sunday Times2005-03-06
Let's hope Time Lord Christopher Eccleston is happy with his performanceDaily Express2005-03-07
Quick! Behind the sofa!The Guardian2005-03-07
Net pirates steal preview of Doctor Who comebackThe Guardian2005-03-08
Exterbinate!The Mirror2005-03-08
Billie plots return to popThe Sun2005-03-09
Carry on Doctor (Time Out London)Time Out London2005-03-09
Eccleston and Billie, just what the Doctor orderedDaily Mail2005-03-09
BBC hopes for a rescue by Doctor WhoThe Daily Telegraph2005-03-09
The Doctor faces his newest adversary ... the CanadiansThe Times2005-03-09
Top of the docsThe Sun2005-03-09
The good doctorTelevisual2005-03-09
See Who JimmyDaily Record2005-03-10
Doctor Who And A Scary £10m GambleDaily Express2005-03-10
Doctor Who WhodunitThe New York Times2005-03-10
Who's who of monstersThe Sun2005-03-10
Doctor Who leak previews future of broadcast contentNew Media Age2005-03-10
Why can't daleks go up stairs?The Guardian2005-03-10
Dr Who save my life says Billie PiperThe Sun2005-03-10
Doctor Who puts accent on a new look to old showThe Times2005-03-10
Who's a bit campDaily Star2005-03-10
Flying Daleks and Hollywood-style special effects as BBC aims to get families cowering behind sofas again with revival of TV seriesThe Guardian2005-03-10
Forgotten timelordThe Times2005-03-11
Everyone has a favourite Doctor Who as a matter of accident of birth, not of tasteThe Daily Telegraph2005-03-12
Who's who?Radio Times2005-03-12
Billie BardotSunday Express2005-03-13
Carry On DoctorSunday Herald2005-03-13
Doctor Who's new assistantThe Guardian2005-03-14
Media TartsThe Guardian2005-03-14
Another dimensionThe Independent2005-03-14
Tom Baker voted top DoctorThe Guardian2005-03-14
Just what the Doctor ordered (2005)The Stage and Television Today2005-03-17
The Doctor goes space ageDesign Week2005-03-17
The Return of the Time LordTimes Educational Supplement2005-03-18
What Makes Who SpecialThe Scotsman2005-03-19
Billie's big comeback?TV Quick2005-03-19
A tale of British boffinsThe Daily Telegraph2005-03-19
I've Fallen for a DalekDaily Star2005-03-19
Radio choiceThe Daily Telegraph2005-03-19
Who?Radio Times2005-03-19
Billie the kidThe Times2005-03-19
Who said what?Radio Times2005-03-19
It's properly scary and funnyThe Daily Telegraph2005-03-19
A Time Lord TimelineTotal TV Guide2005-03-19
The A-Z of Doctor WhoThe Daily Telegraph2005-03-19
My sweet Time Lord: Are Sixties Daleks worth anything?The Observer2005-03-20
Doctor New (Sunday Life)Sunday Life2005-03-20
Dr Who: talking about my generationSunday Independent2005-03-20
The Doctor's DarlingsSunday Express2005-03-20
What's Up Doc?Sunday Mercury2005-03-20
Rhodri Who? Minister mistaken for alienThe Guardian2005-03-21
Billie and I have on-screen chemistryNew!2005-03-21
Carry on Doctor (The Guardian)The Guardian2005-03-21
Who Dunnit Once ... but can cult sci-fi classic save BBC again?Variety2005-03-21
I don't regret leaving The StreetNew!2005-03-21
I chased an actor dressed up as an alien pig on my first day ... it was bonkersThe Sun2005-03-21
Chris Eccleston and I have shared a lotNew!2005-03-21
Piper at the gates of dimThe Times2005-03-21
Ex-singer is taking on aliensDaily Star2005-03-22
Who's the baddy!Daily Sport2005-03-22
Inside the TardisThe Sun2005-03-22
Doctor Who (2005)Western Mail2005-03-22
Dr Who's WhoThe Mirror2005-03-23
The Who-Sual SuspectsDaily Star2005-03-23
Doctor Boo!The Sun2005-03-23
In short, I have a vanishingly small part in the new run of Doctor WhoThe Daily Telegraph2005-03-23
Doctor Who: funny he never married ...Sunday Independent
Ottawa Citizen
National Post
The Daily Telegraph
Who's That Girl (2005)The Mirror2005-03-24
A new Who does itThe Guardian2005-03-24
Timely returnThe Stage and Television Today2005-03-24
Sexterminate! Sexterminate!Daily Star2005-03-24
Who's this in a dogs' home?The Sun2005-03-24
Looka-YikesThe Sun2005-03-24
Time Lord's floozy - there's no future in that, BillieLondon Evening Standard2005-03-24
The Great Doctor Who QuizDaily Star2005-03-25
I fear future as the Timelord, admits Dr WhoDaily Express2005-03-25
Doc foe dies of old ageThe Sun2005-03-25
A timely return for the DoctorDaily Express2005-03-26
He's no dummyRadio Times2005-03-26
Who's the daddy?Radio Times2005-03-26
Children can't say they've had a proper upbringing until they've spent a Saturday evening hiding behind the sofa with one eye on Doctor WhoTV Times2005-03-26
Heroes & VillainsThe Independent2005-03-26
Doctor Who arrives in modern times. And it worksThe Daily Telegraph2005-03-26
Who dares..The Sun2005-03-26
The BBC has no qualms about reviving old seriesDaily Express2005-03-26
Doctor Who returnsThe Gazette
The Province
The prognosis for feminism is not goodThe Independent2005-03-26
Oh, My Time LordBirmingham Post2005-03-26
Doctor in the house!TV Quick2005-03-26
The effectsRadio Times2005-03-26
The Doctor Will See You Now...TV & Satellite Week2005-03-26
Who's the greatest!Total TV Guide2005-03-26
That's the wonder of Who...Radio Times2005-03-26
The creaturesRadio Times2005-03-26
Return of the DaleksThe Spectator2005-03-26
The Who Was Who in Dr WhoThe Sun2005-03-26
Doctor faces a high-tech challengeThe Times2005-03-26
Doctor in LoveTV Times2005-03-26
Piper calls the tuneRadio Times2005-03-26
Best RegenerationTV Quick2005-03-26
Dalektable!What's on TV2005-03-26
Bring on those nightmares!Radio Times2005-03-26
The Whys and Whats of WhoThe Times2005-03-26
The sexiest Time Lord yetThe Globe and Mail2005-03-26
It's about Time (The Northern Echo)The Northern Echo2005-03-26
Mr TARDISRadio Times2005-03-26
One of the scariest programmes (if you're eight years old)TV Quick2005-03-26
Lording itWhat's on TV2005-03-26
Corrie's Tricky Dicky is most chilling TV clipDaily Express2005-03-26
Blonde BombshellThe Times2005-03-26
Watch ThisThe Guardian2005-03-26
Older time-travellers left on different planetFinancial Times2005-03-26
Your handy cut-out guide to the greatest day on telly - everThe Sun2005-03-26
Now All-Out Dalek WarDaily Star2005-03-27
Oh Lord, he's still stuck in the pastThe Sunday Times2005-03-27
Doc's grin and tonicDaily Star2005-03-27
Your worst nightmare .. new Daleks that can go UPSTAIRS!The Sun2005-03-27
Can Doctor Who Dec Ant?Sunday Life2005-03-27
BBC cashes in as new Doctor hits the screensSunday Express2005-03-27
Doctor prescribes a cure for Beeb's terminal miserySunday Express2005-03-27
Who the Doc is wheelie coolNews of the World2005-03-27
Dr Who wins Saturday night TV ratings warDaily Express2005-03-28
Run for your lifeNew Statesman2005-03-28
Express ChartsDaily Express2005-03-28
Who's the daddy (The Sun)The Sun2005-03-28
Just what the Doctor orderedThe Times2005-03-28
This Doctor is the right prescriptionDaily Express2005-03-28
Ten million welcome back the DoctorThe Northern Echo2005-03-28
Who's the daddy as 10m find time to see the DoctorThe Times2005-03-28
Jason FlemyngThe Mirror2005-03-29
Graham Norton on Dr Who? That is scaryLondon Evening Standard2005-03-30
New Dr Who let down by same old cheesy effectsDaily Express2005-03-30
The Right Medicine?The Times2005-03-30
We'll Exterminate All the Other ToysDaily Star2005-03-30
Canadian TV worker fired for leaking Doctor WhoEdmonton Journal
Ottawa Citizen
Times Colonist
The Vancouver Sun
Calgary Herald
Regina Leader-Post
CanWest News Service
The StarPhoenix
Prepare for an invasion of the Dr Who toysDaily Express2005-03-30
The Daleks Tried, The Cybermen Tried ... But It Finally Took A N.Wales Gardener To Destroy The TardisDaily Post2005-03-30
Doctor WooThe Sun2005-03-31
He saves the world and BBC, then Dr Who quitsThe Times2005-03-31
Dr Who star says time's upLondon Evening Standard2005-03-31
Doctor Who QuitsThe Sun2005-03-31
Who better to win the battleThe Stage and Television Today2005-03-31
Dr Who star makes way for CasanovaDaily Express2005-03-31
I quit as Dr WhoDaily Mail2005-03-31
Who It All AgainThe Mirror2005-04-01
I thought it was just me who was convinced that doctors are getting youngerLondon Evening Standard2005-04-01
Who do you think you are?The Sun2005-04-01
I am not Spock: how some actors never manage to escape from their most famous charactersThe Independent2005-04-01
Greg's giggleThe Mirror2005-04-01
Who's Who (2005)The Herald (Ireland)2005-04-01
And the date of the election is ...The Sun2005-04-01
Casanova actor seduces the Doctor Who casting agentThe Times2005-04-01
Is it all over for planet Earth?London Evening Standard2005-04-01
Feeling like a completely new manTribune (London)2005-04-01
How Casanova made his next conquest a dalekThe Mirror2005-04-01
BBC's anger at the vanishing Doctor WhoDaily Mail2005-04-01
Origin of speciesRadio Times2005-04-02
Who's in a £50m MessDaily Star2005-04-02
The Doctor returnsThe Globe and Mail2005-04-02
Dr Who-HaThe Mirror2005-04-02
Doctoring the resultsRadio Times2005-04-02
Are diehard fans ready for a modern Doctor Who?TV Guide (Canada)2005-04-02
Carry on, Doctor WhoNational Post2005-04-02
Dr Who Website In MeltdownDaily Record2005-04-02
The Hit Sci-Fi Series is BackTV Guide (Canada)2005-04-02
Mystery man returnsTimes Colonist
The Windsor Star
CanWest News Service
Dr Who Told Beeb He'd Stay In ShowThe Sunday Mirror2005-04-03
Just look who's on the slideDaily Star2005-04-04
Who Cares If Time Lord Leaves Early?The Sun2005-04-04
Forget the laughs, Doc, give us fearDaily Express2005-04-04
Tree's a crowdDaily Star2005-04-04
Dr. Who wants to see you—againMacleans2005-04-04
Dr Who viewers fall 2.6mThe Mirror2005-04-04
Who's back. And Who's looking vastly entertainingThe Globe and Mail2005-04-05
BBC says sorry to new Dr Who over typecasting claimThe Daily Telegraph2005-04-05
Canada hears a WhoNational Post
CanWest News Service
Rose in kidnapDaily Star2005-04-06
Doctor in tune with pastThe Stage and Television Today2005-04-07
Doctor newThe Northern Echo2005-04-07
Meet the Next P.M. ... and he's full of hot air like BlairDaily Star2005-04-07
LettersRadio Times2005-04-09
Their mutual friendRadio Times2005-04-09
Billie's new role as Chris backs an IdiotThe Sunday Mirror2005-04-10
Twisting the night awayDaily Mail2005-04-11
The traveller in timeThe Guardian2005-04-11
Billie Pins Down Celeb WrestlersDaily Star2005-04-13
Who broke Big Ben?Standard Lite2005-04-13
Dr Who too scary for young childrenThe Times2005-04-14
Doctor Who is too scary for childrenDaily Express2005-04-14
Who-ray! the doctor is inThe Pink Paper2005-04-14
Too frightening for parents?The Daily Telegraph2005-04-15
BBC climbs down over Doctor Who fear factorThe Times2005-04-15
Close encountersSouth London Press2005-04-15
Destroy Ant and Dec!South London Press2005-04-15
Wild about the boyRadio Times2005-04-16
Alison Graham On... Who's The DoctorRadio Times2005-04-16
She's out of this worldDaily Star2005-04-16
Political prisonersThe Sun2005-04-16
Killing timeRadio Times2005-04-16
Casanova regenerates into the new Doctor WhoThe Times2005-04-16
Today's TV with Mike WardDaily Star2005-04-16
Casanova's next conquest is the TardisThe Daily Telegraph2005-04-16
Casanova Will Be the New Dr WhoThe Sun2005-04-16
David's the new DocDaily Star2005-04-16
Beam me up, scotty! There's klingons on the seafrontBristol Post2005-04-18
More outrage as Dr Who 'crucified'Daily Express2005-04-18
Your View: Doctor Always Was A ThrillerDaily Record2005-04-19
Who's Afraid?The Times2005-04-19
Doctor Who brought back to life in new seriesThe Gazette
Edmonton Journal
Times Colonist
National Post
The Vancouver Sun
Regina Leader-Post
CanWest News Service
Who knew Doctor Who revival would be so good?The Windsor Star
CanWest News Service
Doctor Who gets 10th faceChicago Tribune2005-04-20
This is a wind upDaily Star2005-04-20
A Famous Dram For The New Dr WhoThe Scotsman2005-04-22
Fair and squareRadio Times2005-04-23
World warTV Magazine2005-04-23
The face of evil?Radio Times2005-04-23
Nigel Andrew's ViewThe Times2005-04-23
Flight Of The DalekThe Observer2005-04-24
Dr Who in kilt Scot my voteSunday World2005-04-24
Who's who in pop's TardisThe Observer2005-04-24
Dr Who's T-Rusted SidekickThe Sun2005-04-25
Exterminate Chris!Daily Star2005-04-25
Dr Who gets politicalLondon Evening Standard2005-04-25
I Wanted to Exterminate the DaleksDaily Star2005-04-26
Chris Eccleston explains why he left Dr WhoThe Mirror2005-04-26
Shocker for DocThe Sun2005-04-26
Doctor FeudThe Mirror2005-04-26
Posh 'n Becks crisis--latestDaily Star2005-04-26
Daleks v Girls on Girls ActionDaily Star2005-04-27
Give the man a BAFTATribune (London)2005-04-29
Rovers' returnsThe Times Literary Supplement2005-04-29
From Gay to GeekTV Times2005-04-30
Quickie...Daily Star2005-04-30
Exterminate! Exterminate!What's on TV2005-04-30
Exterminate the WrestlersDaily Star2005-04-30
Return of the Daleks!TV & Satellite Week2005-04-30
Gwen Stefani must be a secret fan of Doctor WhoThe Sun2005-04-30
Keep us hanging on ...Radio Times2005-04-30
So, the story we've all been waiting forRadio Times2005-04-30
CheapskaaatesThe Mirror2005-04-30
Be afraid, be very afraid... The Daleks are coming back to a living room near you!TV & Satellite Week2005-04-30
Inventor of Daleks only earned £80!!!The Mirror2005-04-30
It's just out of this world!TV Quick2005-04-30
Tinpot dictatorRadio Times2005-04-30
Reader RantThe Mirror2005-04-30
This is what we've been waiting forTV Times2005-04-30
Doctor's deadliest enemyWhat's on TV2005-04-30
D-aargh-lek's wimpy endingDaily Star2005-05-01
Carry On, DoctorGay Times2005-05-01
£2m sales for the man who makes DaleksDaily Express2005-05-02
The softer side of the sole remaining DalekThe Northern Echo2005-05-02
Back behind the sofa — it's a DalekThe Times2005-05-02
Dalek Roy Yearns To Obey OrdersDaily Express2005-05-02
Daleks exterminate wrestlersLondon Evening Standard2005-05-03
Trust invaded by zombies, pigs and walking dummiesHealth Service Journal2005-05-05
Wanted: One Time Lord, Tardis optionalTimes Educational Supplement2005-05-06
The naked DalekRadio Times2005-05-07
Today's TV with Mike Ward (2005-05-07)Daily Star2005-05-07
Free Doctor Who and Friends CD inside today plus bonus Star Wars trackDaily Star2005-05-07
It takes three ...Radio Times2005-05-07
Dr Who's new enemy: Star Wars!Daily Mail2005-05-11
A well-crafted machineRadio Times2005-05-14
Unholy terrorRadio Times2005-05-14
The galactic cardboard fantasy sets exterminated as a sexy new doctor materialises on our television screens time for fans old and new to find out who is whoThe Advertiser2005-05-14
Doctor Phew!Daily Star2005-05-14
From Daleks To Dracula!Sunday Life2005-05-15
Let's not be beastly to DaleksThe Times2005-05-16
An absurd ruling takes the fun out of Doctor WhoThe Times2005-05-16
Unsuitable for childrenThe Times2005-05-17
The censors ... will ... exterminateThe Times2005-05-17
The Daleks in my bedroomAshbourne News Telegraph2005-05-18
Dr Who skull cracking is cutLondon Evening Standard2005-05-18
HamletThe Stage and Television Today2005-05-19
Streaming for more?The Stage and Television Today2005-05-19
Doctor treatedThe Times2005-05-19
Legislate! Legislate!The Times2005-05-19
It helps to be a Time LordChurch Times2005-05-20
Brits Still Enjoying 'Doctor Who' AnticsAssociated Press
St. Petersburg Times
Los Angeles Times
Tampa Bay Times
Waterloo Courier
Belleville News-Democrat
Lawrence Journal-World
Huntingdon Daily News
The Times-Leader
Stevens Point Journal
The Index-Journal
Battle Creek Enquirer
Palladium Item
The Journal News
The Daily Register
The Odessa American
The Sentinel
The Times and Democrat
Rapid City Journal
Lancaster Eagle-Gazette
Sioux City Journal
Santa Maria Times
The Home News
North Adams Transcript
The Muscatine Journal
The Desert Sun
The Dispatch
The Oshkosh Northwestern
The Burlington Free Press
The Daily Spectrum
Reno Gazette Journal
Indiana Gazette
Star Gazette
York Daily Record
Hoosier Times
Springfield News-Sun
Maryville Journal-Tribune
The Orange Leader
The Evening Sun (Hanover, PA)
A doctor so sexy it's scaryThe Age2005-05-21
The timely Doctor Who saves family audience Daleks make a welcome return to the living roomThe Daily Telegraph2005-05-21
Dreams and NightmaresRadio Times2005-05-21
Beeb exterminates Dr Who DVD plansSunday World2005-05-22
Being true to Dr WhoThe Canberra Times2005-05-22
Billie: It's Ta-ta to the TardisDaily Star2005-05-23
Who's the daddy (The Stage)The Stage and Television Today2005-05-26
Who's a lucky devilDaily Star2005-05-26
Tranter promises more family drama on weekendThe Stage and Television Today2005-05-26
Just what the 'Doctor Who' orderedNorth Adams Transcript2005-05-28
To be continued...Radio Times2005-05-28
Time Lord travelling again, this time to the stageThe Age2005-05-31
The BBC have zapped new life into that most bizarre of geek entertainments, Dr. WhoEcho Magazine2005-06-02
Time teamerThe Stage and Television Today2005-06-02
I'm Trapped in Crash Wreck ... Tape Dr Who!Daily Star2005-06-02
Boom TownTribune (London)2005-06-03
Death of the DoctorThe Sun2005-06-04
Colin checks out Who wears whatDaily Express2005-06-04
What's next, Doc?Radio Times2005-06-04
Reality can be a killerRadio Times2005-06-11
Geoffrey TooneSunday Independent2005-06-12
BBC advises Doctor Who fans to stay offline until the bitter endThe Times2005-06-14
Sought, locatedThe Times2005-06-15
The Doctor's fate is sealed with a first kiss — or twoThe Times2005-06-16
Do catch the last in the current series of Dr WhoMorning Star2005-06-18
Time up for ChrisDaily Star2005-06-18
They're back ... and this time it's war!Radio Times2005-06-18
Who Lets The Dog OutThe Sun2005-06-18
Doctor Ooooh!Daily Star2005-06-18
Doctor Who's greatest triumph - the return of TV for all the familyThe Independent2005-06-20
Local voices for local peopleThe Independent2005-06-20
Silly Billie just lost the plotDaily Star2005-06-22
Series 3 for WhoThe Bookseller2005-06-24
I'm prepared for my role as BBC Man, but how to fit Big Specs into the new Dr Who?The Times2005-06-25
Saturday night feverThe Independent2005-06-27
Awkward squadNew Statesman2005-06-27
Doctor who? (Idea)Idea2005-07-01
SoundbitesProfessional Engineering2005-07-01
The regeneration game (The Stage)The Stage and Television Today2005-07-07
You should know about ... Doctor WhoThe Daily Texan2005-07-07
Captain CourageousThe Daily Telegraph (Australia)2005-07-13
Actor dons Doctor Who cloakOttawa Citizen
Times Colonist
Calgary Herald
CanWest News Service
Singing detective to play Dr. WhoThe Vancouver Sun
CanWest News Service
Time Lords' capital stopThe Canberra Times2005-07-20
My DIY DalekDaily Record2005-07-21
Who's wearing geek chic?The Times2005-07-26
Timeless: A Doctor recallsThe Guardian2005-07-26
Doctor New!Daily Star2005-07-26
I'd love to be Dr NudeThe Sun2005-07-28
First pictures of new Doctor in action on Xmas specialThe Sun2005-07-29
5 good reasons to watch DoctorOdyssey (Virgin Atlantic)2005-08-01
Pure phaseRemix2005-08-01
Billie's a real dollDaily Star2005-08-01
Who's the geeky Doctor?The Pink Paper2005-08-04
British television in race to put showrunners in placeThe Stage and Television Today2005-08-04
Curse of the killer SantasDaily Star2005-08-10
Peter hurt my career, says SandraDaily Express2005-08-23
The woman who suffers from phobia of the DaleksDaily Express2005-08-24
Dr. Who leak spawns 'pre-TV'Ottawa Citizen
The Vancouver Sun
Calgary Herald
The Dr. Who ConundrumSecurity Management2005-09-01
The final frontierThe Stage and Television Today2005-09-08
Seventh heavenThe Stage and Television Today2005-09-08
Michael Sheard obituaryThe Guardian2005-09-13
K9 Is Killed Off (But he regenerates just like the Dr)The Sun2005-09-15
Who's that (The Times)The Times2005-09-16
Thanks for Doing a Brilliant JobTimes Educational Supplement2005-09-23
Sounds from the Dalek ageLondon Evening Standard2005-10-09
TV's Doctor Who LittleThe Mirror2005-10-12
Piper calls the tune (The Times)Daily Express
The Times
Doctor Who to return again in 'adults-only' spin-off seriesThe Independent2005-10-17
FornicateDaily Star2005-10-18
Who's this at birthday bash?Woolwich Mercury2005-10-19
Doctor Who spinoff 'dark, sexy'Associated Press
Edmonton Journal
Hip Hip Who-rayThe Sun2005-10-26
Doctor Who: City of DeathTake 12005-11-04
You Could Have Used The TardisDaily Star2005-11-09
Who's Up for a FightDaily Star2005-11-10
ITV to battle Doctor Who with £6m fantasy dramaThe Stage and Television Today2005-11-10
Return of CybermenDaily Express2005-11-11
Aaaaaaaargh! It's the Cybermen!The Times2005-11-11
Billie Quits ShowThe Mirror2005-11-12
We Don't Want Jock-Tor Who!Daily Star2005-11-12
Hitchhiker's Guide to Doctor Who (as imagined by Douglas Adams)The Independent2005-11-13
Just what the doctor ordered for fans of BBC sci-fi seriesThe Northern Echo2005-11-14
Ladies' nightNew Statesman2005-11-14
Dalek jackpotThe Times2005-11-17
Doctor Who: The Reign of TerrorThe Bookseller2005-11-18
Davison special guest at 'Doctor Who' eventChicago Sun-Times2005-11-25
Piper Calls the Tune!Radio Times2005-11-26
Doctor Who: Complete First SeriesRadio Times2005-11-26
Get ready world ... John Barrowman has his own TV showThe Joliet Herald News2005-11-27
ScotsGay Doctor WhoScotsGay2005-12-01
Regeneration: Doctor WhoMetro (Australia)2005-12-01
Through TimeScience Fiction Chronicle2005-12-01
Sexing up the TardisSight & Sound2005-12-01
It's Ant and Doc!The Sun2005-12-03
Doctor Whoa there!The Mirror2005-12-03
Tennant's extra fun as Dr WhoDaily Star2005-12-07
David Tennant is preparing to become the latest incarnation of Dr WhoTribune (London)2005-12-09
Small Tardis could fetch big priceThe Times2005-12-10
Carry on DoctorRadio Times2005-12-10
Who Done ItTV Times2005-12-10
Bob SlomanThe Times2005-12-12
Doctor Who, a sinister Santa and an alien army invade our living rooms on Christmas DayWestern Mail2005-12-13
Stephen Fry will have to wait until the third series of the revived Dr WhoDaily Express2005-12-16
What a Christmas treatRadio Times2005-12-17
Christmas crackers!TV & Satellite Week2005-12-17
I'm dreaming of a right ChristmasRadio Times2005-12-17
Is there a Doctor in the house?Radio Times2005-12-17
Hidden depthsRadio Times2005-12-17
Look Who Santa Is Bringing You This ChristmasCoventry Evening Telegraph2005-12-17
Iraq war as told by the DaleksLondon Evening Standard2005-12-21
Who Begs: Don't Exterminate MeDaily Star2005-12-21
Doctor FeelgoodBexley Times2005-12-22
Who can save lacklustre schedules for some festive funTribune (London)2005-12-23
Pick of the dayLondon Evening Standard2005-12-23
Yes, it's the Doctor — but not as we know himLondon Evening Standard2005-12-23
Doctor Who's back: Why do we love him so much?London Evening Standard2005-12-23
What the Doctor did nextThe Times2005-12-24
Tourists follow in the footsteps of Doctor WhoWestern Mail2005-12-24
Billie's sneaky kiss for you know WhoDaily Star2005-12-24
Christopher Eccleston's magnificent Doctor Who is a hard act to followThe Times2005-12-24
Are You a Timelord or Dozy Dalek?Daily Star2005-12-24
Beck to future for DocDaily Star2005-12-26
Top of the Docs (2005)The Sun2005-12-26
Yes, I will see the Doctor now -- just the cure for your intergalactic woesThe Times2005-12-26
Who Loves YaDaily Star2005-12-28
Bully for WhoDaily Star2005-12-30
Broadcasting Top 10, 2005The Stage and Television Today2005-12-30
Brig playerThe Stage and Television Today2005-12-30

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