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Belfast Telegraph

articles (49) date
Top disc jockey for Balmoral exhibition 1964-10-08
60,000 Expected At Radio Show 1964-10-12
The Dalek Book 1964-12-07
Tarnished! The heroes of my childhood 1965-09-16
Daleks are coming for Christmas 1965-10-23
Space girls land in Belfast 1965-11-19
Meet the Daleks in Ann Street 1965-11-22
Ann Street Christmas List 1965-11-29
Dalek Tickets 1965-12-01
Hurry to Ann Street 1965-12-08
Arrangements are being made for the dubbing in Arabic 1965-12-10
Ann Street One Stop Shopping for Your Last Minute Gifts 1965-12-15
Dr. Who (Belfast Telegraph) 1966-08-06
The secretary Dalek 1966-10-05
More adventure ahead for the girl who made the Cyberman 1968-03-15
There Will Always Be A Place For You Know Who 1969-06-21
Jon Pertwee is Dr. Who 1969-06-21
Dr. Who is currently having trouble with some very large and disgusting - looking maggots 1973-06-16
The man who brought the Daleks to life 1973-08-18
Dr. Who under fire 1975-01-21
The doctor's dilemma 1975-01-25
Terry and the Daleks—or how to write yourself into a profitable corner 1975-09-11
His life is just a stunt 1976-11-29
Students vote for a Dalek 1977-05-24
TV violence under attack 1977-09-07
If you see this dog floating past ... 1978-05-12
Tomorrow's Adults Snub The Big Show 1978-05-13
Meet the stars on BBC stand 1978-08-28
Your next washing machine 1978-10-25
Good Lord-it's Lalla 1980-06-05
Yesterday's Men and Women 1980-08-09
Page 1 Bookshop 1980-09-29
Inside Dr. Who and the Wombles 1980-09-29
Dalek booked for Co. Down 1980-10-02
A pair of Dr. Who's socks will also go under the hammer 1980-10-06
Love catches up with Dr. Who 1980-11-19
Time lord has no time for a honeymoon 1980-12-13
Diana Is 19 Charles Is 32, I Does An Age Gap Matter? 1981-03-05
The new Dr. Who has made an appearance 1982-01-09
Peter Davison, the current, rather excellent Dr. Who 1982-01-30
Lalla wins case over bogus sex photos 1983-07-14
Actor set to quit role as Dr. Who 1983-07-28
Two decades of Dr. Who 1983-11-19
Cybermen and Daleks on sale 1992-08-21
Nigel Planer 2010-10-09
Stamps mark 50 years of Doctor Who 2012-12-26
Doctor Who writer confirms movie 2012-12-27
Time Lord gives DUP a primer on gay rights 2013-11-28
Why I'm calling time on life as a Timelord 2013-12-19