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Magnum Opus Convention 1991-02-27 Flagpole 2018-06-18T00:05:54
Lost Dr. Who episodes will be shown 1990-03-26 The Daily Pennsylvanian 2018-06-17T00:16:24
Sci-fi fans united to form Time Lords 1989-11-08 The Red & Black 2018-06-16T00:01:40
Komix Castle 1989-03-09 The Red & Black 2018-06-15T00:48:10
New shows bolster PBS TV season 1983-09-26 Central Michigan Life 2018-06-14T00:52:59
Who talks at Hilton to launch syndicate 1986-09-15 The Diamondback 2018-06-13T00:06:10
Public TV fundraiser nets $203,125 in pledges 1982-03-24 Central Michigan Life 2018-06-12T00:49:48
CMU has largest university PBS after Adding Airwaves 1986-06-05 Chippewa 2018-06-11T01:04:39
Group treks through stars in Tardis 1988-10-18 Daily Kent Stater 2018-06-10T00:42:32
WVIZ's 'Doctor Who' offers fantasy for science fiction lovers 1981-03-03 Daily Kent Stater 2018-06-09T00:11:51
Taking the Mystery Out of Doctor Who??? 1983-12-05 The Heights 2018-06-08T00:17:59
Meeste kinderen bang voor geweld in tv-programma 1978-02-28 Het Vrije Volk 2018-06-07T01:19:15
Slecht? 1976-11-26 Leeuwarder Courant 2018-06-06T00:11:36
Timelord, hear our prayer 2001-06-07 The Stage and Television Today 2018-06-05T00:20:34
TV's 'Dr Who' Gets A Dressing Down 1964-07-03 The Mirror 2018-06-04T02:14:04
Boom Town 2005-06-03 Tribune (London) 2018-06-03T00:11:00
A one-year run has been promised for Dr. Who 1963-09-16 Birmingham Post 2018-06-02T00:13:46
Robert Robertson 2001-01-25 The Stage and Television Today 2018-06-01T00:28:02
In Engeland is Dr. Who al klassiek 1977-04-20 De Volskrant 2018-05-31T01:42:49
Aliens, perverts and fun for all the family 2006-11-03 Tribune (London) 2018-05-30T02:43:06
Batman of dr. Who? 1976-09-24 Leeuwarder Courant 2018-05-29T00:04:50
Liz Sladen (Sarah Jane) stopt met „Doctor Who" 1976-05-17 De Telegraaf 2018-05-28T00:15:51
Kijk, Daar Is Dr Who! 1976-03-18 Het Vrije Volk 2018-05-27T00:06:15
Dr. Who komt op derde Science Fiction festival 1976-03-11 Het Vrije Volk 2018-05-26T00:13:55
Peter Haining 2008-01-05 The Times 2018-05-25T00:27:17
Dalek helmets from Character Smallcap Briefing 2007-04-25 Financial Times 2018-05-24T00:05:13
Give the man a BAFTA 2005-04-29 Tribune (London) 2018-05-23T00:02:01
Leven van het verleden 1975-08-12 Het Parool 2018-05-22T00:01:35
Dr. Who en het onheil 1976-03-08 Limburgs dagblad 2018-05-21T02:26:04
Dr. Who te griezelig 1976-02-25 De Telegraaf 2018-05-20T00:00:58
Dr. 1976-02-21 Het Parool 2018-05-19T00:08:48
The Saturday "spot" has had a great deal to do with the success of BBC's Dr Who 1975-05-23 Tribune (London) 2018-05-18T00:01:17
Small, cheap — and deadly 1968-06-21 Tribune (London) 2018-05-17T00:03:39
The Daily Mail Schoolboys' and Girls' Exhibition opens at the Empire Hall, Olympia, on Wednesday 1967-12-21 The Field 2018-05-16T00:03:05
Opening 1966-07-23 London Life 2018-05-15T01:33:30
Behind the sofa so good 1999-11-19 Tribune (London) 2018-05-11T00:43:53
Op de foto Tom Baker als Doctor Who 1975-08-25 Nieuwsblad van het Noorden 2018-05-10T00:24:21
Now take your seats for a trip to the Moon, boys and girls 1965-12-25 London Life 2018-05-09T00:08:32
The Curse of the Daleks opens at Wyndham's Theatre 1965-12-18 London Life 2018-05-08T00:05:27
Quick, the ray gun ..! 1966-03-24 Australasian Post 2018-05-07T00:08:08
The start of a new story in four parts 1966-03-05 London Life 2018-05-06T02:25:44
The Early Birds 1966-01-29 London Life 2018-05-05T00:12:34
Two of the gentle Thals 1965-05-05 Tatler 2018-05-04T00:19:02
Oplettende kijkers zullen hebben gezien dat rie eerste aflevering van de science-fiction jeugdserie „Dr Who" helemaal niet de eerste was 1975-07-30 De Telegraaf 2018-05-03T01:18:29
Soundtracks: time to make a song and dance 2007-03-03 Music Week 2018-05-02T03:06:27
Covering up the naughty bits 2001-12-05 Financial Times 2018-05-01T01:01:06
Doctor Who: The Curse of Fatal Death 2000-11-24 Entertainment Weekly 2018-04-30T23:51:25
Nieuwe jeugdserie 1975-07-28 Nieuwsblad van het Noorden 2018-04-29T01:04:51
Dr. Who wordt gespeeld door de Engelse acteur Tom Baker 1975-07-21 De Telegraaf 2018-04-28T01:02:42
Studente huwt robot 1966-05-14 Nieuwsblad van het Noorden
Amigoe di Curaçao
Leeuwarder Courant
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