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A star as big as the Tardis

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THE timing of the Doctor Who announcement was weird, wasn't it?

I'm not sure that there's a substantial crossover between Whovians and outdoor sports, although by breaking the news after Wimbledon, the BBC did offer the tempting possibility that Andy Murray would be next to battle with the Daleks, with his ubiquitous mother holding his sonic tennis racket.

Now fans have six months to come to terms with the fact that the 13th Doctor is from Yorkshire.

That's a controversial choice: how many episodes will she spend telling her assistant to switch the screwdriver off between uses because she's not made of money?

On the other hand, any fuss about the uncompromising realism of Doctor Who being tarnished by a female Time Lord would be very last century, and science fiction is a progressive, forward-thinking genre.

Besides, the Doctor's chief adversary, The Master, has just spent three successful years as

The Missy. I'm pleased for Jodie Whittaker - she's a fine actor, although a little under most people's radar unless you follow Broadchurch.

I interviewed her last year and we had a wide-ranging chat that included her taking the mickey out of me for buying magazines for free make-up giveaways. One reason the conversation was so long and free-wheeling was because the next journalist hadn't bothered to turn up. They'll need a press room the size of the Tardis next time.

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