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About this site

This date in history

The 8705 articles here are collected mainly from newspapers and general interest magazines. Many articles, news items and advertisements from television industry magazines (such as Variety) can be found at BroaDWcast.

How to search

Most of the articles have been converted to text so you can search for keywords, like dalek or pertwee. Use quotation marks for phrase searching (e.g. "tom baker" or "new york times"). Or browse topics, places, publications and dates using the site map.

Viewing images

Files in the pdf format are displayed using Google Docs Viewer which can be temperamental. A link to the file is immediately below the image. You can use that link to view the image. Instructions for viewing pdfs are here.

Date of publication

In order to keep the articles in strict chronological order, some dates may be adjusted slightly in tables to accommodate computer sorting. In most cases this will be for monthly publications, e.g. April 2006 becomes 2006-04-01.


All contributions are welcome. Please send an email to


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