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Who is "Doctor Who"?1983-09-01Q2.32021-09-02T22:50:07
I Thought You Were Dead2000-06-01Uncut2021-08-27T20:12:51
Happy anniversary, Doctor Who1985-11-30Chicago Tribune2021-08-27T19:51:14
The Dalek Terror1964-12-31Radio Times2021-08-27T19:29:21
How we helped rescue a missing classic2020-08-01Radio Times2021-08-03T02:14:42
Dr. Who Comes to America1978-08-01Space Wars2021-05-24T22:46:44
Scorpio's Dr. Who In America To Get National Exhibit1984-09-01Timeless Magazine2021-05-23T01:51:47
Star Swap1976-10-02Radio Times2021-05-19T14:16:09
Ex-Time Lord who turned into Worzel Gummidge dies on holiday aged 761996-05-21The Guardian2021-05-19T14:09:11
Dr Who - For You!1977-04-28Radio Times2021-05-19T13:42:44
Sarah Sutton — Nyssa on 'Doctor Who'1987-06-25Indianapolis News2021-05-19T13:24:35
Is it wrong to enjoy outdated, unwoke TV shows? No. Don't write off the culture of the past — context is key2020-03-15The Sunday Times2021-04-14T00:02:41
Who's a busy boy!2007-02-10TV Times2021-04-13T23:56:59
Mark's Model1979-04-14Look-in2021-04-13T23:38:33
Meeting the Master2020-02-29Radio Times2021-03-11T17:05:39
Who Knows Who - Bradley Walsh (Graham) & Tosin Cole (Ryan)2020-02-29Radio Times2021-03-11T17:02:21
Who Knows Who? Jodie Whittaker (The Doctor) & Mandip Gill (Yaz)2020-02-29Radio Times2021-03-11T16:54:29
This is going to hurt2020-02-29Radio Times2021-03-11T16:51:18
Remember 30 years of struggle1996-05-14The Guardian2021-02-16T20:04:17
Doctor Who Special1991-12-17Bristol Post2021-02-16T19:56:09
Dr Who in time riddle1999-01-14The Mirror2021-02-15T22:29:10
Big show stars beat the Tardis1986-11-09The Mail on Sunday2021-02-15T22:09:16
My close encounter with K91981-12-28Daily Mail2021-02-15T22:04:45
Who is the time lord's enemy now1982-02-06Daily Mail2021-02-15T21:59:12
Doctor to face a whole new Cybermenace2020-02-05The Mirror2021-02-08T15:06:36
Just Who on Earth's watching this tosh?2020-02-05Daily Star2021-02-08T15:05:11
Cyber Sunday!2020-02-05Daily Star2021-02-08T15:03:48
The Must List (2020)2020-02-01Entertainment Weekly2021-02-02T18:53:54
Doctor True!2020-01-28Daily Star2021-02-02T18:52:05
Dr Woo Hoo!2020-01-27Daily Star2021-02-02T18:50:39
The Must List2018-10-12Entertainment Weekly2021-02-02T18:49:22
Doctor Who cares? Worst viewing figures in 34 years2020-01-23Metro (England)2021-01-31T14:51:39
25 Most-Watched Shows of the 2010s2020-01-17Metro (England)2021-01-31T14:50:06
Don't turn your back, don't look away and don't blink2020-01-20TV Guide2021-01-27T14:00:16
Dr Who is turning into a PC Dr Woke2020-01-18Daily Star2021-01-27T13:58:52
Sparks fly in power battle2020-01-17Daily Star2021-01-25T13:24:45
That's my type of art!2020-01-16Daily Mail2021-01-25T13:20:27
Doctor Few As Viewers Halve2020-01-14The Sun2021-01-24T12:29:50
Bore Off Doc2020-01-14Daily Star2021-01-24T12:25:27
Worried that Doctor Who has become too politically correct?2020-01-12The Sunday Times2021-01-24T12:23:07
Jodie Is Doctor Woo-Hoo!2020-01-10The Sun2021-01-22T23:48:28
Dhawan's adventures in space and time2020-01-10Eastern Eye2021-01-22T23:46:50
Masterful shock rocks the Doc!2020-01-06Daily Star2021-01-21T11:33:09
The monsters in Doctor Who were much less complex2020-01-05The Sunday Times2021-01-21T11:31:35
New Master's pride2020-01-04Evening Chronicle2021-01-21T11:30:03
Fans give Jodie the heave Who2020-01-03The Sun2021-01-19T11:41:04
Scarcely human megalomaniacs ... it's hard not to see this as an allegory2020-01-02The Guardian2021-01-19T11:37:21
Doctor Who should feel like it is for everyone, it shouldn't exclude anyone2019-12-28Evening Chronicle2021-01-19T11:35:54
Bonding exercise2020-01-01The Mirror2021-01-17T14:41:10
Doctor Who Gender off the agenda at last2020-01-02Daily Mail2021-01-17T14:39:21
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