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The Doctor Who celebration and tour1987-12-17The Miami Herald2024-05-21T00:59:55
Doctor Who Celebration (St. Louis Post-Dispatch)1987-07-30St. Louis Post-Dispatch2024-05-21T00:46:48
Doctor Who celebration in Baltimore1987-04-02The York Dispatch2024-05-20T00:58:00
Doctor Who On Exhibit1986-05-16The Daily Times (Salisbury, MD)2024-05-19T22:49:31
Person of the Month: Pearl Mackie2017-05-01Diva2024-05-17T23:09:00
The Doctor will see you now (2016)2016-09-15Boyz2024-05-17T23:06:52
FanCon attracts more than 650 diehard fans2016-06-23Chicago Tribune2024-05-17T23:03:27
Florence County Library to host 'Doctor Who' party2015-09-10Florence Morning News2024-05-17T22:55:22
Doctor Who's mobile theater coming to mall1986-11-28Florence Morning News2024-05-17T11:36:53
View from My Sofa: Freema Agyeman2023-04-01Radio Times2024-05-17T00:47:57
Arlo and Janis2023-03-11Newspaper Enterprise Association2024-05-17T00:40:31
Who's Calling2006-04-14HX2024-05-17T00:28:29
Fabulous Fantasy Females1980-04-01Starburst2024-05-17T00:02:18
Dr Who's girl gets the axe1980-06-01The Sunday Telegraph2024-05-13T03:02:39
ScotsGay Doctor Who2005-12-01ScotsGay2024-05-13T02:35:08
Action Line (Tulsa World)1987-12-09Tulsa World2024-05-12T20:37:38
Doctor Who fans visit trailer exhibit in Sumter1986-12-03The Sumter Daily Item2024-05-12T19:10:52
Dr. Who traveling museum to visit Beaufort1986-12-12The Beaufort Gazette2024-05-12T18:40:31
It's just Who coming to town1986-11-20The Herald (Rock Hill, SC)2024-05-12T18:13:18
Who's a sexpot now?1991-05-09The Sun (Brisbane)2024-05-11T00:15:12
Doctor Who coming to WVIA-TV1987-05-08The Danville News2024-05-10T01:09:51
Doctor Who is theme of exhibit1987-09-22Redding Record Searchlight2024-05-10T00:59:18
Who's here during a celebration tour1987-02-11The News-Press2024-05-09T23:49:45
Dr. Who's coming to Tacoma1987-09-09Morning News Tribune2024-05-09T23:26:33
Doctor Who Celebration and Tour coming to Bowling Green June 6-71987-06-04Fulton County Expositor2024-05-09T00:11:06
The Corridors of Time1976-07-01TV Sci-Fi Monthly2024-05-07T02:23:00
Daleks will be back, Dr. Who reveals1979-02-13The Courier Mail2024-05-06T23:53:49
Only one problem facing Dr Who1979-02-12The Daily Telegraph (Australia)2024-05-06T23:39:03
What's Next for Dr. Who?1980-03-09Sunday Mail (Adelaide)2024-05-05T21:42:16
Who's Who? (The Daily Telegraph)1980-03-09The Sunday Telegraph2024-05-05T21:30:24
Missing — one space robot: approach with caution1980-02-24The Sunday Observer2024-05-05T01:11:25
Adults Only for Dr Who1980-01-24The Sun (Sydney, NSW)2024-05-05T00:28:05
Who - the when and the why1980-01-04The Sun News-Pictorial2024-05-04T13:25:45
No love for Doctor Who1979-09-08Scene (Australia)2024-05-04T12:58:34
Robots greet Dr Who1979-02-03The Daily Telegraph (Australia)2024-05-04T12:42:09
Who's girl is home1985-10-05Truth (Melbourne)2024-05-04T00:57:54
Who switched off the doc?1978-11-04Truth (Melbourne)2024-05-04T00:48:32
Dr Who has got a new partner1978-10-16The Daily Telegraph (Australia)2024-05-04T00:40:32
The Dr Who convention: Who? Sometimes specialty conventions are just plain silly - on purpose1986-09-08Business First (Columbus, OH)2024-05-03T03:17:55
Alien sharks vs time-tampering Nazis!2010-07-01SFX2024-04-26T21:19:35
More bodily possession than Soho2010-07-01SFX2024-04-26T21:17:40
Pond and Beyond2010-07-01SFX2024-04-26T21:15:59
The Sarah Jane Adventures Season Four2010-07-01SFX2024-04-26T21:13:35
Dr. Who play to debut at Pickwick1985-12-18Des Plaines Times2024-04-24T23:03:30
Doctor Who: Season Six2010-10-01SFX2024-04-07T22:34:19
Never mind the Moroks2010-05-01SFX2024-03-24T20:04:42
The First Eleven2010-05-01SFX2024-03-24T20:02:38
Not Your Average Jo2010-11-01SFX2024-03-17T20:02:22
The Only Good Dalek2010-11-01SFX2024-03-17T19:59:06
Mystery diseases, black cats and the return of Mad Tom2010-11-01SFX2024-03-17T19:56:12
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