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Whovian Alliance of Salem (Statesman Journal)1987-10-08Statesman Journal2024-02-22T05:51:03
Starburst Letters1979-04-01Starburst2024-02-06T03:23:58
The End of Time Parts One and Two2010-04-01SFX2024-01-26T03:11:44
A peek inside RTD's inbox2010-04-01SFX2024-01-26T03:08:29
Doctor Who: Dreamland2010-04-01SFX2024-01-26T03:04:57
The Italian job2010-04-01SFX2024-01-26T03:03:09
The Eleventh Hour2010-04-01SFX2024-01-26T03:00:43
Doctor Who materializes at Cal State Sacramento1987-09-25The California Aggie2024-01-25T18:38:33
Doctor Who fan celebrate 25 years at Gallifrey One2014-02-21El Paisano2024-01-25T18:19:36
Doctor Who loves its Nazi storylines but where are the Jews?2020-02-21J.: The Jewish News of Northern California2024-01-25T15:52:58
Who convention just what the Doctor ordered1986-11-23The Sacramento Bee2024-01-25T14:45:06
New Year Drama Preview2023-01-07TV & Satellite Week2024-01-12T18:04:26
Are diehard fans ready for a modern Doctor Who?2005-04-02TV Guide (Canada)2024-01-07T01:39:48
The Hit Sci-Fi Series is Back2005-04-02TV Guide (Canada)2024-01-07T00:59:50
Nasty Nazis, tricky Tractators and sufferin' suffragetes2010-06-01SFX2023-12-30T18:01:13
Mythed opportunities2010-06-01SFX2023-12-30T17:58:28
Collecting Doctor Who2010-06-01SFX2023-12-30T17:56:39
Sonic Youth2010-06-01SFX2023-12-30T17:54:09
I was fortunate enough to work with Chris Boucher2022-12-30The Times2023-12-30T14:20:12
Chris Boucher2022-12-20The Times2023-12-30T14:17:52
Dr. Who would have been proud of them1995-05-25The Harrow Leader2023-12-26T20:00:42
Dr Who Fears The Iron Lady1989-03-03The Kingston Informer
Hounslow & Chiswick Informer
Richmond Informer
Boney Master2022-11-05Radio Times2023-12-26T03:39:53
Doctor on Call (Radio Times)2022-11-05Radio Times2023-12-26T03:37:54
Dalek invaders are welcomed - by some1999-11-10Faversham Gazette & Times2023-12-26T03:26:39
Peter Cushing played the Doctor in this big screen outing1996-02-28The Burton Mail2023-12-26T00:33:51
WCBB heads list for viewers of public television1985-10-20Sun Journal (Lewiston, Maine)2023-12-26T00:25:07
Nick Frost guest stars as Father Christmas2014-11-29TV & Satellite Week2023-12-26T00:07:37
Radar led him to his music1970-01-16Norfolk and Suffolk Journal2023-12-25T03:47:49
Jodie Whittaker bids farewell to the TARDIS2022-11-01Empire2023-12-25T03:17:53
Doctor Who: Peladon Tales2010-03-01SFX2023-12-25T03:05:41
New adventures for Doctors Five, Six, Eight and Ten2010-03-01SFX2023-12-25T03:03:20
Countdown to the end of time2010-03-01SFX2023-12-25T03:01:05
New Serial on Dr. Who1966-10-30The Gleaner2023-12-24T19:34:00
For Lovers of Science Fiction1966-02-27The Gleaner2023-12-24T19:30:33
Who's Who (2005)2005-04-01The Herald (Ireland)2023-12-24T04:13:58
Let's Do Time Lord Again1996-05-03Daily Record2023-12-24T03:33:38
The sands of time1996-02-17Daily Record2023-12-24T02:13:23
My time's up Doc1989-08-13Birmingham Weekly Mercury2023-12-24T01:57:49
Back in time with Dr Who1985-03-13Reading Evening Post2023-12-24T00:13:46
Calling Dr. Who for fund-raising prescription1985-03-08The News-Press2023-12-23T21:43:15
If you blinked you missed it, but a fun time was had by all1998-05-29Seattle Gay News2023-12-23T19:41:09
Time Out!2022-10-22TV Times2023-12-23T19:32:33
A distress call from an intergalactic bullet train2022-10-22TV Times2023-12-23T19:29:54
Objects of Desire2010-02-01SFX2023-12-23T18:20:39
Toymakers, time-traps and more of Mad Uncle Tom2010-02-01SFX2023-12-23T18:18:28
Exit Strategy2010-02-01SFX2023-12-23T18:15:19
The Stranger: Colin Baker redeems himself?1995-06-01SFX2023-12-16T16:13:49
Shakedown: Big battleships and new look Sontarans1995-06-01SFX2023-12-16T16:11:34
Downtime: The Yetis are back!1995-06-01SFX2023-12-16T16:09:46
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