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Fill-it-up, Earthling1988-11-02London Evening Standard2022-01-25T02:29:44
KERA lagging in pledge drive1987-03-18Fort Worth Star-Telegram2022-01-25T02:26:49
Disaster ahead for Dr Who?1987-01-08London Evening Standard2022-01-25T02:24:58
Whovian Alliance1986-09-19Statesman Journal2022-01-25T02:20:13
Dr. Who? (Herald Statesman)1986-06-27The Herald Statesman2022-01-25T02:16:24
Art contest keyed to TV show1985-11-12Statesman Journal2022-01-25T02:13:55
Downing St Dangers2021-01-16Radio Times2022-01-25T00:00:01
Dr Who? He's not the real McCoy ...1987-11-19London Evening Standard2022-01-23T00:58:11
Dr Who's Ace in space1987-08-12London Evening Standard2022-01-23T00:56:28
From the Tardis to jail in Harare: actress's play crusade2013-07-29London Evening Standard2022-01-23T00:35:48
I was in tears when I found out my dad was new Dr Who2013-08-05London Evening Standard2022-01-23T00:25:38
I think this Doctor is here to stay2013-08-05London Evening Standard2022-01-23T00:21:59
How 'woke' is your TV consumption?2017-07-17London Evening Standard2022-01-23T00:10:15
The planets must be in alignment2021-01-05The Sun2022-01-23T00:05:16
Heart attack kills dandy Doctor Who1996-05-20London Evening Standard2022-01-21T23:54:53
The Tardis is back on the streets of London1996-04-18London Evening Standard2022-01-21T23:47:50
Dr Who unfairly struck off1987-11-25London Evening Standard2022-01-21T23:43:41
The Wishing Well Appeal1988-10-13London Evening Standard2022-01-21T23:42:15
New underground ticket machines1988-09-16London Evening Standard2022-01-21T23:39:33
Dr Who leads BBC into new dimension1993-10-27London Evening Standard2022-01-21T23:38:13
Who's Next? (Metro)2021-01-05Metro (England)2022-01-21T23:36:36
A pair of croak-voiced Daleks1993-08-31London Evening Standard2022-01-20T00:47:21
The script was quite simply no good1993-07-14London Evening Standard2022-01-20T00:46:08
Isn't it a pity that it will not restart the series?1992-09-01London Evening Standard2022-01-20T00:43:57
Blackadder meets Dr. Who at Bonhams1990-08-02London Evening Standard2022-01-20T00:42:11
Dr Who-ha (London Evening Standard)1991-04-09London Evening Standard2022-01-20T00:41:04
Time lord (London Evening Standard)1992-03-17London Evening Standard2022-01-20T00:39:30
Just what Holby doc ordered: Jo as Who2021-01-05The Mirror2022-01-20T00:37:53
Call yourself a Time Lord?1987-09-08London Evening Standard2022-01-18T23:53:40
Ferret man takes over as the new Doctor Who1987-03-02London Evening Standard2022-01-18T23:52:26
Time runs out for Dr Who star1986-12-18London Evening Standard2022-01-18T23:49:19
Who, What and Where1985-03-20London Evening Standard2022-01-18T23:47:07
Dr Who fans 'hysterical' says Grade1985-03-20London Evening Standard2022-01-18T23:45:41
Dr Who disc puts BBC into a spin1985-03-08London Evening Standard2022-01-18T23:44:07
Jodie's off... so Who will replace her?2021-01-05Daily Mail2022-01-18T23:42:38
Doctor's dilemma (London Evening Standard)1985-03-04London Evening Standard2022-01-17T23:54:31
Who's the loser?1985-03-01London Evening Standard2022-01-17T23:53:03
Pay up to save Dr Who1985-02-28London Evening Standard2022-01-17T23:51:16
Dr Who fails to make the grade1985-02-27London Evening Standard2022-01-17T23:49:09
Dr Who invites you to his party1983-10-28London Evening Standard2022-01-17T23:46:44
Guess who's after The Doctor again1983-09-12London Evening Standard2022-01-17T23:45:21
Jodie to Quit as Dr Who2021-01-04The Sun2022-01-17T23:43:46
Who's this? A new girl for the Doctor1984-02-23London Evening Standard2022-01-17T02:08:24
New Dr Who misses his own debut1984-03-15London Evening Standard2022-01-17T02:06:16
Dr Who, new!1985-01-09London Evening Standard2022-01-17T02:04:44
TV20012001-09-27London Evening Standard2022-01-17T02:03:13
Dalek jobs exterminated at the BBC due to lack of cash2003-04-10London Evening Standard2022-01-17T01:59:44
Revenge of the Daleks2004-08-05London Evening Standard2022-01-17T01:58:15
Who Is Next In Tardis, Jodie?2021-01-04Daily Star2022-01-17T01:56:28
Dr Who in early landing1983-07-28London Evening Standard2022-01-15T23:55:40
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