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New Dr. Who premieres1983-06-23The Magee Courier2021-11-24T15:00:25
Why moral missions of the Tardis should not be delayed1985-03-07The Guardian2021-11-24T14:58:01
Whovians' convene over TV sci-fi favorite1985-11-30Associated Press
Belleville News-Democrat
SCETV will show a series of classic, sci-fi Dr. Who flicks from way, way back1988-08-19The State2021-11-24T11:39:03
Now you see him1993-05-14Morning News Tribune2021-11-24T11:30:06
The wonder of Who as Cox gives the Doctor's fans the time of their lives2013-11-15The Independent2021-11-24T11:23:05
The Doctor & Daleks2020-10-03Radio Times2021-11-24T11:17:49
Never Mind the Tea How Much Is the Pop1973-01-17Weekend2021-11-21T23:29:16
New 'Who' to begin in June1983-04-10Enterprise-Journal2021-11-21T17:25:00
The birth of the Daleks1974-12-27Reveille2021-11-21T17:16:08
Who's Who—with the new doctor1974-02-16Daily Mail2021-11-20T23:32:22
Mechanics work round the clock for Dr Who1973-02-10Parade (UK)2021-11-20T23:20:49
Mr Music of the small screen1969-03-13Radio Times2021-11-20T23:14:02
Daleks invade Oriole1964-12-01Record Retailer2021-11-20T23:08:55
Dr. Who and the French Revolution1964-08-08Radio Times2021-11-20T23:07:41
A new adventure begins today1964-05-21Radio Times2021-11-20T23:06:15
Who's Who? (The Spokesman-Review)1986-08-10The Spokesman-Review2021-11-18T01:32:39
Radio personality fascinated by TV science-fiction character1988-04-07Centre Daily Times2021-11-15T14:19:54
Loves Dr. Who1986-03-25WPSX-TV Guide2021-11-15T14:17:51
Who Fans1985-09-24WPSX-TV Guide2021-11-15T14:16:19
How many actors have played the role and for how long?1984-02-12Knight Ridder
Centre Daily Times
MacNeil/Lehrer Returns to 6 p.m.1984-10-10Centre Daily Times2021-11-14T21:20:36
MacNeil / Lehrer Newshour Shifted By WPSX After Decline in Audience1984-09-26Centre Daily Times2021-11-14T21:18:00
WPSX Should Reschedule News Show1984-09-06Centre Daily Times2021-11-14T18:29:34
Who, When, Where Revealed1984-08-28WPSX-TV Guide2021-11-14T18:27:16
A New Time Who1984-07-24WPSX-TV Guide2021-11-14T18:24:59
One Man Offers His Personal Top 10 of the Year1983-12-31Centre Daily Times2021-11-14T16:57:48
Whoovian Highlights1983-12-20WPSX-TV Guide2021-11-14T16:56:25
Thanks for "Dr. Who"1983-11-22WPSX-TV Guide2021-11-14T16:54:33
Dr. Who? When?1983-10-25WPSX-TV Guide2021-11-14T16:34:41
This Month on Channel 31983-10-25WPSX-TV Guide2021-11-14T16:32:52
Fan of the Day1983-09-27WPSX-TV Guide2021-11-14T16:30:02
Dr. Who, BBC Series, Makes WPSX Debut1983-09-14Centre Daily Times2021-11-14T16:27:43
WPSX-TV will offer a new alternative for late-night television viewers1983-08-23WPSX-TV Guide2021-11-14T15:48:59
Dr. Who To Celebrate 20th Birthday1983-11-21Centre Daily Times2021-11-14T15:44:42
Who's that? (The News and Observer)1983-11-18The News & Observer2021-11-14T00:07:02
That golden feeling1971-03-13Radio Times2021-11-14T00:04:42
Face to Face with Fraser Hines1969-02-08Jackie2021-11-14T00:02:18
Looking for a new Dr. Who1969-01-09The Stage and Television Today2021-11-13T23:59:40
Dr Who turns his back on Space1969-01-07Daily Mail2021-11-13T23:58:09
Speaking of WSRE1983-01-25Pensacola News Journal2021-11-13T12:09:50
Do You Have Dr Who's Number?1973-05-12Parade (UK)2021-11-13T11:59:11
Time for a change (Daily Mail)1973-09-01Daily Mail2021-11-13T11:49:56
After Pertwee, who's next for Dr Who?1974-02-09Daily Mail2021-11-13T11:41:26
Just what the doctor ordered (Competitors Journal)1974-02-09Competitors Journal2021-11-13T11:40:17
Something is Cooking for The Doctor1973-09-29Competitors Journal2021-11-12T23:45:21
Just the Ticket for Dr. Who1971-07-10Competitors Journal2021-11-12T23:44:02
Why is 'Dr. Who' on a Chopper?1971-06-19Competitors Journal2021-11-12T23:43:03
Doctor, doctor...1971-05-29Radio Times2021-11-12T23:30:04
Doctor Who done it at the fair1986-10-24The News & Observer2021-11-11T16:59:08
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