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Oh Time Lord1984-06-25The Sun (Sydney, NSW)2023-02-07T00:39:16
Who's 201983-12-12The Sun (Sydney, NSW)2023-02-07T00:32:29
Dr Who's party1984-10-25The Sun (Sydney, NSW)2023-02-05T23:06:12
20 years of Drs Who1983-11-24The Age2023-02-05T23:02:05
And the ABC asks: Dr Who?1983-04-12The Daily Telegraph (Australia)2023-02-04T00:13:31
Birthday surprise for the doctor1983-01-20The Daily Telegraph (Australia)2023-02-04T00:04:30
When the Daleks ruled1967-02-17Norfolk and Suffolk Journal2023-02-02T22:38:35
Time machine back in town1982-03-09The Age2023-02-02T22:30:26
In View (The Age)1982-01-28The Age2023-02-02T22:24:32
Dr Who fans unite1981-06-18The Age2023-02-02T22:14:32
Many faces Dr Who1983-10-24The Sun (Sydney, NSW)2023-02-02T22:05:18
About Peter Davison, KUED 7's new Doctor Who1985-08-01Dial (Salt Lake City)2023-02-02T16:16:09
Doctor Who special to air1983-11-22Fond du Lac Reporter2023-02-02T00:01:38
Dr Who's Triple Trickster1983-05-14TV Scene2023-02-01T23:55:17
Dr Who's leading lady finds a new role in life1983-12-19The Daily Telegraph (Australia)2023-02-01T23:37:22
Sexy Nicola's dressing down1985-12-13The Sun (Sydney, NSW)2023-02-01T23:30:58
Campus involvement beneficial to students2013-01-14The Daily Vidette2023-01-31T23:53:03
Meet the new Dr Who1982-05-04The Sun News Pictorial2023-01-31T23:41:55
It's getting to be a tight squeeze in Dr Who's time machine these days1980-12-04The Sun (Sydney, NSW)2023-01-31T23:37:59
Streaming now2021-12-18Radio Times2023-01-26T20:36:36
This little girl gets younger every play1983-06-03Daily Post2023-01-26T20:33:04
Two 12-year-olds win the Daleks1982-09-09The Age2023-01-26T20:26:11
At least the monsters can be relied upon to provide a distraction2021-12-04Radio Times2023-01-26T05:14:25
Creating a Monster2021-12-04Radio Times2023-01-26T05:12:44
Dr. Who's avid fan down under1980-02-14The Age2023-01-26T04:59:40
Dr Who girl to quit1982-07-15Daily Post2023-01-26T04:49:56
Dr Who actor for barbecue1973-07-19Daily Mail2023-01-25T05:41:24
Students are able to sell handmade items through the book store2015-12-18The Knox Student2023-01-25T05:34:38
How will the Doctor save the universe?2021-12-04TV Times2023-01-25T05:30:20
Time Lord Marches On1983-11-23The Sun (Sydney, NSW)2023-01-25T05:23:16
Karvanista makes an appearance2021-11-27TV Times2023-01-23T04:08:57
Time of their lives1982-07-19Daily Post2023-01-23T03:57:26
Lalla Wooed by Dr Who1980-02-18The Sun (Sydney, NSW)2023-01-23T03:53:25
New image for Dr Who1980-11-20The Sun (Sydney, NSW)2023-01-23T03:45:46
Tegan Calls a Truce with the Daleks1983-05-30The Daily Telegraph (Australia)2023-01-22T14:25:43
Dr Who Back in Action1986-10-25TV Scene2023-01-22T14:21:33
Roselands1979-02-27The Sun (Sydney, NSW)2023-01-21T23:36:59
Dr Who Changes TV Channels1974-02-08Press Association
Cambridge Evening News
Syndie Review1978-10-25Variety2023-01-21T15:28:21
Doctor Who (TV Scene)1978-12-23TV Scene2023-01-21T15:26:07
It's Dr Who dunnit!1982-05-15TV Scene2023-01-21T15:12:12
Telling all to my big sister2008-01-06The Sunday Times2023-01-21T02:54:33
Tears of terror2021-11-27TV & Satellite Week2023-01-21T02:25:15
Chasing Dr. Who2017-05-25The Lamp (Lincoln Land Community College)2023-01-21T02:18:23
TV villain the new Doctor Who1983-08-20Daily Post2023-01-20T23:19:15
Troughton reanimated2020-09-01Pro Sound News2023-01-20T03:10:03
Fury as Doctor is left in limbo1985-02-28Liverpool Post2023-01-20T02:47:57
Unsung Hero2005-05-24The Sunday Times2023-01-18T19:31:17
U.S. Viewers Fancy BBC Sci-Fi Fantasy1981-08-12Variety2023-01-18T19:24:12
BBC's 'Dr. Who' travels to Sci-Fi1990-09-10Variety2023-01-18T19:22:30
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