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The Doctor will scare you now2019-11-23Daily Star2020-11-26T22:04:22
20 winter drams to look forward to2019-11-23Radio Times2020-11-26T22:02:33
BBC faces losing out to Netflix in battle for young viewers2019-11-25The Guardian2020-11-26T22:01:18
The new Who is full of promise2018-10-06Radio Times2020-11-25T03:04:15
Jodie Whittaker glows with fun2018-10-06Radio Times2020-11-25T02:57:40
I Enjoy Life Through Make Believe2018-10-06Radio Times2020-11-25T02:51:53
My Radio Times moment2018-09-29Radio Times2020-11-22T20:52:43
Doctor gets Christmas heave-Who2019-11-20Daily Record2020-11-22T20:46:17
Georgia takes plunge with nude shot for Time Lord hubby David2019-11-18Daily Express
Daily Star
Knock, knock. Who's there? Dr. Who, that's who1987-03-22Colorado Springs Gazette-Telegraph2020-11-18T16:27:47
When David met the Doctor2019-03-16Radio Times2020-11-18T16:04:59
The British produced this series of campy comedy1975-06-29The Dominion Post2020-11-15T00:33:01
Tom's the Time Lord for me2013-08-23Scottish Daily Mail2020-11-15T00:16:17
Doctor Who took over my whole life2019-11-03Sunday Express2020-11-15T00:08:32
Doctor Who - exterminate1990-09-01Satellite Times2020-11-08T02:06:11
Still ghoulin' after all these years2019-10-24Chicago Reader2020-10-26T23:43:03
Terrance Dicks (The Times)2019-10-07The Times2020-10-10T01:20:31
Doctor Who begins tour1986-05-10Associated Press
Frederick News
BG's TARDIS to be shown off at stroll2011-11-13Nashua Telegraph2020-09-30T00:01:19
A fan of the PBS show Dr. Who2013-05-23The Janesville Gazette2020-09-29T23:55:29
Growing Reading Opportunities2015-03-30Northwest Florida Daily News2020-09-25T21:57:08
The (new) Doctor is in; the diagnosis is good2010-04-17Winnipeg Free Press2020-09-13T12:54:34
How Dr. Who travels2008-09-03Winnipeg Free Press2020-09-13T12:46:12
Gritty new sci-fi series is just what the Dr. Who ordered2007-10-05Winnipeg Free Press2020-09-13T12:43:40
Legion of Doom2017-06-17TV & Satellite Week2020-09-13T12:38:32
Terrance Dicks, longtime Doctor Who writer, dies at 842019-09-03The Guardian2020-09-06T13:28:41
Terrance Dicks obituary2019-09-04The Guardian2020-09-06T13:19:49
Students unveil recycling project2015-11-14The Odessa American2020-08-30T21:41:49
The Doctor comes to school2013-04-02The Cedar Rapids Gazette2020-08-30T21:34:24
A wibbly-wobbly USB hub2012-07-31Pharos-Tribune2020-08-30T21:33:01
1,500 fans gather to meet Doctor1986-09-20Milwaukee Journal Sentinel2020-08-30T14:11:19
Test your knowledge of 'Dr. Who' trivia1983-01-13Daily Herald2020-08-28T22:35:24
5.15 Disney Time1975-08-23Radio Times2020-08-28T22:31:32
Doktor Kes1984-10-04Vaba Eesti Sõna2020-08-28T17:41:42
Lalla teaches Dr Who what's what1982-01-17News of the World2020-08-28T17:13:06
Flock to 'Fandom'2019-08-21Niles Journal2020-08-23T19:12:34
Enter "Doctor Who Magazine" No 3522005-02-27Syracuse Post-Standard2020-08-23T19:10:01
Dr. Who: Saving Earth And Gaining Fans1986-06-10Aiken Standard2020-08-23T19:02:35
You should know about ... Doctor Who2005-07-07The Daily Texan2020-08-20T23:10:53
Doctor Who, Prairie Home slip into new times1985-07-28Fairbanks Daily News-Miner2020-08-20T20:50:42
Dr. Who popularity crosses time, age barriers1984-12-02Daily Herald2020-08-20T20:48:40
Channel 28 launches summer season1975-07-01Press-Telegram2020-08-20T20:37:23
Happy birthday to Who (The Canberra Times)1988-11-14The Canberra Times2020-08-18T13:26:59
Doctor Who fans go Dalek for Marlin fundraiser2013-03-01Fairbanks Daily News-Miner2020-08-18T13:17:09
It's hip to be square2012-10-18The Lumberjack2020-08-18T13:11:42
Literary Calendar2013-12-08The Spokesman-Review2020-08-14T11:52:04
New season of Doctor Who fun and refreshing2014-11-14The Argus (Illinois Wesleyan University)2020-08-14T11:47:34
UFO Festival fun all over town2018-07-08Roswell Daily Record2020-08-14T11:39:55
Look Who's back! (Evening Chronicle)2019-06-05Evening Chronicle2020-08-14T11:36:18
The 10 most intriguing TV people of 20182018-12-22Sun Journal2020-08-14T11:33:44
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