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Doctor Who returns with plenty of thrills, mystery2015-09-18Chicago Tribune2020-02-25T00:24:34
Dark Water/Death in Heaven in 3-D2015-09-16Austin American-Statesman2020-02-25T00:22:48
Event features Dr. Who favorites2015-08-06Daily Reporter2020-02-25T00:19:38
For the bowtie lovers: Doctor Who2015-07-27Tampa Bay Times2020-02-25T00:16:27
Doctor Who Day2015-02-05Daily Journal (Johnson County, IN)2020-02-25T00:13:49
Library Dr. Who Night2015-01-30Ridgefield Park Patriot2020-02-25T00:10:00
Tween/Teen Dr. Who program2014-07-16Florida Today2020-02-25T00:06:18
Library to host Doctor Who Day events2015-07-10Iowa City Press-Citizen2020-02-23T01:01:27
Make Doctor Who crafts at library2015-04-13Kenosha News2020-02-23T01:00:15
Teen 'Doctor Who' Day2015-03-20Iowa City Press-Citizen2020-02-23T00:57:23
Doctor Who event to showcase Teen Scene room2015-01-06Jackson County Banner2020-02-23T00:52:04
Dr. Who Holiday Party2014-11-27Journal Gazette2020-02-23T00:50:40
Dr. Who Night2014-11-07The Star Democrat2020-02-23T00:46:36
Dr. Who party2014-04-10Journal Gazette2020-02-23T00:43:29
A fix for fanboys (and girls)2015-12-01The Arizona Republic2020-02-22T01:03:15
Wagnalls events2015-08-13Lancaster Eagle-Gazette2020-02-22T00:55:23
Doctor Who focus of Trust Conversation2015-03-08LNP2020-02-22T00:34:40
Doctor Who Night2015-04-10Little Ferry Local2020-02-22T00:30:24
Doctor Who versus Sherlock? Keep dreaming, Comic-Con2015-07-15Associated Press
Oshkosh Northwestern
Library to host 'Dr. Who' night2015-10-23The Star Democrat2020-02-21T00:22:24
Living as a gay man is a political act2018-05-11New Statesman2020-02-21T00:16:21
It’s the Master! (Step in Time): Hearts of Darkness and Postcolonial Paradoxes in Doctor Who2015-06-20The Journal of Popular Culture2020-02-21T00:05:41
The Doctor drops in on Clarksville for Whovian convention2015-03-15The Leaf Chronicle2020-02-20T23:41:24
7 Questions with... Bonnie Langford2019-02-14Waitrose Weekend2020-02-15T01:53:49
Academic to deliver course on Dr. Who2014-11-12Edmonton Journal2020-02-11T00:48:04
Time lapse2019-02-01Total Film2020-02-07T00:16:43
Clive Swift2019-02-05The Times2020-02-07T00:11:58
Dr. Who fans are invited to the Barnegat branch of the Ocean County Library2014-05-15Asbury Park Press2020-02-03T00:38:19
A salute to sci-fi's Dr. Who2014-01-08Altoona Herald2020-02-03T00:31:56
You've had your Chibs2019-02-01SFX2020-02-03T00:01:27
Exterminate your Dalek display, please2019-01-25Evening Chronicle2020-01-26T23:06:01
Watch the Blood-Soaked Old General in Action: Blochian Atheism, Exodus, and Utopia in Doctor Who2018-06-15The Journal of Religion and Popular Culture2020-01-23T19:07:37
The what and where of 'Dr. Who'1983-09-15Chicago Sun-Times2020-01-23T19:02:21
TV's Stickiest Shows2019-01-21Broadcasting & Cable2020-01-23T00:18:06
Nerds bring convention to Kalahari2014-11-15Baraboo News Republic2020-01-23T00:14:58
BDHS offers Doctor Who Club2014-10-24The Daily Citizen2020-01-23T00:12:15
Dr. Who history2014-09-19Orlando Sentinel2020-01-23T00:09:19
Dr. Who, is the latest BBC import to go about charming Americans1978-10-28Tampa Bay Times
Lebanon Daily News
Asbury Park Press
Sorry, But the Doctor Must Leave1988-09-01Program Guide (South Dakota)2020-01-21T23:39:18
Doctor Who Fans, Mark Your Calendars!1988-06-01Program Guide (South Dakota)2020-01-21T00:06:53
A Search Paid Off1987-08-01Program Guide (South Dakota)2020-01-18T00:57:44
Doctor Who Coming to South Dakota1987-07-01Program Guide (South Dakota)2020-01-18T00:56:17
Dr. Who Makes Life Complete1987-02-01Program Guide (South Dakota)2020-01-18T00:54:41
One of My Favorites1986-11-01Program Guide (South Dakota)2020-01-18T00:50:36
Bill Sellars2019-01-15The Times2020-01-16T23:44:34
138m Doctor Who fans travel back in time2019-01-14The Times2020-01-16T01:53:29
Good Lord, Will Gary Fight the Daleks?1999-07-23TV Times2020-01-14T04:29:28
Who's Who at Dr. Who Party2014-08-01The Des Moines Register2020-01-13T00:57:39
Dylan Cooper2014-08-21The Indianapolis Star2020-01-13T00:56:08
Catch the new Dr. Who with Season 8 Premiere at Theatre N2014-08-22The News Journal2020-01-13T00:46:59
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