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Tony Selby2021-09-21The Times2022-09-23T23:14:59
John Challis2021-09-20The Times2022-09-20T23:49:08
It was a total blast2021-09-18Radio Times2022-09-20T06:21:20
She's not saying goodbye yet2021-09-13TV Guide2022-09-16T03:39:13
This Star is WHO1966-07-01ABC Film Review2022-09-12T22:55:49
Dalek's Invasion Earth 2150 A.D.1966-09-01Films and Filming2022-09-09T22:26:00
This is all about Dr WHO & THE DALEKS and here are some of THEIR ADVENTURES1965-09-01ABC Film Review2022-09-09T22:24:48
Invasion Alert!1966-01-01ABC Film Review2022-09-09T22:22:19
He'd love to meet a bug-eyed monster1973-12-14The Leicester Chronicle2022-09-07T22:23:49
This man builds spaceships for a living!1980-01-122000 A.D.2022-09-06T23:58:00
A Life in the Day: Jodie Whittaker2021-09-05The Sunday Times2022-09-06T02:49:03
Whovians Meet the Doctor1986-05-01Experience2022-09-05T13:57:58
Dr. Who, racing fans catch action online2001-08-14Democrat and Chronicle2022-09-05T13:54:36
Area fans of Dr. Who1986-09-18Democrat and Chronicle2022-09-03T14:23:18
This is Sixties Style1985-04-17Just Seventeen2022-09-03T00:47:56
The small but dedicated legion of "Dr. Who" fans1986-04-10The Kansas City Star2022-08-30T23:49:53
Woo? Whew? No! Dr. Who!1987-08-04The Kansas City Times2022-08-30T23:41:45
Saved for Dr Who1990-09-20Country Life2022-08-30T23:31:05
And just look Who turned up1980-09-12Chronicle Herald2022-08-30T23:23:00
Who's going to whoop it up!1989-07-01The Burton Mail2022-08-30T22:04:23
Okay Earthlings, Prepare To Meet...1973-12-01Custom Car2022-08-30T22:00:50
Who's back but who is Who?1989-04-25Sandwell Evening Mail2022-08-29T00:16:46
Out of this world!1989-03-22Sandwell Evening Mail2022-08-29T00:13:17
A birthday bonanza for the Doc1988-11-23The Burton Mail2022-08-29T00:11:41
Sylvester's spooky experience1988-11-18Birmingham Daily News2022-08-29T00:10:21
The adventures of Dr Who took a new twist1988-01-07Middlesex Chronicle2022-08-29T00:08:04
Dr Who is the greatest1987-10-01Sandwell Evening Mail2022-08-29T00:04:39
Exploring the Whoniverse1983-12-08The Age2022-08-28T23:46:06
Tracy is sidekick in charity video1991-06-07Long Eaton Advertiser2022-08-27T23:25:01
Invasion of Albert Square1993-11-13Sandwell Evening Mail2022-08-27T23:21:03
What makes Who work?1991-08-01The Mirror2022-08-27T23:18:49
Tributes pour in for Dr Who star1996-05-21The Press and Journal2022-08-27T23:17:00
Enter into the world of Cult TV ...1996-08-30Diss Express2022-08-27T01:52:38
Timelord Returns!1996-12-03Birmingham Mail2022-08-27T00:34:03
Dr Who's future uncertain1996-12-07The Press and Journal2022-08-27T00:29:35
Baker's who's who1997-10-02Nottingham Post2022-08-27T00:20:46
An Enemy Within: The London Underground and Doctor Who's "The Web of Fear"2019-09-01Journal of Popular Film & Television2022-08-24T18:16:30
Doctor Who descends into the apocalyptic abyss2010-06-20The Sunday Times2022-08-24T18:06:01
Building a time machine1980-08-28New Scientist2022-08-24T17:50:38
Dr Who's big secret1988-11-14Birmingham Mail2022-08-24T02:35:36
Simeon knows who's Who ...1988-08-23Cambridge Evening News2022-08-24T02:19:47
Fans still say Who is best1988-06-13Sandwell Evening Mail2022-08-24T00:25:39
Star Portraits1982-07-03Look-in2022-08-24T00:10:57
Total war - it's all in a day's work1973-07-17Reading Evening Post2022-08-24T00:07:33
Look Who's Back (Gay Times)2010-04-01Gay Times2022-08-23T02:47:09
Travelling through time and space on a quest to discover the audio spin-offs from the classic tv series1997-01-01Record Collector2022-08-23T01:40:43
Carry On, Doctor2005-05-01Gay Times2022-08-23T01:08:52
Colin Baker, with hedgehog friend1989-04-15Look-in2022-08-23T01:02:22
Talking to a Time Lord1976-08-08TV Sci-Fi Monthly2022-08-19T22:25:48
Local voices for local people2005-06-20The Independent2022-08-18T21:55:24
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