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Crowds and Taking Down at Fete1971-07-09The Cheddar Valley Gazette2019-09-07T16:39:19
Dr Who Is Coming To Town!!1975-08-22Buckinghamshire Examiner2019-09-07T16:25:32
An actor with big 'Who' shoes to fill2009-03-09Los Angeles Times2019-09-07T14:33:41
Torchwood faces child-care challenges2009-07-20Los Angeles Times2019-09-07T14:32:13
Who's big-bang goodbye2009-07-25Los Angeles Times2019-09-07T14:31:03
A teeny plea for Who1980-08-16Aberdeen Evening Express2019-09-07T13:58:05
Dr. Who's party tricks1975-01-17Harrow Observer2019-09-07T13:52:59
Kenneth Baily's Big Name Column1971-01-03The Sunday People2019-09-07T04:04:09
How Dr Who beats time1978-11-25Reading Evening Post2019-09-07T02:43:08
Palmistry and a Dalek1967-07-06Harrow Observer2019-09-07T00:11:15
Party Was Visited By Dr. Who1967-01-12Harrow Observer2019-09-06T23:55:02
Dr Who's ideal girl: fat and fun1979-10-27Reading Evening Post2019-09-06T00:04:46
Wedding bells on the Tardis!1980-11-19Aberdeen Evening Express2019-09-05T02:25:08
Dr Who is just walking on air1980-12-13Aberdeen Evening Express2019-09-05T02:11:49
Children met their number one hero at school fete1970-06-19Buckinghamshire Examiner2019-09-05T02:01:05
Danger check on toy Dr Who kits1970-05-25Reading Evening Post2019-09-05T01:54:08
Dr Who's thousands1982-07-19Aberdeen Evening Express2019-09-04T23:41:12
It's Dr How2018-09-03Daily Star2019-09-04T01:18:27
It's a Buster!1964-12-20The People2019-09-04T01:16:00
David Meets His 'Dr Who' Hero1968-12-13Harrow Observer2019-09-04T00:54:52
Time Lord bows out2009-12-11The Gazette
CanWest News Service
Deteriorating standard of English1977-10-13Long Eaton Advertiser2019-09-03T23:31:09
Prof. Bullseye1976-10-08Ealing Gazette2019-09-02T23:00:08
He's on to another time, space2009-12-19Los Angeles Times
Orlando Sentinel
The Post-Star
Chicago Tribune
Sinister situations for the Doctor1978-10-30Reading Evening Post2019-09-02T21:14:11
A New Dalek Invasion1974-09-25Reading Evening Post2019-09-02T19:24:40
Dr Who In Trouble On The Tube1974-12-22The Sunday People2019-09-02T19:08:22
The Time Lord pulls off an audacious new trick2018-09-01The Guardian2019-09-02T18:31:21
Russell Tovey2018-09-01Gay Times2019-09-02T18:29:23
Doctor New (Sunday Life)2005-03-20Sunday Life2019-09-02T18:27:47
Dr. Who may go - but not yet1965-12-14Birmingham Post2019-09-02T03:33:25
Dr. Who continues a shatteringly high level of inventiveness1968-12-09Reading Evening Post2019-09-02T02:41:47
Dr. Who in Harrow1975-09-02Harrow Observer2019-09-02T02:02:09
Actor Roger Delgado, alias Master in TVs "Dr. Who" series1972-12-01Harrow Observer2019-09-02T01:52:53
A time to think of the children1965-12-02Birmingham Post2019-09-02T01:45:12
Dr. Who girl in Barkers1964-12-11Kensington Post2019-09-02T00:16:23
Bring the Children to meet SUSAN of B.B.C.'s Fabulous "Dr Who" TV serial1964-12-04Kensington Post2019-09-02T00:09:03
Win a great Dr. Who Game1990-11-10Evening Chronicle2019-09-01T20:46:26
It's Just What the Doctor Ordered (Sandwell Evening Mail)1990-11-03Sandwell Evening Mail2019-09-01T20:08:02
Back again--the show that pulls in 110m viewers1986-09-05Reading Evening Post2019-09-01T19:43:08
Helping hand for 'Tardis'1970-05-15Kensington Post2019-09-01T18:56:48
Next stop the Sahara for the amazing Dr. Who1970-05-07Acton Gazette2019-09-01T18:52:31
Dr Who is alive and well1970-01-19Reading Evening Post2019-08-31T18:51:23
Spearhead from Space, part 11970-01-03Reading Evening Post2019-08-31T18:49:02
Geoffrey Toone2005-06-12Sunday Independent2019-08-31T16:01:00
From Daleks To Dracula!2005-05-15Sunday Life2019-08-31T15:22:34
Can Doctor Who Dec Ant?2005-03-27Sunday Life2019-08-31T14:43:07
Dr Who: talking about my generation2005-03-20Sunday Independent2019-08-31T12:57:21
Gerald Campion (Sunday Independent)2002-07-21Sunday Independent2019-08-31T12:32:27
The Daleks go on for ever1965-10-28Reading Evening Post2019-08-31T11:56:06