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Pat Troughton 19871987-04-24Comics Buyer's Guide2022-05-28T13:54:17
Look Who's here (1972)1972-04-05Reading Evening Post2022-05-27T22:03:24
Meeting the faces behind the words of 'Dr. Who' and 'Tamworth Pig'1978-09-29Atherstone Herald
Coleshill Herald
Dr Who Stars at Bookshop1977-10-07The Spalding Guardian2022-05-27T03:57:38
Dr. Who – on a flying visit1976-04-29Gazette and Post2022-05-27T03:55:24
Nina is racing to stardom1974-01-31Gazette and Post2022-05-27T03:54:17
The Leicester man behind "Doctor Who"1971-03-12The Leicester Chronicle2022-05-27T03:52:18
Maman, j'ai peur1965-08-20Fejuille d'avis de Lausanne2022-05-25T23:53:20
Pertwee is buried1996-05-30Aberdeen Evening Express2022-05-22T13:17:57
Dr Who exhibits lost in blaze1996-09-16The Press and Journal2022-05-22T13:14:20
Wiped Out!1998-07-08Crawley News2022-05-22T12:51:20
Delia Who?2021-05-15Radio Times2022-05-22T12:45:49
Heroines of electronica2021-05-15Financial Times2022-05-22T12:43:37
Dalek invasion in Brum1993-11-16Sandwell Evening Mail2022-05-21T10:54:08
Dr Who meets Eastenders ... in 3-D1993-11-03Aberdeen Evening Express2022-05-21T10:52:03
Launch to get sci-fi look1993-10-21The Press and Journal2022-05-21T10:50:53
Telly Quip1992-11-07The Mirror2022-05-21T10:49:28
Script Advice1992-09-26Sandwell Evening Mail2022-05-21T10:47:44
Double Delight For Dr Who Fans1992-03-13The Paisley Daily Express2022-05-21T10:45:29
Norwell School youngsters1991-11-08Newark Advertiser2022-05-21T10:42:59
Dr Who fans will see him as the villain1990-11-17Sandwell Evening Mail2022-05-20T20:20:15
Timeless Jon1990-11-17Sandwell Evening Mail2022-05-20T20:04:32
Dr. Who: The Brain Of Morbius1984-08-02The Herts and Essex Observer2022-05-20T08:20:17
Big hooray for Who from Colin1984-03-22The Mirror2022-05-20T08:13:54
Colin strikes blow for bad taste1984-01-11The Press and Journal2022-05-20T08:05:52
Stately Shambles1983-04-18The Mirror2022-05-20T07:56:02
Dr Who's girl to leave1983-06-22The Mirror2022-05-20T07:50:11
BBC-style theme park plans1993-12-06The Press and Journal2022-05-14T17:30:56
Dr Who returns in TV revival1996-01-11The Courier & Advertiser2022-05-14T17:29:02
Dr Who: I took E1996-01-26The Mirror2022-05-14T17:27:21
Death of Daleks' No 1 TV enemy1996-05-21The Mirror2022-05-14T17:26:12
Line of data: TV crunches the numbers2021-05-09The Sunday Times2022-05-14T17:23:34
Who's that looking just like Frazer?1992-02-01The Mirror2022-05-13T16:24:38
It's time for a 'Dr Who' event1991-11-06Staffordshire Sentinel2022-05-13T16:19:01
Fans sue to save Dr Who1991-10-09Daily Record2022-05-13T16:17:42
Who's that ghoul?1991-05-15Sandwell Evening Mail2022-05-13T16:15:51
All the fun of the film set at the BBC1991-01-11Southall Gazette2022-05-13T16:13:50
Danger .. Daleks crossing!1991-03-27Daily Record2022-05-10T00:50:27
Who's that Dalek?1990-10-22Sandwell Evening Mail2022-05-10T00:47:22
Double helping of sci-fi1990-05-31Sandwell Evening Mail2022-05-10T00:43:36
Dr Who Zapped1990-02-05The Mirror2022-05-10T00:41:58
Leave It to Jim1975-05-31The Rugeley Times2022-05-08T23:58:26
The Night Liz Will Never Forget1975-03-22The Rugeley Times2022-05-08T23:46:44
The Kids Will Go Wild for This Dalektable Show1974-12-26Gazette and Post2022-05-08T20:26:36
Dr. Who has a now girl "helper"1971-01-01Harrow Observer2022-05-07T13:25:41
Television's 'Dr. Who' in the guise of actor Jon Pertwee1970-11-04East Kent Times and Mail2022-05-07T13:18:43
S.S.A.F.A. fair raises record sum1970-10-09Harrow Observer2022-05-07T13:13:46
Straight from TV's Dr. Who1969-06-27Middlesex County Times and West Middlesex Gazette2022-05-07T13:00:38
Wendy to quit T.V's Dr. Who1969-03-06Gazette and Post2022-05-06T21:19:31
Dalek helps Teynham fair to £74 profit1968-12-13Faversham News2022-05-06T20:53:55