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Every issue of Nine brings good news1987-04-01Nine (St. Louis)2023-04-08T22:00:20
I thoroughly enjoy Channel 9's programs, especially Doctor Who1986-11-01Nine (St. Louis)2023-04-08T14:19:39
I would like to propose the following suggestions1986-02-01Nine (St. Louis)2023-04-08T14:12:38
I would like to express my thanks1985-08-01Nine (St. Louis)2023-04-08T14:08:15
Who's next? (Nine)1985-01-01Nine (St. Louis)2023-04-08T03:13:39
New Who (The Dial)1984-09-01The Dial (St. Louis)2023-04-08T03:05:42
See Who in September?1984-06-01The Dial (St. Louis)2023-04-08T03:01:18
... and this Dr Who's last journey1981-03-28Radio Times2023-04-05T03:39:22
Top 20 facts on the good doctor1988-10-04Hull Daily Mail2023-03-21T14:21:04
Tom Who's Baker Street Blues ... and why Conan Doyle had them1984-05-07Daily Post2023-03-21T14:12:58
The Doctor fights again1989-04-12The Crew Chronicle2023-03-18T03:29:21
Dr. Who is a devil of a job1973-02-24Daily Mail2023-03-12T23:39:17
Dr Who Gets Lost In Time1988-07-06The Mirror2023-03-04T15:34:17
Beeb exterminates Dr Who DVD plans2005-05-22Sunday World2023-03-04T04:19:29
Sci-fi fans beam down to Bristol!1999-06-18Bristol Observer2023-03-04T04:16:59
Dalek gets its marching orders1999-04-25The Sunday Mirror2023-03-04T04:15:24
Daleks for dictionary1973-12-22Daily Mail2023-02-27T00:07:19
A Life in the Day2022-02-06The Sunday Times2023-02-25T00:46:53
Dr Who's birthday battle with old foe1988-04-15Hammersmith & Shepherds Bush Gazette2023-02-19T03:07:00
Dr Who again battles with the Daleks1988-04-12Hull Daily Mail2023-02-19T03:01:11
Walter Scott Asks ... David Tennant2022-01-02Parade (US)2023-02-18T02:56:30
Pass the sonic screwdriver - the tardis needs a doctor!1996-07-16Birmingham Mail2023-02-18T02:48:18
But 'Dr Who' stole the show1979-09-06Alderley & Wilmslow Advertiser2023-02-18T02:42:57
Who's in there?1996-04-01Daily Record2023-02-15T16:14:17
Dear lazy US networks: leave my telly2012-02-07The Daily Eastern News2023-02-15T16:05:14
New Year, New Fear2022-01-01TV & Satellite Week2023-02-15T15:54:15
Diggin' for Gold2017-06-01Record Collector2023-02-15T15:48:48
Australian censors Ban Dr Who1984-05-16Star Enquirer2023-02-12T14:25:59
Who Goes There? (2022)2022-01-01Radio Times2023-02-12T00:40:53
Not even on 31 in December do the Daleks put plans to enslave the universe to one side2022-01-01Radio Times2023-02-12T00:39:03
They've survived the Flux2022-01-01TV Times2023-02-10T23:53:58
Search on for a new Dr Who1983-07-29Daily Post2023-02-10T23:50:56
Look Who's Got Sex Appeal!1984-04-21TV Scene2023-02-10T23:47:30
WHO he really is!1984-02-04TV Scene2023-02-10T23:42:15
Tardis Fading Forever1984-01-20The Sun (Sydney, NSW)2023-02-08T00:11:07
Doctors Who too much of a good thing1983-12-14The Age2023-02-08T00:06:26
Oh Time Lord1984-06-25The Sun (Sydney, NSW)2023-02-07T00:39:16
Who's 201983-12-12The Sun (Sydney, NSW)2023-02-07T00:32:29
Dr Who's party1984-10-25The Sun (Sydney, NSW)2023-02-05T23:06:12
20 years of Drs Who1983-11-24The Age2023-02-05T23:02:05
And the ABC asks: Dr Who?1983-04-12The Daily Telegraph (Australia)2023-02-04T00:13:31
Birthday surprise for the doctor1983-01-20The Daily Telegraph (Australia)2023-02-04T00:04:30
When the Daleks ruled1967-02-17Norfolk and Suffolk Journal2023-02-02T22:38:35
Time machine back in town1982-03-09The Age2023-02-02T22:30:26
In View (The Age)1982-01-28The Age2023-02-02T22:24:32
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Dr Who's Triple Trickster1983-05-14TV Scene2023-02-01T23:55:17