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They wanted to make a shiny, foil-wrapped new pilot for the nineties1996-05-25The Guardian2024-06-18T23:10:47
The Americans have taken over Dr Who1996-05-26The Sunday Times2024-06-18T23:06:01
Whomobile to attract fans from miles around1987-03-08The Tennessean2024-06-18T22:55:49
What have they done to our Doctor Who?1996-05-26The Observer2024-06-16T18:03:09
A close encounter for young Who fan1992-11-02Express & Star2024-06-16T17:55:21
Tardis beats a time warp1989-04-25Express & Star2024-06-16T17:53:56
Saturday and next Sunday1987-09-27The Penisula Times Tribune2024-06-16T17:32:10
Thrilling show... that's no secret!1987-05-13Express & Star2024-06-16T17:28:20
Thrilling plot for audience1987-05-12Express & Star2024-06-16T17:26:56
Who's lair1987-02-12The News-Press2024-06-14T22:57:40
Rosemary takes a time-trip with her Dr Who partner1987-01-27Express & Star2024-06-14T22:50:38
Cannibals for the kiddies is harmless fun, isn't it?1985-12-31Daily Express2024-06-14T22:46:50
Lalla gets a nudge from the very-real Dilberta1985-10-03Express & Star2024-06-14T22:44:44
At last, lovely Louise wins the heart of Bergerac1985-09-28Daily Express2024-06-14T22:43:17
Look who it is - DJ Alexei1985-03-23Daily Express2024-06-14T22:41:26
Doctor Who Party2017-09-13Florence Morning News2024-06-13T01:25:02
Out of this world (2023)2023-05-20TV & Satellite Week2024-06-13T01:19:19
Who needs sick TV like this?1985-03-07Daily Express2024-06-13T00:53:41
Keep my Peri off the Menu1985-02-28Daily Express2024-06-13T00:45:45
Welcome back to the pesky pepperpot1984-02-09Daily Express2024-06-13T00:37:26
Tom Ceballo, 'Doctor Who' fan2016-08-11Wilmette Life2024-06-07T23:52:42
BBC finds lost 1960s episodes of 'Doctor Who'2013-10-12Associated Press
Florence Morning News
Brush with Fame2004-12-23La Crosse Tribune2024-06-07T23:34:07
Doctor Who And The Paradise Of Death1993-08-22The Sunday Times2024-06-07T23:32:02
Dr. Who actor to quit1983-07-28Express & Star2024-06-07T23:25:53
The new Doctor Who and the old fans1982-04-22Radio Times2024-06-07T23:23:56
Eagle interview1982-03-27Eagle2024-06-07T23:22:28
Meet Doctor Who in Person!1987-11-13Fort Worth Star-Telegram2024-06-06T23:23:19
Doctor Who Tour1987-10-24Albuquerque Journal2024-06-06T23:21:13
Death on 'Doctor Who'1982-03-25Radio Times2024-06-06T23:18:35
Cybermen are back!1982-03-11Radio Times2024-06-06T23:13:13
Now, pass the envelope please1987-12-27The Sunday Times2024-06-04T01:23:25
Who dunnit?1987-09-12Daily Mail2024-06-04T01:21:30
Baker's superb double1987-05-14Wolverhampton AdNews2024-06-04T01:19:47
It's a hit in Britain and with Sutton1987-06-25Lansing State Journal2024-06-03T23:47:39
TV stars coming to N.C. State Fair1986-10-16The Durham Sun2024-06-03T23:40:07
Talk back to the BBC today at the Mall1986-06-25The Times-Leader2024-06-03T23:34:30
Dr. Who exhibition June 26, 27 at Viewmont Mall1986-06-12The Scranton Tribune2024-06-03T23:26:34
Nicola leaps to help1983-07-05Express & Star2024-06-03T23:18:51
N.C. State Fair To Run 10 Days1986-10-17The Charlotte Observer2024-06-02T22:34:34
PBS Stars Coming To N.C. State Fair1986-10-10The Chapel Hill Newspaper2024-06-02T22:14:15
Who's the winner, doctor?1987-05-18Express & Star2024-06-02T18:43:06
Doctor Who Fan Event2016-06-29Naperville Sun2024-06-02T02:38:31
It's Dr Who and the bright new future2003-09-26Express & Star2024-06-02T02:35:27
Invasion of the 'Whovians'1987-11-20El Paso Herald-Post2024-06-02T02:33:29
Theater on Wheels due at Wyoming Valley Mall 2 days1986-06-12The Citizens' Voice2024-06-02T02:29:17
Anthony Ainley ... the cricket-loving Time Lord1985-02-19Daily Express2024-06-02T02:27:15
Doctor Who Festival To Be In Philly1983-07-15The Daily Times (Salisbury, MD)2024-06-02T02:25:12
Tristan's new innings as The Doctor1982-01-09Express & Star2024-06-02T02:23:27
In Dr. Who's shadow1985-06-06Wolverhampton AdNews2024-06-01T20:46:09