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WFSU program cuts: your show could be next1985-05-06Florida Flambeau2020-03-24T22:33:02
Sudsy, Sexy Sci-Fi TV2008-01-22Express2020-03-24T22:16:32
Dr. Who and the Dalecks1968-11-01The Journal Times2020-03-23T03:21:02
Dr Who contest at town market2014-11-13Oswestry & Border Chronicle2020-03-22T20:05:33
Whom II1991-12-01Amiga Shopper2020-03-22T18:42:56
Dr Who stars to visit special fan day and help support charity2011-11-26Your Tunbridge Wells
Your Maidstone
Build a Voice Changer2008-05-01Nuts & Volts2020-03-20T16:36:31
Pick up the phone and enter the world of Doctor Who1990-11-01Zero2020-03-20T14:19:20
Letter from Buzz Dixon1979-11-01Science Fiction Review2020-03-20T14:15:34
Misadventure in Manchester1975-03-21Sight & Sound2020-03-20T10:40:17
Time for a woman to be Dr Who?2008-04-30Your Shepway2020-03-19T17:58:45
The Doctor's met his match in Tate2008-04-23Your Shepway2020-03-19T17:56:57
Catherine Tate has ruined Dr Who2008-04-16Your Shepway2020-03-19T17:54:43
Piping up about Dr Who character2008-04-09Your Shepway2020-03-19T17:51:32
Leela was best Dr Who girl anyway2008-05-28Your Dover2020-03-18T16:49:56
Baker's Brought To Book!1980-01-12Look-in2020-03-18T13:49:36
Regeneration (MusicTech)2018-11-01MusicTech2020-03-18T10:37:30
The Timelord Pops In2012-01-20Your Tunbridge Wells2020-03-18T10:33:20
Showing off wings and wheels2013-09-12Dudley Chronicle
Wolverhampton Chronicle
Doctor making his final rounds2009-12-18The Record2020-03-17T23:20:21
Change is good, 'Doctor Who' writer insists2015-09-25Herald News2020-03-17T23:15:51
Time machine visits the public library2015-10-23The Journal Times2020-03-17T17:16:35
Hatchet Hip Tips - September 10-241987-09-10The GW Hatchet2020-03-17T14:33:03
Starbase 121985-04-02The Gateway2020-03-17T14:24:59
Doctor Who convention coming back to Clarksville2017-03-17The Leaf Chronicle2020-03-16T20:55:08
Exterminate! (1992)1992-11-01Your Sinclair2020-03-16T20:41:54
Dr Who on the CBM 641986-04-01Your Computer (England)2020-03-15T21:51:31
Who stars2011-07-19View from Seaton & Beer2020-03-15T21:33:49
Doctor Who: Fumo o Arrosto?1986-07-01I Magnifici Sette2020-03-15T16:55:10
A History of the Universe by Lance Parkin1996-11-01Interzone2020-03-15T16:38:30
Guess Who has pulled in the fans?2014-05-28Wolverhampton Chronicle2020-03-13T23:23:10
Extermin-eight! World record Dalek attempt falls just short2019-03-11Metro (England)2020-03-13T23:06:47
Dalek can't exterminate Dr Who day crowd2011-06-08View from Weymouth2020-03-12T22:32:29
From Outer Space?1965-02-13The Children's Newspaper2020-03-12T22:13:05
Don't Blink: A 'Dr. Who' Burlesque2012-12-12Red Eye2020-03-12T01:40:01
Daleks of the world unite2019-03-11The Guardian2020-03-12T01:23:41
We need a Dr Who has some charisma2009-01-07Your Canterbury2020-03-12T01:18:47
Blake/Who Fan1987-12-01Choice (Nebraska)2020-03-09T22:41:41
What's Up with Who?1987-02-01Choice (Nebraska)2020-03-09T22:40:15
Who Fan1987-01-01Choice (Nebraska)2020-03-09T22:38:31
Is Halloween Dr Who exhibition Museum's scariest yet?2011-10-28Crewkerne Weekender2020-03-08T21:52:16
Forget law and order, the chase is on for Mr Smee2014-11-26MK News2020-03-08T21:47:04
Stars of Dr Who praise first female to get role2017-07-23Kent on Sunday2020-03-08T17:38:02
Dr Whoot finds new nest2015-11-26Dudley Chronicle2020-03-08T17:17:08
Docteur Who and the Mines of Terror1986-11-12Amstradebdo et P.C.2020-03-08T16:45:56
The Ultimate Studio Icon2017-10-01MusicTech2020-03-07T20:26:46
Doctor Who and the Mines of Terror1985-12-01Sinclair User2020-03-07T19:50:42
I have heard rumors1985-11-01Choice (Nebraska)2020-03-07T00:26:05
Doctor Who Fan1985-08-01Choice (Nebraska)2020-03-07T00:24:33
What a week for costumed, colorful sci-fi lovers to pay visit2015-08-23The Spokesman-Review2020-03-06T02:40:23