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Clive's trapped in a parallel universe

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DR WHO fanatic Clive Evans is so mad about the sci-fi show that he's gone into debt to fund his 'habit'. Like a junkie hooked on drugs, he loathes the money he spends funding his craving - but he just cannot stop. The 36-year-old computer analyst from Penn, near Wolverhampton, has run up bills on his credit card after long-suffering wife Irene gradually reduced his Dr Who spending "allowance" to wean him off his obsession.

The self-confessed 'Who anorak' even owes his own mother £1,000 which he borrowed to buy a full-sized Dalek.

"I told her I would sell some of my comics to pay her back - but I regret to say I never have," he says.

His Dalek, made from a mould from one of the Peter Cushing films, takes pride of place in his staggering collection of all things Dr Who including a delightful pair of (unworn) underpants.

A whole room is dedicated to his obsession and features hundreds of comics, books and videos, posters, masks of various 'baddies', rare toys and TARDIS models.

In fact anything to do with the hit show covers walls and cupboards after more than five years of serious collecting.

He even has a Dr Who pinball machine in the living room.

As a member of the West Midlands fan club The Wolves of Fenric - a name derived from a Dr Who story - he travels around the country to conventions and meetings, collecting and trading bits and pieces as he goes.

Father-of-one Clive is a man who cannot bear to miss anything related to the Time Lord.

"I'm going into debt to buy stuff," he says.

"I saw some merchandise advertised recently in a magazine, about the time of the new Paul McGann film, and I just had to buy it and put it on my card.

"Being a bit of an 'anorak' I just had to have it"

He first became acquainted with Dr Who, like most of us, when he was a child.

But unlike other children, his Who stories lived on long after the television was switched off as his father made up continuing adventures for the time traveller to tell his captivated son.

The show stayed out of his life until the late '80s when his collecting began with fervour as he remembered again the show he loved as a child and watched Tom Baker on television.

"It was good at first, but now it's taken over," he said.

"It is a lot of pressure maintaining a collection. When something new comes out, you have to buy it.

"I know I sound like a nutter, but I can look at it all and enjoy it and every piece in my collection has a memory.

"I would never ever sell it and hope some day that Zak, my little boy, might appreciate it, too."

And although some people might scoff at his hobby, he knows deep down that most would love to take a peek and re-live their childhood memories of their own 'favourite' Doctor.

"I try to keep the fact that I'm a Doctor Who fan quiet, but once people find out I've got a Dalek, that's it!"

  • His favourite Doctor was Patrick Troughton, the second in the BBC series.
  • His most valuable piece is the pinball machine, worth £3,000.
  • One of the rarest objects in his collection is a spinning top worth £450 and one of only two in the country.
  • Wolves of Fenric" has a membership of more than 600 fans. To join or for more information, contact group president Roger Clarke at 161 Dangerfield Lane, Darlaston, Wednesbury, WS10 7RU.

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