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Doctor Who finds love and gets his mojo back

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Time-travelling turbo Doctor Who has returned with a new boffo babe and a bevy of intergalactic heavies. The current Doctor - the 11th actor to portray the Time Lord - Matt Smith said the new season, which launched over the weekend, will be a continuation of the seventh season, adding that this year marks the character's 50th birthday.

The first half ended last fall with travelling companions Amy and Rory in the Tardis appearing to meet their doom.

Now, there's a new woman in the Doctor's life and she's brunette Clara (Jenna-Louise Coleman) who has periodically popped up in various guises over the past two seasons

"Clara reignites his curiosity in the universe and gives him his mojo back, for want of a better word," star Smith told the Yorkshire Evening Post. "You'll see on screen she's absolutely brilliant and it's been a joy. I'm really proud of the work we've done and I think it's exciting for the character, he's got a new lease on life somehow."

Smith added: "Jenna's inventive, she works tirelessly hard. I like her, which is good because you've got to get on. And I'm really proud of what she's achieved, and I'm pleased that it's gone so well for her because I think she's brilliant in it."

Saturday's Doctor Who episode was something of a love letter to London, Smith said, with a motorcycle chase as part of the episode's mix.

"We actually shot that," Smith told the Post. "I actually did the stunt on the bike. I drove up the side of it ... I didn't really, it's just a clever idea!

"It's sort of Doctor Who meets Bourne with motorcycles. We've got Celia Imrie being saucy and sexy, we have got aliens in your Wi-Fi, and Westminster, with the Tardis in the middle of it, so it's exciting."

Meanwhile, new time traveller Coleman said she was stunned when asked to be No. 2 in the Tardis.

"The call came out of left field," Coleman told London Metro. "It had to be a closely guarded secret, although I did tell my boyfriend and my mom. I think they were more excited than me."

Coleman immediately triggered fury among some Doctor Who fanatics when she admitted she wasn't a big fan.

"That was taken out of context," she said.

"Everyone has their Doctor Who - mine is David Tennant, my granny loves all of them - but I wasn't a hardcore watcher."

GRAPHIC: BBC, SPACE; Matt Smith is Doctor Who and Jenna Louise-Coleman plays new gal pal Clara, who has popped up in past seasons.;

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