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Switch on Dr Who (BBC1) and you can't tell the heroes from the heavies, it's all so sophisticated. You've reached the point where your tissues are so massively hybridised that the "next metabolic change could be the final one," Dr Who tells his friend. Imagine getting Buster Crabbe to deliver a line like that. It would have taken a week.

Similarly the technology has made giant strides towards authenticity. When Flash's pal Dr Zarkov talked nonsense, it sounded like nonsense. When Dr Who talks nonsense, it sounds like Science. 'He's been infected with anti-matter... His brain cells have been destroyed. He'll descend to the level of a brute! Dr Zarkov wouldn't have known anti-matter from his elbow: he just concentrated on running up a 'new ray' out of old torch batteries so that Flash could blast the Lion Men's Gyro-ship out of the sky and rescue Dale.

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