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Girls chase Dr. Who

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Well, it makes a nice change from being chased through space and time by animated dustbins with voices like totalitarian frogs.

But as TV's Dr. Who is about to discover, the Drahvins may look better than Daleks but they don't behave any better.

Their mission in B.B.C.'s "Dr. Who" is to kill. And the ones there after are the tourist party in the police box.

The Drahvins are played by Stephanie Bidmead, Marina Martin, Susann Carroll, and Lyn Ashley.

There is, of course, an antidote - the Chumbles, soft-hearted robots who are hounded by the ladies who switch on ray guns instead of smiles.

Producer Verity Lambert said: "It makes quite a change to have beautiful girls as Dr. Who's enemy."

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