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I love Peter Capaldi as the Doctor

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Everyone knows Peter Capaldi's a Time Lord, but did you know he's an artist, too? His Dalek doodle - drawn exclusively for Radio Times on a square metre of Perspex - was up for grabs for one reader who could answer four tricky Doctor Who questions, and guess the connection.

Four issues and many entries later, our winner is Carmen Hoang, 24, from south-east London (right), who works as an office runner at a TV production company.

"I'm so chuffed," she says.

"I love the doodle! But I didn't realise how huge it would be. You should have seen me carrying it home - it was a workout!

"We get Radio Times at work, so I'm always reading it. That's where

I came across the competition.

I realised I knew all the answers and after I guessed two, the connection between them was obvious. I love the board game Linkee, and it was just like that.

"I'm a really big Doctor Who fan.

I first got into it when they revived it with Christopher Eccleston, but every generation has 'their' Doctor, and David Tennant is mine. I love

Peter Capaldi in the role - I think he harnesses the silliness of Doctor Who - it had got a bit dark, but he harks back to the older series which were more madcap. I think his Doctor would be the most fun to travel in time with - he'd be up for anything!

"My favourite companion was Catherine Tate's Donna Noble - she and the Doctor had a really strong and interesting relationship. My dream Doctor would probably be Richard Ayoade - he'd nail that baffled, larger-than-life thing. Or Olivia Colman, who would rock it - you could trust her, but you know she'd be silly, too."


1 River Song

2 Amy Pond

3 Jackson Lake

4 Adelaide Brooke

And the connection between them?

All are named after bodies of water.

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