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Jenna: Tardis goodbye was so emotional

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Doctor Who is back with a bang for its 'biggest, baddest, maddest' series yet; Time Lord star Peter Capaldi and producer and writer Steven Moffatt promise thrills and spills as the global hit sci-fi show returns

Byline: Jennifer Rodger

Like any couple, the Time Lord and his companion Clara have certainly had their ups and downs. But they've battled monsters, and survived cohabiting in a police box to arrive at a new stage in their relationship.

As the ninth series of Doctor Who begins they'll be united more than ever in their fight against dark forces in the universe.

"I think the Doctor and Clara are really having a good time," says Peter Capaldi, 57, who returns for a second series as the man himself.

"They've had some conflicts and challenges, but generally if you can weather the storms, you often find that your relationship is much stronger. That's certainly the case with them. They are deeply bonded."

"They're a proper team," agrees Jenna Coleman, 29, who plays Clara. "There's an ease between them, a shorthand, and she is becoming more and more like him. I think they've always been a lot more similar than perhaps other Doctors and their companions have been."

The time travellers are constantly challenged, especially in today's opener.

At the end of the last series we saw the shocking death of Danny Pink (Clara's teacher boyfriend) and the parting of ways between her and the Doctor.

The first episode begins with the skies over Earth having been frozen by a mysterious alien force, and Clara desperately needing her friend.

"It's a fabulous episode," says Peter. "The story is going to take us across the universe to all types of dark, terrifying and funny places with lots of old favourites."

There's also a scary return of the Daleks, who arrive from different decades to battle with the Doctor, but the situation becomes so desperate Clara has to contact her greatest enemy, Missy (aka The Master played by Michelle Gomez). They then have to work together to find the Doctor.

"The dynamic between Missy and Clara takes on a whole new shape, and not one I had imagined," reveals Michelle, 49. "It all makes for slightly unnerving viewing."

This series will also see our heroes battle terrifying ghosts, visit Viking villages and explore underwater bases. It's going to be out of this world.

The award-winning lead writer and executive producer of the show gives us an insight into the thrilling ninth season...


"We have a vast array this year. It means we can develop the intrigue and backstories even further. We have the insane, comedic Missy returning, while Maisie Williams (Game Of Thrones) takes up a new role which challenges the Doctor."


"Osgood (Ingrid Oliver) is brought back from the dead in Episode 7 having been vaporised in the previous season's finale. But the Doctor could be in for a surprise and not be able to trust his No 1 fan."


"I think it's a big, mad and exciting series. You'll be grinning a lot more, there's more comedy mixed in with some of the darkest stuff we've done. The Doctor's first big entrance kind of sets the tone."

New adventures

"We go from Vikings to the end of time and we're pushing the boundaries with the most experimental episode Doctor Who has ever made. For the 11th week, I've written an episode that only features the Doctor. It's unique and a big first for the show."

The Tardis

"There have been a few changes made to the interior. We've incorporated some more elegant 1960s classic design things as opposed to Edwardian or Victorian themes."

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