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Like a trip to the moon

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ANYONE in the video or movie industry in Ireland, who may be looking for spectacular locations for sci-fi scenes, need look no further. Lanzarote is definitely the place so find bizarre "sets."

The volcanic island, with its stunning lunar landscape of twisted, frozen lava is where many's the good old penny dreadful has been shot. Raquel Welsh made it fashionable more moons ago than she'd probably care to remember when she staered in "A Million Years B.C.".

Then Omar Sharif arrived to make another horror story, and when long-term shooting on "Dr Who" began, the island really began to reveal its possibilities. Producers now pay fortunes for locations, but have to follow stringent laws regarding the island's environment, laid down by local hero Cesar Manrique.

Manrique is responsible for the architecturally homodenous masterpiece (every house must be painted white, with green trim and to a pattern) designed the airport and most other civic buildings and is hailed in Lanzerote as is Frank Lloyd Wright in Chicago.

Spelling correction: Raquel Welch

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