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So, here we are... after 54 years, 35 seasons and 827 shows of cosmic capers with 12 different Time Lords, Doctor Who has finally reached the pilot episode. Wait. what!?

That's right folks, the legendary sci-fi series is effectively rebooting, with Peter Capaldi's heroic alien joined in the TARDIS by new companion Bill Potts (Pearl Mackie) and alien Nardole (Matt Lucas).

It's an opportunity to rejuvenate the show and welcome fresh fans to the Doctor Who universe.

'The story begins again.' explains producer and writer Steven Moffat. 'It's no coincidence the first episode is mischievously called The Pilot. All you need to know about the Doctor is explained and viewers can jump in without having seen the show before.' That's music to the ears of newbies and casual fans overwhelmed by the sheer history and heritage of the flagship BBC family drama. But diehards can still look forward to plenty of in-jokes, catchphrases, plus the return of classic baddies like the Daleks, the Ice Warriors. Missy (Michelle Gomez). And - thanks to the power of time travel - John Simm is back as The Master (right).

In the first episode of the 12-part series, the Time Lord is working at a university. He encounters Bill, a charismatic young woman who attends his scientific lectures.

Her infectious enthusiasm wins him over and they're soon zooming across the galaxy in the TARDIS trying to escape a possessed Water Demon. 'Pearl has brought vigour and excitement to the part of Bill,' says Peter. 'She has to be introduced completely to what goes on in the Doctor's existence.'

Better known for theatre work, Pearl had just one appearance in daytime soap Doctors on her CV before winning the role.

'It's pretty scary to take over from Jenna Coleman [who played Clara Oswald],' she admits. 'But I didn't feel like I was filling her shoes, otherwise I'd have freaked out. Bill is cool, geeky and into sci-fi stuff, so when she goes on adventures and discovers aliens are real, it blows her mind.'


Prepare to cower behind the sofa as these ghastly humanoids from the Planet Mondas - first featured in 1966 make a comeback. 'I'm particularly keen on these guys,' says Peter. 'They're haunting and really creepy. We love to give our fans nightmares!'

Matt Lucas hilarious as Nardole, but the role is tinged with sadness...

'My late partner Kevin McGee was a big fan of the show,' he says. 'It was an emotional thing for me. I had to feel ready.'

Bill Potts is the - first openly gay companion in the history of Doctor Who 'It's about time, isn't it?' says Pearl Mackie, who plays her. 'It shouldn't be a big deal in the 21st century.'


This will be the last series for both producer Steven Moffat and actor Peter Capaldi - sparking speculation about which actor will play the thirteenth Doctor.

'It'll be very sad to leave this wonderful job. Blowing up space monsters is an incredible way to spend your days. I'm sure whichever actor replaces me will do a great job. Whether it's a man or a woman, they just need to be right for the part.' -- PETER CAPALDI

Doctor Who is revealed to be a fan of almond-infused Italian cakes - after Bill discovers a macaroon dispenser

Quick... head for the stairs!

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