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Only Dr Who can be special

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Dr Who, who Tardised his way back to us on Saturday, is also a chap who eschews his name. Although — and here I must reveal Gallifreyan geek status — he has confided it to River Song, aka Mrs Who, who avails herself of it at moments of crisis.

I bow to no one in my adoration of all things Whovian, but I am tired of the way in which it is now less about the philanthropic alien himself, more the humans who surround him. It used to be the Doc who was the focus, his assistants mere spear-carriers. Now they all have tobe exceptional.

The last companion was Amy Pond "The Girl Who Waited" who was so significant to be crucial to the history of the universe. The one before her, Donna Noble, played by Catherine Tate —dense, but emotionally intelligent— was elevated to demi-Doctor status. Billie Piper's Rose was also somehow the key to everything in a manner that I never quite got to grips with (this being pre-Player).

Give the underlings characters, to be sure, but it's all a bit New Labour: "People are so incredible — everyone's amazeballs." Not everyone can be special, which is why we require a roving Time Lord in the first place.

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